Monday, October 20, 2014

We made it!

Amazingly enough, it really only took about an hour and some change to move from Bob's house to our new house.  I can thank the fact that we only moved about 6 blocks and how over the past 3 years we are constantly donating/purging/downsizing our things so we really didn't have that much to move.  At one point I was so bold to even call us minimalists, but Hunter shot back "Do minimalists have 2 yoga mats???" Touché.  But (!!) minimalists or not, we are in our new house, about 90% unpacked and happier than a pig in shit.  We were crazy enough to host Hunter's dad and our friend Judy over for the Broncos game last night { #PFM! #510 } and found time to cook up a bunch of yummy finger foods for the game.  It was what I called a "low sodium" meal strictly because we realized halfway into cooking that we don't own any salt.  Ha!  Moving problems.  A grocery store trip is seriously in order at some point today.  

Give a ring if you want to come to our cozy cabin on the creek!  I'll keep a beer cold for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Our move to Steamboat last December was completely unplanned and was a very quick decision.  Home rentals in Steamboat are hard to come by as it is, but moving to a ski town in the middle of the winter did not lend itself to a reasonably priced house in a good location.  We did get incredibly lucky though, as Hunter's dad lives in Steamboat and he took us in { to stay in the apartment they have built over the garage } with no questions asked. We've been living with him since and though we have our own entrance, small kitchen and bathroom with quite a bit of privacy, at the end of the day all our stuff was in storage { for 2+ years!!!! } and we were living studio apartment at Hunter's dad's house.  I will be forever grateful to Bob for taking us in as he did and being so amazing about it all, but at risk of overextending our stay....we need to find our own place.


Seeing how we had an amazing place to live in a prime { quiet! } location, we had the luxury to be incredibly picky about looking for a rental.  The town of Steamboat is very split from downtown living and mountain living.  Finding a condo up at the mountain to rent was no problemo at all, however we had zero interest in living up in Condo Land with all of the tourists who pour into town every week/weekend in the summer, fall and winter months.  We mentally mapped out where downtown we would be willing to to live and man oh man oh man there are/were no available houses to rent!  We would check Craigslist daily to see what new units came on the market and even with my inside scoop at the newspaper and getting tipped off with rentals before they hit the newspaper, we had little to no leads.  I would call the number listed BEFORE it was printed in the newspaper and they would already have the unit rented out.  I can't express how frustrating the whole process was and how helpless it made me feel.  I started out so hopeful but after failed call after failed call and from being disappointed by what little units we did view... it seriously felt like we'd never move out of Bob's house.


I always have fun coming up with names for my Pinterest boards but struggled constantly with what to name my home inspiration board.  Should I do a play on words with Home?  A popular song lyric?  Popular quote?  I landed on //Soon as I was trying to be incredibly mindful with the energy I was putting out in the world and I thought "Heck, if I label it Soon we have to find a home SOON, right?!" Well, turns out with most things in life, all good things take time.  I remember browsing Pinterest and wanting to pin things to this board and cursing with tears in my eyes the name of it.  I know this all sounds incredibly dramatic for a simple Pinterest board, but I was mindful with what I had named it and I wanted the name to prove to be right!  There were so many times I went to go rename it and had in typed in some overused like //Home is Where the Heart is but always deleted it and always stayed with //Soon.  Soon. Soon.  We had to have a place to call our own soon, right!  I would then drive myself crazy by adding up the months since Hunter and I have lived together that we had lived with his family versus living on our own.  I won't get all crazy and share those numbers - but I will tell you that I was desperate to find something.........anything!...but it had to be perfect.  Yes I'm as incredibly difficult in real life as it sounds.


We got dangerously close to renting a house that was bigger than we had needed and in a location we didn't love, but it was the only somewhat normal thing that had presented itself to us in 10 months of looking.  We really struggled with deciding to take it or not and at the end of the day we decided to pass on it.  I obsessed over that decision for far too long { shocking! }, but I had to trust our instinct and know that it wasn't right for us.


The good thing I've learned about renting in a small town is that if you plant the seed with the right people, something will present itself to you.  Something that makes you want to scream YES, WE'LL TAKE IT! the second you walk into the front door and never look back.  I am so excited to finally be able to say we've found a fantastic house, in our ideal location, in an ideal size and in our price range!  We move in this weekend and words can't express how thrilled I am.  I am so excited for this little quirky cabin to call ours for a few months, host friends over for football or a wine night.  The ability to get up on the weekends with the freedom to walk around with no bra on { oh, come on - we all do it! } and not worry about who might walk in.  I am also just so excited to continue this adventure with a man I feel so incredibly lucky to call mine.  Now, to find a new name for my Home Pinterest board...


Thursday, October 9, 2014

one thousand and ninety five.


He'll only use Burt's Bees.  She loves Chapstick.
He loves Ranch with his chicken wings.  She loves Blue Cheese.
He relaxes with music playing always.  She cherishes moments of silence.
He loves Sriracha for his added spice.  She swears by Franks Red Hot.
He takes his Coconut Water with Lime.  She takes hers straight up.
He'd rather a green smoothie for breakfast.  She prefers a green juice.
He has warm legs.  She has freezing feet.
He watches ESPN.  She, reruns of Friends/Will and Grace.


We both love drinking IPA, doing any and everything outside, Game of Thrones, spicy pho, the Denver Broncos, biking, homemade bread, homemade beer, making homemade bread + beer, his niece and nephew, early bedtimes, hot tea, Scrabble, hot chicken wings, not lighting camp fires,  each other.


I can't believe how fast this past year has gone.  We've accomplished such big and little successes both as a couple and individually.  I am proud to be his and I am so proud he is mine.  Thank you for another three hundred sixty five days, babe.  You are such a dreamy boyfriend.  Happy 3 years!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

i made this :: very veggie chili!

Homemade chili is one of my most favorite foods in all the land.  My mom's homemade chili is a meal I could eat day after day (after day after day) and never tire of it.  When I received an email at work last week announcing a chili party/competition - I knew I had to jump on board and participate.  I have hosted my fair share of craft parties/fall dinners/football parties and served my homemade chili...always with great success + chili feedback.  Soooo I will say I feel quite confident in my chili making ability.   The only catch with this competition would be serving an all veggie meatless chili to an office of all meat eaters.  Challenge accepted!

Typically when I go to make chili, I throw in whatever veggies I have in the fridge, a few cans of beans + tomatoes and my fair share of spices.  This time I opted for following an actual recipe, though one I've never made before.  I knew that I could control the spices/flavor with a few tricks up my sleeve so I decided to go for Kris Car's Crazy Sexy Bean Chili, which I renamed, Very Veggie Chili for the competition.  My only alterations to the recipe was additional potatoes for bulk, adding in a red pepper, using Meatless Crumbles instead of seitan like the recipe calls for and at the end adding in an extra can of tomatoes to fill out the crock pot that I transported my chili to work in.  I also, quite reluctantly, deseeded the jalapeño.  Hunter and I like our food hot, hot, hot - but I didn't want to scare away any of my coworkers with the type of heat in a meal that we prefer.  ( Though I will say, some time in the crock pot really did bring out the heat in the pepper so I kind of got my way after all.  Ha! )

We had 6 total entries for the competition.  A elk chili, a chicken chili, a rabbit chili, a beef chili, a combination of elk, bacon and bison chili and my very veggie chili.  Once the competition started, I was most thrilled to see people diving into a chili labeled "Very Veggie" and didn't abandon it and turn to the always popular green chicken chili.  

When it came time to announce the winners I wasn't all too surprised that the said always popular green chicken chili got first place, but I was shocked and humbled to hear that my Very Veggie got 2nd place!(!!!!)  We were very cautious to keep our entries completely anonymous (though anyone who really knows me wasn't the least bit surprised that one was mine).  

As silly as it might sound, I left work that night feeling so encouraged by the whole competition.  I will talk about why begin vegan works for me until I am blue in the face but am never one to push and pressure it on other people (I have a blog post on this that has been in draft form for oh.... 4 months now).  Knowing that my vegan chili was voted 2nd favorite in a sea of all meat chili was a massive success in my book.

So there is my first long winded chili blog entry for the fall season...and I can't promise it will be the last.  Ha!  Ok - so who is coming over for chili and football soon?!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Being happy makes me happy.

If you have a case of the Mondays, if deep down you are wishing you could rewind time 12 months and soak up the foggy + rainy mornings with your best friend.  If you wish it was possible to travel the  hundreds of miles to hug the people you know need hugs the most today.  If you long for just one more weekend afternoon spent with your better half + hot cider + miles to drive and hundreds of fall trees to ohh and ahh over.  If you are feeling slightly sad, slightly angry and slightly lost then I hope you enjoy this post with a few of my favorite things.  A few things that help me breathe a sigh of relief and for a split second help me get lost in the calm and ease of the photos.  

Happy Monday, friends.  We've got this.

All images are found on my Being happy makes me happy Pinterest board.  A little place where I collect images that for no good reason make me happy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

i made this :: butternut squash + leek risotto

When it comes time to complete my Door to Door Organics order each week, I have one internet window open with my order, and one internet window open with my Pinterest food board.  Cross referencing the two helps me stay organized comparing what I want to make and what we'll be getting in our organic box that week.  When I saw both butternut squash and leeks pop up on Door to Door, I knew this risotto needed to be made sooner than later.

The dish came together in a cinch and the first step of cooking the butternut squash gave it a nice sweet almost caramelized coating.   I also subbed out the rosemary + sage and used some fresh oregano we'd been growing at the house.   The dish came out especially creamy and paired awesome with a little side salad Hunter threw together while I was getting my arm workout in....I mean stirring the risotto.  I give this recipe 5 stars!

Monday, September 22, 2014

//so summer.

Happy first day of Fall!

While I am welcoming this new beautiful { and not to mention my very favorite! } season with wide open arms, I do want to share a few memories and moments over these past few months that were just so summer to me.  Moments that made me pause, smile and give silent thanks to the constant beauty and love that surrounds my life.  These are the tiniest of moments that would stop me in my tracks and think oh summer - you are so good.

The lightest scent of sunscreen on my still warm from the sun body
Riding home on bikes at night with friends in town.  Looking up to see the crisp black sky littered with stars and my best friend Sara behind me and hearing nothing but her constant giggle
Sitting in the creek that cuts through our backyard still sweaty after biking 7+ miles while snacking on a handful of peanuts,  Hunter at my side and watching the trickling water ripple over my feet
Enjoying a beer in the backyard with a group of friends and seeing a momma and it's baby moose snack on the trees in the field next to our house
Legs dangling off the top of the boat and splashes of water spitting up hitting my toes
Watching the stars in silence on a camping trip with the company of Hunter, Lindsey and a good beer
Reading a good book while laying in the backyard with freshly brewed sun-tea with { you guessed it - the creek again } the trickle of the creek in the background
Losing any and all sense of time while being surrounded with the beauty of Steamboat and showing my best friend Jaime some lesser known Steamboat hiking trails.
Headed down the road in the van, reggae music blasting, windows down and the rush of adventure pulsing through our veins.
Logging hours upon hours of mountain biking throughout the summer

I will be back later this week sharing more specific summer memories + trips + photos but I really wanted to give these tiny little moments their own story on this ol' blog.