Saturday, December 29, 2012

This thing on?

Hello? Hello? Anyone still reading? After my dear and oh sopolite friend, Phil reminded me of my time spent away from blogging { teh phil: So who's the deadbeat blogger now? 9 days?? Puh-LEEZ! }, I realized how much time, and more importantly, how many THINGS have happened since I last blogged! I can't begin to get into the best of it, but please accept these photos as an apology while I enjoy the last stretch of my holiday in CA. I will return to over sharing every detail of my life very, very soon. And that is a promise.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prepping for the New Year.


I have been struck downnnn with a flu that started Saturday morning, and is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.  While I've been spending far too much time on the couch, in bed and in the bath, I've been thinking about New Years resolutions for 2013.  This year is a little different, because my go to resolutions of "Get to work on time, go to the gym 5 times a week etc." simply won't apply.  Anyway, I'll do a more detailed blog post about what I have in mind for 2013, but as I was perusing Pinterest this evening, I came across this quote which I just absolutely adore and love how it applies to my upcoming 2013 resolution.  

Do small things with great love, sweet readers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sputnik in pictures.

p.s. See pix from Mary and my brunch date here!  If anyone asks why I'm laughing alone roughly one flight of stairs away from Mary who is taking the pictures, it isn't because I fell down roughly one flight of stairs right before she took the pictures, ok? Thanks for asking.

Judge me all you like...

...but for reasons I can't explain, whenever I see this little "drunk" baby, I keel over laughing.


Monday, December 10, 2012

"If you ever have a vegan you want to impress..."

I said that to Sara last night, and she didn't even let me finish my sentence before busting out laughing.  Once we finished our fit of giggles, I finished my thought:

If you ever have a vegan you want to impress, take them to Sputnik for brunch.

No truer words have ever been uttered.

Mary and I met for a Bethless Maryosa brunch yesterday { I understand that's probably only funny to us, so thanks for putting up with it. }, which was the 2nd time I'd been there for brunch.  Hunter and I went a few weeks back and I don't think either of us spoke during our meals because we were THAT busy inhaling them.  I had the Stacks of Vegan Power, while Hunter { shockingly } got the breakfast burrito   When Mary and I went yesterday, I really didn't think the brunch there couldn't get any better.  Then, I ordered the v option of the South Broadway Hash while Mary got their Hangover Scramble { which was fitting because she was like so hungover.  Like wearing clothes from the night before, barely found her way to brunch hungover. }  { ok again, I understand that's only funny to non-hungover Mary and I, so thanks yet again for putting up with it. } and my theory was proven wrong.  I was thinking all throughout the night how I could recreate the hash, and I think I'm pretty close to figuring it out.  My latest vegan obsession is any version of Soyrizo...seriously I could eat it with any and every meal.  This Sputnik hash had a really killer mushroom soyrizo + a tofu scramble I completely loved.  And for a picky tofu eater, that really says a lot for how good it is!  Anyway, go to Sputnik for brunch and most def get a Ghost Pepper Vodka Bloody Mary, or their pitcher of mimosas and let me know what you think.  Added bonus?  The wait staff gives off juuuuuuuuust enough asshole-I-couldn't-care-less vibe to where you really feel at home.

Admittedly, both times I've been too excited to eat the food than photograph it, but here is a photo peek of the Ghost Pepper Bloody + pitcher of Maryosas.

After looking at their website further, I'm sure their dinner options are primo too but as far as impressing a vegan for dinner, I'll suggest City o City every time.


I've been thinking a lot over the weekend how to prepare for the week ahead.  The ending to the 5.5 years I've dedicated to work.  It's no question that I have problems detaching.  Detaching from routines, people, buildings, traditions.  However, what I've realized is I've been spending far too much time and energy focusing on how to detach, and all of the 'lasts' that will come with this week, and not nearly enough time focusing on the 'firsts' that I'll encounter in the weeks and months ahead.  I'm going to give myself one final moment of mourning on the lasts before really opening my week to letting in all of the firsts ahead.

I don't need to post them all, because you people will think I'm a Stage 1 Nut Job with how sentimental I am to the little things that go on during the week, but here are some of really my most favorite things that I will miss about work at CS:

I'll miss walking in to work on Monday mornings and spending a solid 15 { at times 45 } minutes catching up with my department + coworkers on what everyone did over the weekend, Broncos game scores, nights out on the towns, dinners cooked in.  I'll miss the effortless and solid friendships we've created.

I'll miss walking through the Sales Floor to ask Andy a quick question, and returning 45 minutes later to my desk after stopping at Megan, Kristen, Amy, Phil and Jaime's desks with a fist full of sourdough pretzels/Jelly Beans/Mike & Ikes.

I'll miss the one-liners that are shot around our office on a day to day...scratch that hour to hour basis.  My department and coworkers are some of the funniest, most clever and yes, at times stupid yet endlessly entertaining people ever.

I will miss hearing a nickname called out with my back to the walking traffic and know who it was.  I'll miss knowing the footsteps that round the corner and can call out an hello before the person approaches my desk.  I'll miss hearing a "psssst" in my hear, and shooting my fist out behind me to pound it out with Dennis all without turning around.

I will miss the pure genius that is my boss, and being let in on a sliver of his creativity when he will allow it.  I'll miss hearing him talk through campaign ideas, new traditions to occupy our department, and my very most favorite; his own jokes he tries out on us.

After rereading this, it's alarmingly obvious to me that what I will miss most about this job is the people, rather than the work.  But like I said before, I'll be excited to watch my now coworkers, turn into pretty solid  and kick ass friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog crushes.

A few months ago, I bet you I was subscribed to around 200 blogs.  TWO HUNDRED blogs.  Fashion blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, photography blogs, graphic design name it.  I noticed that I would catch myself ignoring more and more of the fashion blogs, big name photography blogs, dullsville lifestyle blogs { harsh, but true }, and reading more fitness blogs, food blogs and honest/uplifting lifestyle blogs.  Since that realization, I have slowly been unsubscribing from the blogs that offer zero obtainable inspiration to my life, and paying more attention to the blogs that inspire me to cook more, workout more, and just all around create more.  Here are a few of my current blog crushes.

If I could...
I would kick my day off right and go for a morning run with the inspirational and beautiful Bobbi { of nHerShoes }.
I would live next door to sweet Drea { of ohdeardrea }, and enjoy a plethora of vegan(!!!!!) cooking parties with her and her insanely beautiful daughter a few times a week.
I would bring a bottle of wine over to Kristen's { of KV's Confessions } and we'd drink it while we brainstorm, vent and discuss the life of a Graphic Designer.
I would stop by Ashley's { of Adventures of Newlyweds } with some hot chocolate and curl up with her way cute pup in their immaculate and perfectly Christmas decorated home while she shares the ups and downs and secret to success of life with a traveling doctor.
I would grab Hunter, our mountain bikes and meet up with Anna { of Life is Sweet } and her husband for a day of mountain biking and end the day with a brewery tour or 3.
I would spent a week with Jules and her amazing accent { of Stonesoup }, and get to see with my eyes how beautiful her cooking is, not just via video.
I would hope to bump into Natalie { of Nat the Fat Rat } on the subway, so I could tell her that her little boy with his old man sweaters and shoes is THE definition of swoon-worthy.
I would go furniture thrift shopping with Sherry & John { of Young House Love } and watch how they turn thrift store duds to chic and modern home decorations.
I would bring Elise { of Elise Blaha :: enJOY it } a congratulations baby gift, and hope against all hope that she would give me a tour of her glorious craft room.

These are just a small handful of the blogs I can't get enough of right now, but I can't bombard you with all of them at once now can I?  If you have any blogs you simply can't live without, I'd love for you to leave them in the comments!

Enjoy your day, friends!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye, Venice.

Sh!ts getting real folks.

Today, I received a notification that Alex, my boss, has canceled our monthly meeting.  Anyone who knows Alex, isn't the least bit surprised he'd write such a detailed description of our meeting place in Venice which was really just a little Italian cafe a few blocks down. I will so miss Alex flying by my desk saying "Beth.  I simply can't go to Italy with you today.  Can we re-schedule our flights until tomorrow?", and I will miss "meetings" where we discuss camping, traveling, family and relationships...then in the final 5 minutes hear him say "So.  I guess we should talk about work.  All is good?  Good."

I have a feeling that these won't be the last "Italy" coffee dates that Alex and I have, rather the next time we meet it will be to discuss life at a ski area, swapping stories of how life has changed since we've last spoke and really discussing the furthest thing from work.  It's pretty cool knowing someone you once called a boss, you will soon call a friend.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bottoms up! Holiday style.

I have a girlfriend's Christmas Cookie Exchange this week, but with my non-dairy eating habits, it's hard for me to attend something like this and properly participate.  Instead of bringing cookies, I have volunteered to bring holiday cocktails!  I'm having so much fun looking up recipes...but I'm having more fun with planning how to present said holiday cocktails.  I saw this picture on Pinterest, and immediately knew this was how
I was going to serve them!

::pinterest is blocked at work, so I can't properly site this image, but will when i get home!::
SO CUTE RIGHT?!  Right.  I'll run and pick up the supplies this week, but until then I'm looking up what to put inside these insanely cute little glasses.  So far I have found:




Which one looks best to you?  My mom served that Poinsettia drink at Christmas 3 years ago, and it was deeeeeeelicious!  Any delicious, pretty and fancy holiday cocktails you want to share?  
Cheers, friends!

Monday, December 3, 2012


::WORKING ON:: The endless amount of to do lists and misc sign requests that come with the opening of Snowy this weekend!  We had the absolute best and most successful weekend, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it went.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I am so very painfully proud of Hunter, his brother and dad for the countless hours that they've poured their talent and hard work into seeing Saturday go off without a hitch, and to say their efforts were recognized and appreciated couldn't be a bigger understatement.  

::THINKING ABOUT:: What a whirlwind life has been the last 2+ weeks, and how it really isn't going to calm down anytime soon.  I had a wonderful time in California with my family for a week celebrating all things wonderful and thankful, worked a short week and then headed up to Snowy for opening weekend.  The amount of suitcases in my bedroom that need to be unpacked and put away { three }, mixed with how many loads of laundry I have to catch up on { probably closer to four }, then throw in the severe lack of grocery shopping leaving my cupboards sorry, sad and empty looking really should encourage me to stay in more...but where's the fun in that?!

::ANTICIPATING:: Being done with work in less than 2 weeks!  My boss is always asking me "What are you doing to prepare for this?  How are you getting yourself ready?" and I would always blow him off saying, "Oh Alex, I'm FINE!"  The closer it gets, the more I see he really has a point.  To just one day be done with a lifestyle I've known for 5 1/2 years isn't something I'll adjust to overnight, but with the promise of a new, challenging and exciting future will surely soften the blow.

::LISTENING TO:: On nonstop repeat during work for me is handsome Paul and his lovely wife, the sweetest of sweet sisters and the most charming drunk man I ever did see.

::EATING:: Subway veggie salads.  I am on a ROLL with these lately, and don't see the obsession dying down anytime soon.  You can get AS MANY VEGGIES AS YOU WANT in one lovely salad bowl for $5.  AND, when I ask for extra jalapeno's and banana peppers, they aren't shy which is a heat loving, salad eating person's dream.  I crave their Sweet Onion sauce, and finally took the time to research how to make it for myself!  I found the recipe here, and want to try and modify it a bit to make it more vegan friendly { byebye buttermilk powder! } and less corn syrup heavy.

::THANKFUL FOR::  A busy week packed with tree decorating, happy hours,  dinners and Christmas celebrations!  I have helped Jon decorate his tree every single year I can remember since moving to Colorado, and he was sweet enough to postpone from decorating it this weekend to tonight so I can participate!!  I have quite possibly packed more into one week than I really should { sorry suitcases and've waited this long, you can wait another week. }, but am rip roaring ready for making some lovely memories with my fancy friends.

::PLANNING FOR:: Goodbye's and fresh starts.  Enough said.