Friday, May 23, 2014


have a beautiful, relaxing, spontaneous, silly, peaceful, adventurous & grateful weekend friends!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Our weeks and weekends have been filled with visits from friends, visiting friends and a big dosage of family love.  I reflect nearly daily on what we were up to last year at this time and think about how vastly different our lives are today, in the here and now.  I've put a stop to the late night scrolling through my Instagram feed to see what were were up to down to the day { it's as obsessive as it sounds }, but once every few weeks I can't help but scroll through my blog to last year's posts and reflect.

Last year over Memorial Day weekend we explored new trails.  We enjoyed one of my most favorite memories in Bremerton of a late night dinner hodge podge dinner over candlelight { I swear to you I can still feel the ocean breeze sifting in through our windows and patio door while watching the candle flame flicker }.  We stayed up supa late playing Yatzee while Hunter was on call for work.  We soaked up the dense, greener than green scenery.

This year for Memorial Day weekend we are loading up and heading out to Park City to celebrate our dearest friend Ryan and his amazing accomplishment of graduating Med School from University of Utah.  We are going to soak up our time with them being a mere 6 hours away before they embark on their newest journey of moving to Portland, Oregon.  We are going to mountain bike, hike, celebrate and camp.  I am so honored and humbled to be a part of this celebration and have the ability to join.

Last year over the weekend of May 16th I was having a hard time.   I was questioning my sanity after we picked up and moved to a brand spankin' new location knowing n o b o d y.  I had met one "friend" on the foot ferry over to Port Orchard and she stood me up for a coffee date and I was beyond crushed. I found support and comfort in Hunter, in my exercise and in taking a step back and realizing where we were living and the adventure we were on, but I was having a hard time.

This year over the weekend of May 16th, my best friend came to visit.  We did not stop laughing, dancing, trying new things, experiencing Classic Mary and Beth moments.  We did not stop making memories, talking about old memories and living in the moment.  It was an absolute perfect weekend and I felt whole for the first time in a while.

Last year over the weekend of May 10th, we were getting settled.  Hunter was working a lot.  I spent my days with my computer in the quiet cool basement of our apartment.  Overlooking the ocean, anxious for him to wake up so I could juice for us and we had a few minutes to ourselves before he started his routine of getting back to work for the night.   We were exploring our surrounding cities on his mornings off.  We were soaking up the new lifestyle we'd entered into.  We were content, we { I } were a little scared, but we were happy.

This year over the weekend of May 10th, we celebrated the love of two of Hunter's dear friend's from High School.  It was a weekend resemblant to Winter Carnival.  There was an abundance of love, friendships, laughter, drinks, great eats, happy tears and memories.  I love seeing Hunter thrive in a crowd of his closest buddies.  Men who have known him since kindergarden with his fiery red hair.  I love seeing the men's plus ones/spouses thrive on their own.  Seeing friendships made through one common denominator :: Having fallen in love with a crazy hilarious Steamboat Springs man.  

I know I can't compare.  I know comparison is the thief of joy.  I know that next year will be as vastly different to us as this year has been.  I know that I love that Hunter so fiercely that I truly couldn't fathom a life any different than the one we are living right now.  Sure there are a few tweaks to be made here and there.  A few more little things to fall into place, but I'm thrilled with our day to day.  With our year to year.  With our love and with our life.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"You two could have fun trapped in a shoebox."

Two weeks ago I hosted a raging party.  An invite only, bitchin' Pity Party.  Number of Attendees: 1.  I happened to be chit chattin' with Mary whilst planning/attending said Pity Party and she said just the most perfect thing which was: "I'm free on Sunday!!!"  There are currently 150+ miles between Mary and I and even knowing this didn't prevent her from pulling me from the Party.  In months past we'd flirted around with the idea of meeting in Silverthorne for a day of shopping + dinning and given our free weekend schedules and an urgent need for getting the flock out of that Party, we finally made that dream come true!  At first we were just going to meet on Sunday for brunch until the brilliant idea struck us to check out Hotwire for a cheap hotel room and make a slumber party out of it!

It was the best spontaneous trip I'd taken in ages.  I don't have too many photos because we were too busy drinking mimosas and watching thrilling News Coverage MTV Catfish marathons but those 24 hours were everything my heart needed and more.  We shopped, we ate, we visited a brewery, found a local brunch cafe, played Phase 10 it's in your best interest not to ask who won said Phase 10 game we drank wine in the hot tub and accidentally fell asleep with it in bed while watching Chopped, drank iced coffee, ate at Chipotle per my request/demand and just all in all had a great, hilarious, memorable and perfectly perfect trip.  

Mary is coming to Steamboat this weekend and our to-do list is pretty labor intensive identical to the list above with some additional picnicing, biking, hot springs soaking and general showing off Steamboat!  I'm just giddy.

Before I had left for Silverthorne I was chatting with Hunter about what we had planned...which was really nothing.  His response?  "You two could have fun trapped in a shoebox." Touche, Hunter.  Touche.