Wednesday, April 16, 2014

reminiscing :: leap of faith.

Exactly a year ago today we loaded 5 rubbermaid bins into Hunter's truck (3 full of camping supplies and only 2 of our clothes + quilts + necessary kitchen appliances.  Classic Madfield.), 3 bikes and a set of luggage and shipped off for Bremerton.  I am feeling a twinge of excitement and adventure today reminiscing about it all.  My heart is feeling so, so many things.  It is feeling pride in remembering the hardships that were faced, the risks we took, the friendships we made & the hundreds of thousands of memories that we created.  It is also feeling comfort and ease looking around at the life we have built for ourselves here in Steamboat.  A life of simple pleasures, an abundance of friends and family, a really fantastic daily routine mixed with weekend and evening adventures.  I can easily and without a moment's hesitation say that I am not the same person I was 52 weeks ago and that I love the person that our little leap of faith has lead me to be.  I love the bond that was strengthened between Hunter and I.

::photo of us on our trip from co to wa taken from my instagram account::

Today I am celebrating risk, love, growth and adventure.  Join me?
Cheers, friends!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Drafts + dust be gone!

My poor little neglected blog.  I have a dozen+ blogs in draft form yet haven't found the time or energy to finish + post them all.  I've been thinking about what I can do to get excited about blogging again.  I've fallen behind on sharing so many trips/stories/memories/events that it is downright daunting to think about catching up with them all.  But is that even the point of a blog?  To generate your own guilt over not sharing your own experiences + thoughts?  I don't think so, either.  I could bust out a few of the usual blog suspects of "currently" posts or recent instagram photo posts to get back into the swing of things, but I just don't know if I'm digging that too much right now.  One of my favorite bloggers/instagrammers/people on this here interweb recently picked up her blogging groove again and she's inspired me to dust off my keyboard and get back to it, too.  Thank you, Anna!  So though I don't have a lot to say right meow, I'm hoping to have a lot to say in the near future.

Here are a few photos taken in the recent weeks + months that mean so darn much to me.

Can you even stand how cute those pigtails are in skis at 9pm while playing with a set of tools?!

Talk to you soon, friends.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Heart :: Happy Day!

Today is a day for kindness.  For extra smiles.  For memories that will forever keep me warm.  Today is a day for reaching out to each and everyone whom you love the mostest and reminding them that you love them the mostest.  Today is a day for simple pleasures.  A day for happiness.  It is a day for family.  For love.  For celebrating my sister.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Katie!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Go Outside.

We met our dearest friends, Ryan and Lindsay, in Grand Targhee over the weekend.  It was everything my heart needed and more.  The drive wasn't the best.  The weather wasn't the best.  But the company and the memories more than made up for those shortcomings.  I'll share more stories + photos soon, but I was reflecting on a few of my favorite moments from the ski trip just this morning and I had to put a teeny slice of the weekend on the blog.

In this photo, we were doing the JT$.  Obvi.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last night felt like New Years.

Steamboat hosted the 101st Winter Carnival festivities this weekend.  When I was leaving work on Friday, my boss said "You really should try and make time for a few of the events this weekend.  It will make you so proud to live here."  

Nearly a dozen of Hunter's best friends and their wives, girlfriends and children were in town and it created the perfect love child for an impromptu reunion.  A few of them rented an incredibly amazing condo downtown on the river and hosted quite the soiree.  There had to have been close to 50 people who came and went all night long.  The drinks were flowing, food was abundant, Olympics were being played, fire was roaring and for close to an hour we huddled together on the large balcony in the soft snowfall for a front row view of the night show the city put on.  There was the "lighted man" who skied down a few times with a backpack filled with fireworks, kids skiing down in patterns with flashlights of sorts, men skiing down pulling toboggans that had fireworks going off and at the end was quite the fireworks show with the grand finale of the biggest firework in the United States that shot up a mile high.  It was extra special as we had spent the afternoon at a really beautiful funeral/service for one of Hunter's best friend's grandfather.  Bill was quite present in the community and the family got to go and sign the finale firework as the fireworks show was dedicated to his memory.

Between the fireworks show, the beautiful condo where we spent the evening and seeing friends we hadn't seen in over a year + meeting so many new people it really felt like New Years to me.  New Years, or maybe a groom's dinner before a wedding?  I can't quite put my finger on what it felt like exactly, it but it was such a beautiful celebration of friendship and loved ones who aren't with us anymore.  As the evening ticked on, we left and met up at a bar nearby.  I broke away for a bit to meet some of my work friends who were out and about, and eventually ended up back with Hunt and the gang.  I woke up this morning { with a screaming headache, but also } with so much pride.  Pride to have Hunter at my side.  Pride to get to know so many of the friendships who pieced him to be the man he is now.  Pride in the community for pulling off an incredible weekend.  Pride in myself for moving to yet another brand spankin' new-to-me city and adjusting and creating quite the wonderful support circle.

Oddly enough I didn't take any photos throughout the night which was really quite fitting as I was too in the moment to think about creative the perfect Instagram collage.  Even though I don't have any softly edited and laid out photos to accompany this blog post, I really wanted to write about it.  I know it will be a night I will look back on for years and years and reflect on how much fun this life is.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Small towns are my jam.

It took me living in a small town to moving to a big big town to moving to a ittybittyteenytiny town, back to a small town then again to a big town for a minute and a half and finally settling back in a small town to realize that small towns are my jam.  They just are.  For many big reasons but mostly small reasons.  Here are a few doh! moments I've had since moving to Steamboat.

There is a small organic market downtown, a Vitamin Cottage downtown and a Safeway + Wallgreens "across town".  I often find myself making plans to visit Safeway + Wallgreens really only once a week, if not once every two weeks because I want to avoid driving "across town".  Now when I say across town, what I really mean is that it isn't within the 5 block long, 2 block deep radius of the main drag I'm used to frequenting.  Safeway is probably a 6 minute drive from Vitamin Cottage, but I can't help but bitch and moan whenever I realize I have to go to that side of town.  The horror!!!

After starting at work here in Steamboat I was trying to explain to Hunter why I hated going home for lunches.  You spend half your lunch break driving to and from work so you really only get about 10-15 minutes to fix lunch, sit and enjoy it before you have to clean up your dishes, brush your teeth and get back in the car to drive 20+ minutes back to work.  You spend the entire break in your car!!! takes me 6 minutes flat to get to/from work and home.

Last week, I needed to run an errand at my bank on my lunch break.  Per my description above, I've figured out how I can squeeze every second out of my lunch break relaxing at home and leaving exactly 6 minutes for my commute back to work.  Well this particular day, I had forgotten I absolutely had to get to the bank on my lunch break and as I was driving back making the 2nd turn of my commute to get to work it hits me I didn't get to the bank, nor did I account for the time it would take getting me to the bank/run my errand/back to work.  The thoughts in my head were racing of Well I really can't skip this errand, so I'll just be late for work, so I guess I can stay an extra 10-15 minutes tonight after work to make up for the time it'll take me to get to the bank, run my errand and drive back to work.  Yes ok.  That is what I'll do.  Go to the bank and just work late.  I pull up to the light, turn my head left and realized that my bank was quite literally one block away from where I was vs the treck across town to get to the bank, then the treck back to work that I was used to.  I ran my errand and still got to work with a few minutes to spare on my lunch break.

This!  This is my backyard.  My beautiful, uninterrupted, always quiet and forever serene backyard.

TGIF, sweet friends!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

twenty fourteen :: february

During February, I will be more disciplined with my money.  I will be more disciplined with my workouts.  I will be more disciplined with my thoughts { good and bad }.  I will be more disciplined with my words. I will be more disciplined with my sleep.  I will be more disciplined with my work.  I will be more disciplined with my diet.

The above photo was taking during the summer where I challenged myself to a TED Talk 30 Day Challenge.  Everyday, for 30 days, I worked out.  I was just coming off of a pretty nasty knee(s) injury and I was itching for a routine again.  I took a photo of each of my workouts, in some capacity, for 30 days intending to blog the whole experience.  { Per usual, especially as of lately } I was too busy enjoying life than blogging about life and it didn't make the blog, so I felt using this photo was awfully fitting.

Lezzzzzdo'dis February.