Friday, August 22, 2014

link it up

//this girl and her sweet blog post!  i love reminiscing on our insanely fun and ridiculous memories.

//these funny face straw toppers.  i think the blog post mildly puts me to shame as i wouldn't use these for children, i would use these for an adult party!  so silly and fun.

//this round up of great branding.  one of my favorite slow/fast food restaurants meets good branding and leaves me a happy { hungry } gal.

//this brunch me pinterest board i finally started.  brunch is my love language.  end of story.

//this marinated fennel + tomato salad is a salad i can get down with.

ending this post with a few photos from my birthday celebrations this week.  heavens to betsy have i felt the birthday love near and far!

Friday, August 15, 2014


//this bathroom tour of natural living products!  drea can do no wrong in my eyes so it was awesome to get an insider peek into her daily all natural routine!  hashtagwannabehippie

//these gouda grits + brown butter shrimp.  i don't like shrimp.  like really don't like shrimp.  but if I'm going to eat shrimp, it's going to be with grits and brown butter.

//these carrot apple muffins.  like my pinterest board states: I don't bake.  but if i baked, i would go outside my comfort zone and bake these muffins!

//this post about what vegans bring backpacking had me seconds away from quitting my job and packing up my life in a backpack.  you think i'm kidding.

//these watermelon st germain cocktails are what summer evenings are made of.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

i made this :: kale bagels!

I pick savory over sweet 9.86589 times out of 10.  It isn't unusual for me to wake up on a Saturday morning craving one of three things: crispy potatoes, homemade pretzels or freshly homemade bread of any variety.  Pancakes?  Waffles?  Not for this girl.

I had initially planned on making everything bagels from my I'ma Cook You list, but after purchasing Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food and seeing their recipe for Kale Bagels I quickly switched my bagel tune.

The weather on Saturday afternoon was equal parts rainy + sunny which was perfect for a leisurely afternoon of finishing up a { OlsonField book club! } book while stirring + mixing + let rise bagel dough.  

When I let a month or two go by without baking bread it always sounds daunting and time consuming at the thought of cooking up a batch.  But, when I bake every few weeks I'm reminded of how much fun I have baking bread!  It forces me a few hours spent in a { quiet!!!! } house with just me, my thoughts, sticky hands, activated yeast and perfectly risen bread dough.  Not to mention the smell of freshly baked bread brings back approximately 325,149 memories of my childhood and watching my mom bake bread for us each week. 

These bagels turned out far, far better than I had anticipated.  I think they are best lightly toasted with some Earth Balance { and sea salt! }.  It totally got me into the bagel groove and I am so excited to try my hand at different varieties of homemade bagels!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#emo followup

I saw this quote on Pinterest last night and I thought it the perfect summary to yesterday's post.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I shot down the mountain to Denver this past weekend (aka two weekends ago now.  aka this post has been sitting in my drafts for too long).  Amos Lee played at Red Rocks on Friday evening with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and there was no way in haillll Mary and I were going to miss out on that show.

Ask Mary about the time she blacked out and bought 2 Amos Lee tickets 6+ months in advance.

I got to Denver around 3p and was excited to buzz past my old office quickly before meeting Mary before the concert.  My excitement quickly faded when Denver traffic hit me square in the face.  The anxiety inducing, vehicle stopping, assholes behind the wheel traffic.

I lived in Denver for almost 7 years, right?  You would think the commotions of a big city wouldn't have phased me much if at all.  You would think it might even be mildly comforting to me considering singing sirens at one point acted as a lullaby to me for crying out loud!

Even with the mild anxiety (side note: a Steamboat coworker of mine spent a week in Denver with her sons last week and had similar a reaction to the traffic and commotion.  I blame/thank our quiet small town for our inability to tolerate traffic/too many people) to all the people, I had the weekend of my dreams.  It included so many of my very favorite things it was almost overwhelming.  I didn't take too many photos because I was too busy yoga'ing at Red Rocks, holding 5 day old babies, playing with 1.5 year old babies, drinking bottomless mimosas with 3 grown ass babies (love you Mary, Steven and Todd!!!), drinking bottomless bellini's with 2 beautiful babies (WUT?  When you live somewhere that does not offer bottomless brunch beverages and bottomless brunch beverages just so happens to be one of your favorite things in all of existence, you say yes to bottomless brunch beverages 2 mornings in a row simply because you can.) and a night out with my bestest of all best friends that trumps any night out I've had in 7+ months.

See those girls in the above photo?  These girls have my heart.  I was reflecting last night how that group of girls has been together through the highest of highs (new jobs, new boyfriends, new fianc├ęs, new husbands, brand new babies, work promotions, new homes, personal goals, moving, travels) and the lowest of lows (breakups, cheating men, loss of jobs, loss of apartments, death, illnesses, broken hearts, broken homes) and truly every single thing in between.  I can safely say they have seen me at my happiest and they have seen me at my lowest.  And I feel confident saying that I've seen them at their happiest and I have seen them at their lowest.  What a beautiful and profound fact.  The thought that we could gather together after a solid year plus of being together, and pick up EXACTLY where we left off gave me goosebumps.  The joy behind the hundreds of memories we've created simply can not compare to many things.  I'm not setting this up to say that I haven't met life long friends outside of these girls, or that I can't meet life long friends outside of these girls, but they really are the bees knees.  I was talking to Jaime about new friends and new coworkers and she looks at me with a sly smile and goes "Well, they have pretty big shoes to fill."  And  man oh man is she right.

Needless to say I left Denver emotional for so many reasons.  I was leaving so fulfilled (literally and figuratively speaking.  I ate so much {too much?} good food!!!) with the variety of friends and family   I was able to catch up with and the dozens of new memories made.  Corny?  Yes.  True?  Absofreakinglutely.

Friday, August 8, 2014

link me.

//this video that puts a huge smile on my face.  it brings me back to my farmers market days and that makes me happy and sentimental all at the same time! 

//these 5-ingredient peanut butter protein bars.  they look like the perfect recipe to introduce me to homemade granola/bar making!

//this big ass salad.  the title of the salad is right up my alley and toped with pickled onions?!  sheet yeah.  

//this resistance band loop leg workout!  love me a quick workout for the mornings before jumping through the shower.

//this for obvious reasons.  #unitedinorange i'm slap happy that football season is right around the corner!

Have a fantastico weekend err'body!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The more and more I over share on Instagram, the more I'm realizing the hashtag dreamboat ends up in almost every photo posted.  My Instagram feed may be a little boring predictable as lately I feel like it mostly consists of landscape/outdoor shots, but I would also follow that up with the oh so annoying favorite hashtag of #sorrynotsorry. 

It may sound corny, but 9.9 times out of 10, I do feel like Steamboat really is a dream/too good to be true.  The fantastic amount of outdoor activities available, the rolling mountains for miles and miles, the camaraderie of a small town vibe...I could go on and on.  I would love to share some of my favorite photos that I have posted on Instagram accompanied by the oh so true hashtag of #dreamboat.  

Sigh.  #happy.