Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Joy Prouty :: Hello, inspiring.

I've been following this family's Instagram account for a few weeks.  Their blog talks about their personal adventures of selling their home and 90% of their belongings while traveling around with their 4 kids in a trailer and SUV for a year.  I'll be honest, my knee jerk reaction was to think they a little cra-cra doing what they are doing, but after reading their blog I quickly learned they are the most endearing family that it's hard to pass any unnecessary judgement on them.

I'm not sure how long the video will stay up on Yahoo, but here is a short documentary of their family and adventures.  I think what they are doing is so inspiring and beautiful.  I especially love the part about how her and her husband were pouring themselves and resources into their home and life while getting little to nothing in return.  Sadly, it was very relatable to how I felt working desk jobs for 8 years straight.  I love their decision to access the situation and quickly do everything in their power to change it.  Even if it isn't the norm!

Enjoy!  I'd love to know if you think their decisions are wackadoodle or inspiring.  And I really mean that in the least annoying classic blogger move of ending a post with a question to try and lure you to leave a comment.  How was THAT for a run on sentence?!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Umm, excuse me? Is that your home?"

When Hunter's dad came to visit us a few weeks ago, his trip was part to visit us to check out our digs and part make a very special delivery all the way from Colorado.  

That's right folks.  A 1989 VW Camper Van, and yes it's as amazing as it looks + sounds.

There have been a few vans that have cycled through the Maddox family, but this one they've had since Hunter was about 4 or 5.  At the risk of sounding cornier than corn on the cob { that didn't really work out }, I feel so honored to have been lent this van for the summer.  It's really added extra spontaneity and so many memories to our days.  One of my favorite parts of traveling in the van is there is no rush to your trip.  Not only because you physically can't zip from one destination to another { the comfortable speed of this guy is about 65mph }, but also when you are cruising along you just feel life dialing itself back a few notches.  I love it.

We've been pretty joined at the hip with the van ever since we've gotten it.  Have a day off?  LET'S GO CAMPING.  Want to drive to Baimbridge Island to do wine tasting?  LET'S TAKE THE VAN.  Have 3 days off?  LET'S JUMP IN THE VAN AND HEAD TO SAN JUAN ISLANDS.  Thankfully Ryan and Lindsey + my parents trip followed right behind Bob's trip, so we were able to take them for a spin in it, too!

A few weeks ago, we took it up to the San Juan Islands.  We had an hour or two before our ferry, and I had a little work I needed to finish up so we pulled into a little park for me to work.  
cut to photo of my office view:
A little girl and her dad pulled up next to us.  The little girl was so cute and comes up to the door and asks "EXCUSE ME?...BUT IS THIS YOUR HOME?"  It struck me as so flipping adorable, but so brave too.  I loved it.  We asked her if she liked to camp, and she said yes.  Then we explained that it's kinda a big tent on wheels.  

Don't worry, I don't actually lay down while Hunter drives the van.  The above left photo was taken while we were parked and waiting for a ferry a few weeks ago.  It really has been the perfect accessory to our already incredible summer adventure.  Plus, at least once while we are cruising around I picture widdle Hunter and Aaron hanging out in the backseat while their parents coast around in the front seats.  It brings the biggest smile to my face.  

We head out on Thursday for a week long vacation with our beloved van.  Hunter has 8 days off, so if you need us, we can be found on any interstate/highway between here and Oregon.  No promises on exactly where we'll be, but you are sure to hear about it all when we return!

Monday, July 29, 2013

insta{nt} replay.

...still playing ketchup...

::one pho you, one pho me!::
::1am yahtzee // life with a nurse who works overnights + on call::
::witnessed an incredible early morning memorial service from our patio::
::the moment in my life where i realize a full circle deliver box is more exciting than christmas morning::
::reliving a 15 year love with sonora and lightening.  thanks to ig i knew i wasn't alone with this love affair!::
::summer camo compliments of mary and my fancy bottle of butter nail polish!::
::fresh flowers + windblown + bursting with fresh local veggies = sundays at the market!::
::view from our condo we rented when we met bob in long beach!::

Sunday, July 28, 2013

i made this :: spring risotto

Hunter and I were gifted The Vegan Table cookbook for Christmas from his brother and sister-in-law.  I've cooked a handful of recipes out of this, and all of them have been a screaming success.  Apparently my "i made this" series has an underlying theme of things I've always wanted to try yet never have taken the time/effort to make, which makes this risotto fit in perfecto mundo!

It was an incredibly simple recipe to follow, which was great for a first time risotto chef like myself as I've heard that it's finicky to make.  Who am I kidding, by "heard" I mean every chef I've seen on Top Chef/Chopped that has attempted to make risotto has always been kicked off for an undercooked dish.  You do have to commit a good 40-60 minutes over the stovetop stirring constantly, so it's good to have a nice chilled out crisp friend by your side for plenty of bonding and great conversation.  aka a glass of white wine with the bottle within arms reach.

All in all I really enjoyed this dish, though Hunter and I really like our foods with a lot of spice and kick.  I felt like a jackass covering the entire thing in hot sauce, but sadly the title didn't stop me from doing just that.  Next time I'll search a little deeper for a good spicy risotto.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo An Hour :: 7.25.13

Watching the sun rise with a side of stretching, IG'ing and texting Mary'ing. 

Time to blend up our morning smoothies and catch up on the news while Hunter makes his way home!

Long walk to and around Evergreen Park. When the water sparkles like this, goodness me it is my most favorite!

Typical morning sight, snacks, computer, h20/coffee and books down in my little office aka library to work. 

The library was a blazing 82 degrees, and my favorite "Ladies who Lunch" were in the next room popping their white wine and dealing the cards, so I headed to a coffee shop for a few hours!

Still coffee shop creating!

Headed home for lunch + ice { along with my free iced tea!  Love the local/kind mom and pop coffee shops! } 2 hours on a wooden bench really did a number on my back.
Lunch salad details!

Icing my back with Will and Grace in the background and a little reading!

Heading out with Olive to the market!

Market tokens and customer counts for days and days. 

Yay friends, live music and sunny nights!

Time to hand out vendor envelopes and start tear down!

These little punks are my enemy. Probably 15lbs each and a dozen of them to collect throughout the market. It's a happy day when all the tents, bins, weights and easels are all packed away!
Lifting + biking home uphill = icing back in bed accompanied by a Dale's + Will and Grace!

Unwinding warm bath with my very favorite bath salts before beddy by.  Yummy. 

Oh Photo and Hour, you are a fun little friend, aren't you?  I was really excited I thought to do my third one while we are living here in Bremerton. I just know that I'll look back on this one day and have fun remembering the little details that made up our Bremerton experience between the big trips and adventures.  Yesterday was a pretty average day, Hunter worked the night before and the night of so my day was filled with computer days and market nights!

::photo an hour 1 & 2::

insta{nt} replay.

...picking up where we left off...

::enjoying a crisp green smoothie after a 3mi run in the heat which was tied with AZ for the warmest day!::


::my attempt at bringing color to our condo in fruit vs decorations::
::coolest form of public transportation i ever did see::
::happy hour in the madfield house!::
::proof my green juice loves me back::
::date night!  seattle style::

Bookworm Beth vol. 3

Oh me oh my.  I sure have let my book updates fall by the wayside.  I'm going to recap these reads best I can, though it may be difficult as most of these books I read back in February/March.  However, I'm going to give it my best shot!  I know that I'm missing a handful of books too, but it's totally my fault for not keeping up with these posts.

This Is Not the Story You Think it Is... A Season of Unlikely Happiness
This book was lent to me by one of the most wise women I know, my Lindsey!  This book left me feeling so refreshed and cleansed.  It was a wonderful reminder to find happiness on the inside rather than all the outside distractions we are faced with.

Plainsong was such quick albeit slightly depressing read of teen pregnancy, abandonment and loneliness.  Through the hardships, the author managed to slip in plenty random acts of kindness and showed that the good in people can shine especially bright throughout hard times.   

Gone Girl
Oh me oh my.  HOW do I possibly recap this book without giving anything away?!  Those who have read it know just what I'm talking about.  I was engrossed in this book from the first page.  I brought it with on our trip to DC this Spring, and even after 12 hour days at a beer festival/dinners with Hunter's aunt, I still managed to stay awake an hour+ past bedtime reading it.  Really and truly, I loved to hate the ending of this book.  Somehow through my anger over the ending, it has me wanting to pick up another one of Gillian's books as I've heard the endings of her other reads are a little more satisfying than this one.

East of the Mountains
This was a book that was given to me to read after Hunter's dad and Hunter both finished it up.  If the two of them can get through it rather quickly, I knew it was one I would enjoy, too.  And enjoy it I did indeed!  It's a great read about a man who tries to cure his diagnosis, personal and health related, through a trip spent with his dogs while in the woods.   Beautifully written with a great flow to it.  Highly recommend it! 

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Hunter's aunt Judy lent this book to me after I finished Gone Girl while still in DC.  I know I've read it and have also seen the movie years ago.  When I first started reading it, I expected it to be a silly mindless book to keep me entertained on the airplane.  While it did that, it also was far more inspiring than I could have predicted.  It was such a gentle reminder of the precious nature of fragile friendships, family and self discovery.  I strongly, strongly recommend it to anyone in the middle who might find themselves in the middle of self discovery!

Blind Your Ponies
All in all - I loved this book.  Adored it.  My few negative points would be that it was far too long of a book for the point the author ended up getting at, it was primarily about a basketball team, which rather unexpected and  I felt that the relationships and people you grew to love throughout the book weren't properly addressed in the end.  However, it was a completely enchanting tale.  Something cool worth noting is that the book takes place in a little teeny town in Montana.  I finished this book in the car on our drive out to WA, and right when I finished it we passed right by the town/towns mentioned in the book!  Pretty neat.

Phew!  This has me caught up until we've moved to WA.  I feel like I have a list twice as long as this one for the books I've read since we've been here - but that's for another day.  Happy reading friends!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Before the Blog

Did you know that before I had a blog, I...

Saw Amos Lee with Mary in Boulder the first month we moved to Denver?

Received a really awkward lap dance from some dude in a g-string while in Vegas?

Went to Denver with my sissy before I ever had an idea that I would end up moving there?

Along those same lines, had short hair?

Lived downtown Denver with a pool + scene that resembled Spring Break in Mexico every weekend?

Spent an entire weekend at a music festival with these people?

And at the end of our weekend, our apartment counter looked like this?

Did yoga on top of a mountain at Estes Park?

Met William Fitzsimmons!!!!?

Then did the most natural thing, screamed our guts out in the car about it?

Made at least a dozen of pillows with Mary and Oliver?

And used them in my living room where I had a teal stripe painted throughout my entire living room?

Had far too much fun at the Brew Fest...or should I say drank far too many samples at the Brew Fest?

Met the hosts of What Not to Wear?

Went to an ahh-mazing OAR and Citizen Cope concert at Red Rocks with my awesome friend Jason?

Made ravioli and have a photo of the first night I hung out with my then coworkers later turned best friends?

Knew how to mix a mad martini?

Then proceed to get proposed to by my gay husband with a flower?

Designed a mascot?

Attended the wedding of my childhood best friend after not seeing her for 15 yrs?

Saw a Nuggets playoff game with my entire Production team in a suite?

Ahhh, memory lane.  You are fun.