Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lost again.

Water Cup - 1

Beth - 0


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Perks of the job.

If I had a tv in my bedroom I would never leave. I don't, and probably will never have a tv in my room, but if I did...I really don't think I'd ever leave. So while housesitting, I take full advantage.

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The lovely blog world introduced me to Bro Tips, and though I could have read them for hours, here are a few I loved.

And, understandably my favorite:

I can't tell if the site is intended for college dudes or 14 year olds, but I loved it all the same!

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SpotBot says Happy Monday, everyone!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

If it looks like a duck,

walks like a duck and quacks like a duck doesnnnnn't mean it's a duck. Not today anyway.

Leaves changing, first acorn squash of the year and a seemingly cool fall afternoon really was a morning spent in the park longing for shade by 9:30am, sweating bullets having my stove on for the first time in weeks and that "cool afternoon" really produced a sun burn and mild case of heat stroke.

You can start quacking anyyyyyday Fall. We are all as ready as ever!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Last night we had an unpacking/impromptu Welcome Back to Denver party for JG. Jon being back means a few things:

- Stock in Maker's Mark and Tommy's Thai will go up.
- I will have zero excuse for missing episodes of X Factor/American Idol anymore.
- There is a strong risk for waistline to grow from one too many Benny's/Fat Sully dinners, it will in fact shrink because I'll be guilted into attending Jon's spin classes on the weekends.
- I will never run dry on puppy love again.

The night consisted of:

Puppy love

Laughing at old memories as we'd unpack them

Boxes and more boxes

Laughing at said puppy

Drinking expensive whiskey in plastic cups

Starting out with a system {paper piled up neatly on the right}, then growing to say 'awww screw' it {crinkled piles of packing paper on the left}

And eventually growing tired of being productive, walking to the nearest Mexican restaurant, playing rounds and rounds of What Would You Rather, and being reminded of how necessary good friends really are.

Welcome home, Jonny. : >

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

SpotBot Ad-o-Matic.

A few months ago at work, we had an intern for a few weeks. Let's call him Lunco Boxo.

Okay fine - it wasn't a person. It was our sweet Lesli's lunch bag and the snaps/zipper looked exactly like a face. Well, his cousin has arrived.

Yes thats right. An upside down betatape has been haunting me all day. Tell me you can see the face?!

We have this reoccurring in our office of hiding things at each other's desks. Skittles, Ketchup bottles, business cards, stickies. You name it, we throw it once to annoy the person, then continue to hide it. There is a strong chance when I found SpotBot Ad-o-Matic (don't ask, just please read it in a robot voice) hiding in my plants this afternoon.

There is another strong chance my coworker who hid it (hi K8!) happened to see me jump when I spotted it.

Revenge is mine!

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Takin’ the good with the bad.

Yesterday was just kind of a ho hum day. Nothing particularly bad happened, it was just kind of filled with waah wahhh’s. I had a few things happen that really p!ssed me off, a few things that made me just sad in general, BUT I also had a handful of little gestures throughout the day that made me smile from ear to ear. They were things that people probably didn’t even know they were doing, really made me check my attitude at the door.

It was the guy who reversed in the middle of the street for me when he saw I needed to back out of my driveway. Strangers at the bus stop who would yell “Miss! You make the entire world brighter!” while walking the pups. Or when my boss and I went to grab lunch from a street vendor, and we ended up walking around downtown for 10 minutes trying to find someone that served sauerkraut because he knows how much I adore it on my brat. It was Chad who called me after his Guy’s Night for a quick goodnight, but then stayed on the phone with me for 25 minutes later just to listen to me vent bitch to him about the icky parts of my day, then gave me such honest and heartfelt advice on how to cope with it all and on TOP of all that, made me laugh so hard I fell into the Silent Laughter Mode and made me completely forget about the icky parts of my day. It was emails from my best friends in Greece sending me pictures of their hotel room view. It was seeing Jon, all his moving boxes and familiar furniture back in Denver and walking into his duplex for the first time hand in hand.

My final story of the day took place last night before Chad called, while I was still pouting and stewing from one of the day’s events. I was cuddled up on the couch with Cooper and a blanket, then went to get up and go run my bath water, when I turn around and see Coop had followed me and was standing in the bathroom doorway. Somehow the blanket was laid perfectly over him like saddle on a horse, almost as if he had put it there himself. It was the funniest, most random thing that I’d seen in AGES, I bet you I laughed out loud for a solid 10 minutes. I tried getting a pix of him, but he was too busy trying to get me to pet him, he wouldn’t really stand still, but you get the idea.

I was so thankful for the laugh though. : >

What made you laugh today??

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balla. Popped colla.

Do you ever throw on an outfit and just let out a massive sigh over how comfortable it is? That's what happened to me after work. Leggings, wife beater and a track jacket.

Then I popped my collar just to see how it felt.

It wasn't until I talked to Neighbor Adam for a solid 15 minutes before I realized my collar was still popped.


Is this what balla's feel like?

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My Best Friend’s Wedding :: Saturday Morning/Noon

{Yes, yes – this day has to be split up into sections because there is just too much to say. Truthfully I could do a separate post on JUST the breakfast we ordered to the room, but that seems a bit excessive.}

I woke up Saturday morning feeling 100% like a anchovy squished in a can considering I was the lucky one who got to sleep in the middle. In all fairness, Gina had started out in the middle the weekend before at the bachelorette party, but woke up with me spooning her and needed to pee {so she says, I think she just didn’t care for the 4am embrace} and then Jaime got pushed to the middle, so really it was my turn. Right when I woke up, Gina comes skipping out of the bathroom {no seriously, she was skipping} and cuddles back in bed exclaiming, yet whispering as to not wake up Jaime: “BETH! This is THE nicest hotel I HAVE EVER STAYED IN! I JUST CHECKED MY EMAIL IN THE BATHTUB. IT’S HUGE!!!!” I think it was the bathtub comment that {confused} woke up Jaime which then gave Gina and I the go ahead to each grab a wall of curtains and countdown to open them at the same time. The views was pretty stellar, not going to lie. One of the windows opened up to the Four Seasons Hotel, to which there were two men already in the pool at 8am. Jaime and Gina were content with simply waving to them, where I wanted to flash them SO badly. Classless? Probably – but haven’t you ALWAYS wanted to do that?! I know I have. I digress. We brewed some coffee and all cuddled back into bed where we took our Before pictures. {We are all well aware at how naturally beautiful we all are and how really the hair and makeup was totally pointless as we could have walked down the aisle looking just like this and no one would have been any the wiser.}

{Totes joking, BTW.} The only thing is that we forgot to take the After pictures, but you’ll get the idea with the few pix I do have on my phones.
We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast from Restaurant Kevin Taylor downstairs, {which would end up being one of the best decisions we made all weekend}.
James got their Oatmeal with Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Sliced Bananas with half fresh squeezed grapefruit/orange juice, Gina got their Spinach, Fontina and Mushroom Frittata with Parmesan Potatoes with grapefruit juice, while I got their Skirt Steak and Eggs with Arugula, Tomato, Salsa Verde, Ciabatta with orange juice! {Holy toledo, my mouth is watering just remembering it all!} We sat in bed, eating, swooning and sampling each other’s the food for God only knows how long, but it was well worth it. We grew to know Adam, our delivery boy quite well throughout the day. He was so sweet and just awesome…and also brought us complimentary mimosas!

{Of course I failed to take photos of the actual FOOD, jut the food under the tray. Smart, Beth.}

After dinning, we all grew to love different parts of their exquisite bathroom. Gina couldn’t believe how amazing the shower was, I fell in love with the big, cozy and amazing bathtub, and Jaime didn’t want to get out of the robe they provided for her. After we all were showered up, we headed a few blocks downtown to get our hair did at Erg√ľn Tercan European Salon.

We each got paired with a stylist that completely understood our style and what we were looking for! We were able to sip and enjoy either mimosas, coffee, tea or all of the above while getting pampered.

Hotel Teatro sent a car and picked Gina and I up so we could run a few errands downtown then headed back to the hotel to get our makeup done. {This is the point during the day where my phone was put on the iPod speaker to play music, which explains why I have no more pictures of the afternoon. Enter sad face here.} Jaime was able to hire Cedric for our makeup, who {not to name drop} does make-up for The Denver Broncos cheerleaders, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and the PRESIDENT! {Okay, I’m totally name dropping. You would too if someone touched Obama yo’momma’s face then yours. Deal wit’it.} Liz, Ryan’s mom, had ordered up some bottled waterand some munchies for us all so we could keep food in our tummies all day long. I loved this part of the day, too because it was just us girls lounging around, giggling and getting ready for a few hours before the limo picked us up and dropped us off at the church.

After pictures, before the ceremony, ceremony, reception and brunch stories to come…….

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My Best Friend’s Wedding :: Friday.

It is beyond mind blowing to me that the wedding has come. And the wedding has gone. I knew I’d feel like this after, a little confused, lost, sad, but mostly 150% grateful I could be a part of such a magical memory. All of the days, weeks and month of planning leading up to Sept 17th, 2011 holds more than just a special place in my heart. They hold hundreds of memories that couldn’t be erased if I had tried. So I’m going to go through the days, post by post, so I can remember it all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

{One thing though – I only just a handful of iPhone photos of the whole weekend, so these really won’t be photo heavy posts…just memory heavy posts.}

Friday was a day for Jaime and I to run tons of last minute errands, and Ryan and his BFF Nate to run tons of last minute errands. When we look back on it now – this day was such a cluster rhymes with duck in oh so many ways. Before they picked me up at 10a, J&R had ran to get their Marriage License, but got held up doing even that because the woman was just a little {lotta} off her rocker and because she really didn’t quit talking the entire hour they were there, it put them back just a little {lotta} bit. They picked me up a little before 10a, and we were off.

We then ran back to their house to exchange vehicles, and Jaime and I ventured downtown to get our mani/pedi’s. Whenever James and I get pedicures together, it’s always a ticking time bomb to see who will kick their nail lady first.

We both know the conversation will be put on hold, and to be patient of all giggles, kicks and squirming throughout the entire process.

Though it was beyond relaxing and totally needed, not only did they run later than we were expecting – but James also got a parking ticket! We called it The City of Denver’s wedding gift to her that she never actually registered for. I was the last to be finished, so Jaime ran across the street to Choppers and picked us up {or FA-vorite} salads, and we were on our way to appt #2 of the day: Spray Tan. While zooming through the City of Denver and eating our salads at the same time, (at one point I remember her saying “IS IT SUNDAY AND I JUST DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT? OH IT’S NOT? EVERYONE IS JUST DECIDING TO DRIVE LIKE IT IS? OKAY, THAT WORKS, TOO.” Let’s just say we were in a little bit of a rush… ; ) we show up to Tanning Place #1 to of course find their entire system is down. Ergo zooming through the City of Denver to Tanning Place #2 and thankfully getting our successful spray tan on. Jaime is a pro spray tanner, and the night before we could have been found in Whole Foods, people everywhere, standing up from eating our dinner and her walking me through the body poses one by one. Of course when the time came, I couldn’t hardly concentrate on what I needed to do, rather channeled my inner Ross and couldn’t quit laughing and hearing the word ‘Mississippilessly’ in my head over and over.

After the spray tan, we were off to get Ryan’s ring resized. Jaime and her mom picked out the ring all on their own and Ryan didn’t want to see it until she slipped it on his finger at the altar. ::enter collective awwwwww’s here:: Cute as it was, it did pose a little {lot of} difficulty in actually getting the sizing of the ring correct. James had covered his eyes and had him try it on the night before but he felt it was a little too big. I won’t go into extreme detail as to what happened at the jewelry store, but the short version is, what we thought was a size 9 that wanted to be sized down to a size 8.5 ended up actually being a size 10. Ryan tried on Nate’s ring that he thought fit him better, so the jewelry store looked up Nate’s order so we could just get whatever size Nate had, when really Nate had a 10, too. Men. After our patient salesman informed us this madness was nothing in comparison to the laser tag supervisor job he had before the jewelry store, we didn’t feel AS badly about putting him through all the confusion. {Honestly, I can’t even remember how the ring issue was put to bed. I do know that after the brunch on Sunday they ended up going back to get yet another size.}

From the jewelry store we headed to Kansas…err..Aurora to pick up the usher gifts, had a little French fry and Frostie snack, then headed back to their house for a quick snooze and prep for the rehearsal at 5:15p. Some of the men were meeting at J&R’s house before we headed to the church, and at one point there was way too many {lazy} men there, too many girls in heels, and not enough go getter’s. I had gotten walked in on twice while trying to change, and after that, was following Jaime around like a crazy person listing off the things on our To Grab list while she runs around the house dodging said {lazy} men finding the items. Somehow we all made it out of the house in one piece, and headed to the church was rehearsal time. It went smoothly with the exception of it being redonkulously hot in the church, and all of us being giddier than giddy for the big day and not paying enough {any} attention. Oops. After that we headed down to Ryan’s mom’s house for some ahhhhmazing homemade Mexican food, wine, and enough laughs to last a lifetime. In hindsight, this really was one of my top 3 favorite parts of the entire weekend. These two have welcomed me into their families to the point where I’ve begun using their childhood nicknames for everyone, and dish out hugs to the brothers/dad’s like I’m their sister/daughter. It was a magical night sitting under the stars, under the lights strung above us, giggling at (what appeared to be) a naked neighbor sitting next to his hot tub, making silly $5 bets, and just soaking up the calm before the next day’s festivities. Sometime before midnight, everyone gave their final hugs and headed off to our respective sleeping households. Gina and I cozied up in a king size bed with Jaime {not just any king size bed – THE most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in!} where we wished Jaime her last and final good night’s sleep as a Schwenzer.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

: >

Waiting to be picked up from the bride and groom - let the wedding weekend begin!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta stop, and smell the Avada products.

Wait, wait. That's all wrong. Stop and smell the FLOWERS! Or in my case tonight - stop and smell the rain. :)

Anyone who has been within 10 feet (inches) of me this week has heard me talk (bitch) about how I'm on the wee bit tired side while helping get everything ready for Saturday. After I got home from my hair appt tonight, I decided to screw my chores and do my favorite things:

Eat French Onion soup { YUM!!! }

Read my favorite food blogs.

Drink my favorite wine.

And cuddle up with a good book.

Okay - I'll be honest. The word "good" can be used very loosely here. You know how sometimes you fall into a huge crap tv phase? Or crap movie phase? I'm in a huge crap book phase. It starts with Chelsea and ends in Handler. What can I say? Girl makes me laugh.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a glass of Malbec to finish and a breeze to enjoy while cuddled up in my favorite quilt.

Hakuna Matata, everyone. : >

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