Sunday, April 19, 2015


Well hello there friends!  Let's play a little game of catch up, shall we?

My day to day looks so very much different than it did 4 weeks ago.  { Alex or Laura, if you ever read this blog I apologize for this next statement } It was so much easier for me to write + post blog posts when I had a few minutes of downtime Mon-Fri while working at my desk jobs.  I could keep a tab open and go back to it a few times throughout the day to add to the post and proof it before posting!  Now, I really only sit down to the computer is to send quick emails for the Mariposa and to read blog posts a few times a week.  I've certainly enjoyed not being glued to the computer 24/7 but of course that means this little ol' blog of mine has been neglected!  Whoopz.

I recently found Cookie + Kate which is my new favorite vegan + vegetarian Instagram account and blog!  I've made her soba noodle salad and hummus so far.  They've both tasted incredible and were easy to put together without intimidating ingredients or processes.  I want to make her west africian peanut soup later this week and her mango spring rolls maybe even this afternoon!

When Hunter and I lived in Bremerton, we had a green smoothie for breakfast and some sort of juice every afternoon, no questions asked.  Once we moved back to Colorado and both of us had one or two different jobs, our daily routine got so screwy.  Since leaving the newspaper, I have quite a bit more flexibility in my day which means setting aside time for daily smoothies and juices has been made a priority again!  Hunter has always been the smoothie lover, while I am the juice head.  Our smoothies have basically been either spinach or kale with frozen bananas, frozen fruit with some agave to sweeten it up.  I've been topping the green smoothies with chia seeds, hemp seeds and raw cacao nibs.  They have really been deeelicious!  Our juices vary but usually are carrots + apple/pear + ginger, beets + carrots + apples + ginger or celery + cucumber + kale + ginger + apple.  I've been adding more chia seeds to them because chia seeds cure all as far as I'm concerned!

It's been snowing pretty consistently since Thursday and even though I'm a little itchy for Summer, it's nice having a few days of cuddling up with tea + hot coffee again.  I know we'll be basking in blue skies and tulips soon enough, so this little snow storm hasn't phased me much.  Before this little bit of snow, we were lucky enough to have a few weeks straight of sunshine, green grass and sun-kissed afternoons.  I know we aren't too far away from having that weather here to stay!

We've been enjoying/suffering through mud season here in Steamboat for a few weeks now.  It's lovely because we finally can go to dinner without having to drive around for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot and can actually get a table at your favorite restaurant, but it's a little crummy when your job thrives off tourists and mud season leaves you twiddling your thumbs waiting for the phone to ring for a reservation!  Thankfully, I've been repainting the entire interior of the bed and breakfast, so I have been busy as a bee with that but I will be anxious to get some guests filling up those rooms again!

I really want to learn calligraphy.  Really, really want to.  That is all.

This past Monday, Hunter and I along with his entire family had plans to fly to Red Lodge for a two day, one night trip.  The morning of the flight, we had to have a change of plans due to weather.  Hunter and I were already up at the Steamboat airport with our bags packed, and did not want to have our 5:15am wake up call be entirely in vain.  We decided to fly to Grand Junction for the morning!  We had an absolutely stunning flight there - Hunter took the long way and we had quite the scenic flight.  He took us over the canyon where the Green River + Yampa River meet up.  It was incredibly breathtaking, though I'll admit flying in the canyon spooked me quite a bit!  After we landed in GJ, we took the crew car to grab breakfast and had hoped the trip would be a quick 2-3 hour trip. Welll, it turned into about a 6 hour trip due to some small (pretty big) plane malfunctions.  We were fortunate enough to be able to take the crew car out on the town again while the mechanics were working on the plane.  I was in the middle of reading Girl on the Train, so I didn't mind the slow and relaxed day one bit!  It was a really wonderful day of adventure with Hunter.  Trips like that with my love really make my world go round.

Speaking of Girl on the Train, did any of you read it?  What did you think?  I wanted to like it, I loved that it was a thriller and kept you reading more and more and more, but the plot line.  The plot line!  It reminded me so much of Gone Girl, which is another book I read within 48 hours.  At the after finishing of both of those books, I realized that I didn't really like either all too much.  Ha!  The plot line of both of them are rather grotesque and kinda foul.  I need to spend more time picking uplifting and inspiring rather than gruesome and foul murder stories.

Speaking of books!  Since painting the bed and breakfast, I've turned to audiobooks and podcasts to keep me company during my 6-8 hour long painting days.  I've so far listened to All the Light we Cannot See and I'm 80% of the way through Me Before You.  I've listened to probably a dozen This American Life podcasts.  I also want to dive into Undisclosed, Startup and The Moth podcasts.  I have 2 more bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a sitting area, a sunroom, the kitchen and potentially the living room + front entry left to paint so needless to say....I've got a lot of time on my hands for listening to books/podcasts!  Recommendations are welcomed and needed.

Did I mention on my blog that Hunter accepted a new job, too?  Hunter accepted a new job!  He's still working in the ER at the hospital here in Steamboat, but he is also working for Classic Air Ambulance as a flight for life nurse!  Say whaaaaat?!  I'm crazy stupid proud of him and how much work he's put into growing his career path.  As of right now, he's been working on the road almost as much as he's been working at home.  We are growing into our new routines day by day, week by week!

I've been working on social media for the bed and breakfast. Both the Instagram account and Facebook page aren't exactly where I want them to be with content quiteeee yet but they are getting there!  If you felt so inclined to follow our Instagram account and like our Facebook page, I would be so grateful!  Everything is a work in progress, right?  ; >

I could go on with more.  And on and on but I will hit pause on Ketchup for the time being.  I'm sure in the next few days more pointless facts will come to me and I'll feel compelled to post about here.  Plus, since I've sat down to write this post the snowfall has disappeared and the sun is peeking out!  It's about time to head out for a run and enjoy some fresh air.  Thanks for making it through this post....if you made it through the post that is.  ; >

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Self belief.

Every New Years Eve/New Years Day that Hunter and I have been together { save for the first NYE we were together.  We were too busy taping pop culture to our foreheads and drinking bottle after bottle of champagne. } we write out our new years resolutions and close them up in a mason jar without showing the other person.  Then, the following New Years Eve/Day we open up the jar and read each other's goals for that year and talk about how we succeeded in these goals and applied them to our daily life.  It's one of my favorite things ever.  This year I wrote down two goals.  I won't tell you the main one, but the 2nd resolution written in small writing under my big one was "…and quit my day job."  I wrote it with the sole intention of putting it out in the universe and seeing where it would take me in the months ahead.  Never ever when I wrote it did I think it would manifest within 30 days of writing it down!  January proved to be a big month for me.  I was pursued by a local business here in town and received a job offer.  I was tempted to accept this position but there were too many "ehh, this isn't ideal" moments than there were "omg this would be so fun!" moments.   But, it lit the fire and finally motivated me to do something about my current work situation.  Which again, wasn't a bad situation.  It was just fine.  

Ahh, that lovely word.  Fine.  The biggest eye opener that I needed a change in my day to day pretty much boiled down to the word fine.  Day after day { afterdayafterday } when I would get home from the office, Hunter and I would have this exact same conversation

him: How was your day today?!
her: It was fine.
him: Just fine?
her: Yea…just fine.

After 5 days in a row of that - it gets pretty old.  I realize that not every day will be fireworks, or challenging, or omg today was greatgoodfantastic!, but I wanted it to be better than fine.  Good gravy for my sanity I needed it to be better than fine!  

So what is next?  This Friday, March 20th will be my last day working as a Multimedia AdRep with the Steamboat Pilot and Today.  Ahh!  I will have { some much needed } time off before I start my new gig.  The new gig being taking over as manager for a local bed and breakfast here in town!  I am giddy with excitement for the challenges and opportunity that lies ahead of me.  I'm looking forward to more flexibility in my days, the thrill that comes with being responsible for running a fully functioning business and the chance to express creativity in a whole brand new spankin' way.  

You guys, I'm so excited.

I have received such incredibly sweet comments on my departure from the newspaper and the most unexpected and heartfelt encouragement for this next chapter in my life.  I keep saying that I wasn't necessarily looking for a new job, this new job found me.  Which makes leaving my crazy kewl co-workers and clients that much more difficult.  But with every change that I've been through in the past 2.5 years since leaving my comfort zone of Denver, I have great confidence that these friendships and routines that I've built up over the past year+ will take on a whole new beautiful spin of their own. 

I had jotted the above quote down several weeks ago while watching a Perennial Plate video.  It was another one of those quotes and ahhh'ha! moments that hit me square in the face.  A moment that was heavy with encouragement and potential.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


If you've asked me "How are you?!" lately, what I want to respond with is "I'm tired.  I'm over worked.  I'm in desperate need of a quiet solo night in with candle after candle, girlie crap tv and wine.  And tea.  And my crochet.  I miss sleeping past 6:30am.  I miss not working everyday.  I miss being able to clean, and do crafts and being able to go for a leisurely walk and I miss spending my lunch break at the gym/going for a run versus working/quick meetings for the next big thing."  Instead, what I do respond with is "There has been a lot going on lately!  My days have been packed but it's wildly rewarding on top of painfully exhausting."  

My newspaper boss just asked me this afternoon "How are you doing?" and I said "Oh, I'm fine!" and she continued to ask me 3 times if I was sure.  Ha!  #walkingzombie #lookaway #monster  Anyway, I want to post a few things about what are making my crazed days a little less crazed and help me keep my eye on the prize.  


The clean and simple updated blog designs to both Edible Perspective and Bev Cooks have left me all heart eyed not to mention itching for some downtime to work up giving my site a clean and simple facelift.


Before I left for California this past December, I promised myself that I would drag my parents and take a trip to In n Out. I've only been there twice in the 5 years that my parents have lived in CA.  For some reason in December I was really craving that indulgence.  No surprise that I talked myself out of going and while my hips and ass are thankful we skipped the trip, my craving still hasn't subsided at all.  This copycat recipe snagged my attention and I would looooove to give it a go soon!


Serial.  All the livelong day, Serial.  I had heard whisperings of the Serial podcast around, but it wasn't until I read LC's post on her favorite Podcasts that I finally bit.  Once I started listening, I could.not.stop.listening.  I posted this to my Facebook a few weeks ago:

Sometimes I'm unintentionally a little slow on jumping on the popular entertainment bandwagons. TV shows, movies etc. This week's bandwagon I finally jumped on? Podcasts. Most specifically Serial. Needless to say I'm absolutely, positively hooked. I'm on on Episode 07 and am already sad at the thought of catching up to the final Episode 12. Did Adnan do it?! Ahhhhhh!

And one of Hunter's high school best friends commented:

Oh man, my wife loved that radio podcast. I came home everyday to her with headphones on with this intense look on her face.

which made me laugh out loud.  Rather than listen to it with headphones, I would hook it up to Hunter's bluetooth speaker.  He would get home from work and try and greet me, ask about the day etc and I would just respond with wide eyed head nods before going to my phone and backing the Podcast up :30+ seconds as to not miss a single word.


I will make homemade granola one of these days.  I will.  Right after I redesign my blog, get caught up on my craft projects, get a birthday gift from November in the mail and a Christmas gift from December in the mail.  This post got me all twitter-pated to get after it.  I.will.make.homemade.granola.


One of my sweetest friends here in Steamboat shared this song/video with me this afternoon.  My very favorite part is where he repeats 

Each day that I wake, I will praise, I will praise.
Each day that I wake, I give thanks, I give thanks.
Each day that I wake, I will praise, I will praise.
Each day that I wake, I give thanks, I give thanks.
And they day that I don't wake up and transcend the holy makeup, I am capable, I am powerful.
The day that I don't wake up and transcend the holy make up, I am on my way to a different place.

Gah.  I was listening to this song not too closely while working on other things and that group of lyrics gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes.  It was such a beautiful reminder of this phase in my life to instead of blowing through the day living by a to-do list to pause and praise!  And give thanks!  It sounds quite cliche but also completely necessary to get through challenging times.


This cozy image of relaxation, indulgence and comfort.  Give to me all the relaxation, indulgence and comfort!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

To my sister on her birthday.

March 5th brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy.  Year after year after year I wake up and notice extra sunshine, joy and kindness in the day.  It's always been a day to reflect on how much love my sister Katie has brought to my life.  It is a day to remember the years and years of sunshine that radiated from my life simply by knowing her.  It's a day to pause a little more than usual and be thankful for having this strong, determined and loving sister in my life.  In full disclosure it also comes with a fair amount of pain and sadness from being distanced both mentally and physically from Kate but that doesn't take away from the immense amount of love that I have for her.  That I will always have for her.  My life has a big ugly black hole that has come from missing my sister.  A hole that can only be filled with her love.  I have hope that someday the hole will be filled again.  


To my sister on her birthday,

I hope you always remember how much you are loved.  Truly loved.  I hope you remember how cherished you were yesterday.  How cherished you are today.  How cherished you will be tomorrow.  I hope you know whenever and wherever that I will always be here for you.  I am so lucky to know you and to have been molded by your strength and guidance my entire life.  

I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

eat your fruits and vegetables // drink edition!

I have a l o t on my plate these upcoming 3 weeks so I am making an attempt at small changes in my day-to-day routine.  My hope is I can keep a clear head with a boost of energy and while getting a few additional nutrients in.  I won't be doing any crazy drastic, rather small things like reaching for a few oranges vs a handful of pretzels for a morning snack, making a myself cup of tea versus having a 2nd cup of coffee, blending up a smoothie in the evenings vs having a glass of wine to unwind.  

Two things that have been in heavy rotation during my work day lately have been bottomless cups of green tea and mason jar after mason jar of cayenne pepper + lemon water.  Here are a few reasons why I think you should enjoy these drinks, too!

So far I'm feeling more hydrated than ever and the cayenne pepper has done wonders for curving my morning snack attack.  I also get such a kick out of people wondering WTHeck I have a jar of cayenne pepper at my desk.  Ha!  I originally heard of the cayenne pepper + lemon water drink from my one and only Kris Carr and I go in waves of drinking a few glasses of it daily to forgetting about it for a few months.  I just bought a big ol' bag of organic lemons in an attempt to ride this hydration wave as long as possible!

It should be noted that I realize that I should be citing my sources for where I'm getting these little tidbits from.  Most of them so far have come from WebMD or other various online forums.  Maybe once I have a little more free time during my day I'll link to the sites.  All you research librarians out there please don't hate me!  I'm looking at you, Olson

Also, I loved the quote on my tea bag this morning and wanted to share:

Compassion has no limit.  Kindness has no enemy.

I've been extra cranky/tired these past few days so this came as a nice reminder this morning.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

hbd, hmm!

happy birthday to my favorite hot (hot, hot!) tamale.  

there isn't a day that goes by where i don't pause for a little moment of thanks and appreciation for how happy i am to know hunter and to have spent these last 3.5 years of pure adventure with him.  i am so thankful for his silly, determined, generous and spontaneous heart.

part of hunter's birthday gift was a surprise ski trip to taos new mexico for a long weekend.  i managed to keep it a secret from him for over a month now and i feel 10 pounds lighter after finally telling him this morning where we are going!  his brother, sister in law and niece and nephew will get into town this afternoon and we are hosting the entire family for a birthday dinner this evening.  i'm reminded of the birthday dinner we had up at snowy for hunter 2 years ago when we were living at the ski area.  the kids were running amuck, the wine { + whiskey if i'm being honest heehee } was flowing and we happened to plan a dinner menu eerily similar to what we are having this evening.  filet mignon, roasted veggies with mashed potatoes and a caesar salad { extra anchovies! } are what maddox birthdays are made of!

hunter's birthday//2012

happy birthday my love.  you mean more to me and the people around you than you will ever know.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Take the hint.

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are going about your day to day and all of a sudden think *OMGosh I really want pizza.  And suddenly whenever you pull up Instagram, or open the newspaper.  Hear a radio commercial or see a's all about pizza.  People eating pizza, recipes for pizza, a new pizza restaurant opening in town, coupons for cheap pizza, the list goes on.  And you think, huh.  Well that's interesting.  Maybe it's a sign I should get pizza.  And the more you talk about it, the more you think about it all, the more pizza surrounds you.  Then!  You spread the circle a little bigger.  You start telling your friends, your boyfriend, your coworkers, your family how much you are craving pizza.  They all chime in with how good it sounds, too and Yeah you should really go get some!  The next thing you know, your evening plans are rearranged and bam! you are eating pizza.  

:: via + via::

I'm not just talking pizza here { though man, now pizza sounds so good }.  It could be a green juice that you've been craving or wanting a sign to buy that scarf you've had your eye on…maybe you need to see some motivation to start a new daunting craft project, or pulling the plug on buying a new sofa.  Maybe it's even something as big as pursuing that new job and new lifestyle that you've been lusting after for far too long.  Whatever it is, the point here is that once the thought of buying that thing, or changing that other thing creeps into your mind…it follows you everywhere.

For over a year now,  I've been approached by a local Steamboat business manager { who happens to be not just a good friend, but a good family friend of the Maddoxs' } trying to get me to come on board and work for her/with her.  The job she was propositioning me for was my dream job in so many ways.  It would open up so much more flexibility in my schedule, the opportunity for new avenues in which to express creativity, ways to push myself both mentally and physically and all around a beautiful chance for growth in my life.

But I was scared to make a change.  

Lord have mercy was I scared!  So scared that I ignored her requests for 12+ months.  I buckled down and kept on keeping on at my { how I now affectionally refer to it as my } 9a-5p, Monday-Friday, cubical bound, florescent light lit job.  And it was ok!  Really, things were truckling along and things were fine.  I started out in sales with some pretty sad numbers both in $$ booked and $$ in my bank account.  But I kept trying.  I kept working, I kept scheduling meetings with my clients.  I kept showing up to work knowing I could push my monthly %'s booked and!  I can confidently say that I grew my territory { and for what it's worth, my bank account too }.  But seeing those growth in numbers did nothing to make me more excited about my job.  It didn't make me want to work any harder to see how much higher I could grow those numbers and it didn't make me want to work any less.  I struggled with finding fulfillment with my job and always settled that argument with myself by saying "But I really enjoy my coworkers, I really enjoy working with { most of } my clients so it's ok if I'm not 100% fulfilled."  Until I realized that it really wasn't ok.

:: via + via ::

Of course here in the blog world there are 1,000,000,001 real life examples of people chasing their dreams.  Finding their ideal job!  Ditching the monotony of a desk job and chasing their passions.  Reading their stories used make me angry.  "How can you just do that?  How can you quit a steady paycheck and health insurance to open an online craft store/photography business/coffee shop { etcetcetc } and support yourself?!?!?!"  These stories made me angry until once day they didn't.  And I very timidly started putting myself in their shoes.  I started asking myself small questions of "What if I did quit my day job?  What would my day to day that look like?  How much would my quality of life change?  What would I even want to do?"  Of course I lucked out and found the most supportive partner who genuinely believes in me, sees talents I possess that I'm sometimes blind to and can recognize when one area of my life is causing so very much inner turmoil.  He helped me answer these little questions and he supported me when the biggest questions surfaced.  

:: via + via ::

Even with these little and big questions asked and answered, I was still scared.  I was scared of disappointing my current employer.  I was scared of not being able to fill the shoes of this new job.  I was scared financially and truthfully, I was scared of how I  would respond with freedom in my work schedule.  Even with all these lurking thoughts of doubt, there was one thing that remained; the unstoppable daydream of taking the leap to make this big change.  What remained was every time I would hop on Pinterest for a few minutes, half a dozen images similar to the ones in this blog post hit me square in the face.  What remained was that one voice that said "Beth, you can do this." that drowned out all the other voices that were saying "Stay comfortable.  Don't make the change."  

These quotes littered throughout this post are some examples of what I would see time and time again.  These quotes are my example of pizza in the above paragraph.  I knew that I could only ignore them for so long until I had to stop ignoring all the signs and it was time take the hint.

Ya'll know me enough by now to know that I'll have to split this up into like 3 posts with my chronic over thinking/analyzing.  Thoughts and updates to continue in the upcoming days.

*To drive this point home even further, I want to say that I've had 3 pizza related things happen to me / come up in conversation just in the few short hours it's taken me to start writing this post.  It is all very Law of Attraction of you, Universe.