Thursday, January 2, 2014

twenty thirteen.

In 2013, I

Didn't wear make-up more often than I did
Logged far too many hours browsing Instagram
Spent my grandma's 84th birthday with her
Became a Godparent { x2! }
Skied more than ever
often >>> Read in a hammock
Traveled more than ever
Juiced more than ever
Fell deeper in love with Hunter
Fell deeper in love with myself
Visited 18 states
Realized I make a shit freelance designer as my full time job
Commuted via ferry
Became someone who bakes her own bread
Road biked
Cross-country skied
Mountain biked
Practiced yoga
Lived on the ocean
Took a week long road trip in a camper van
Didn't take a proper shower for a week
Read 26 books in 4 months
Spent an entire week in DC
Missed the cherry blossoms in DC by an entire week
Chopped my hair off
Missed my 10 year high school class reunion
Designed Save the Dates for a beautiful woman I used to push on the tire swings in 6th grade
Shucked oysters
Hugged my sister for the first time in almost 5 years
Spent a week at Lake Powell
Drove a mack/plow truck
Re-established my independence
Welcomed 4 beautiful groups of visitors into our beautiful Washington home
Visited the San Juan Islands
Went wine tasting in WA, OR and CA
Fell asleep reading in a snowcat <<< often
Went 3 weeks without booze, caffeine, meat and dairy
Watched Hunter open a { successful! } brewery from ground up
Was asked to be a bridesmaid in a beautiful woman's wedding who happens to enjoy tire swing rides 
Wondered how I'd lived for 28 years without a steam shower.  
Or a hot tub
Fell in love with coffee shops all over again
Lived in a ski in ski out home
Found a way to spend birthdays with Jaime, Amie, Lindsay, Grandma Dorothy and Hunter { most across country! }
Didn't go sailboating in Washington
Did spent evenings on a friend's yacht
Practiced the art and patience of cooking
Rediscovered the magic of friendships
Went to my first job interview in 6 years
Got a new job
Moved to Steamboat Springs, CO


  1. "Went to my first job interview in 6 years
    Got a new job
    Moved to Steamboat Springs, CO
    No longer neighbors with Phil"


  2. WHAT A YEAR!!! Cheers friend!!