Wednesday, October 31, 2012

While we are talking Halloween...

For whatever reason, Halloween was never my favorite.  In fact, I actually really despised it.  Until, I started working at CS.  Where I work, people go nuts for Halloween!  Nuts. The first year and people were brainstorming ideas, I remember being the stick in the mud and refusing to dress up.  I also remember clear as day when my coworker Kate said "What if we were Paper, Rock, Scissor and Goalkeeper?", and it really was that day that I started liking Halloween again.  My goal is always to spend as little money as possible, and get far too comfortable and creative with cardboard and make people actually stop to think what you are.  Below are the string of costumes my department has come up with over the years.

2007 - Paper Rock Scissor Goalkeeper

2008 - Tetris!

one with our lovely gamer. 

2009 - Barbies
we really peaked this year with the barbie boxes and have never really been able to top them

2010 - Cereal Killers

There is a photo with our entire department, but I can't seem to find it right now.  These two will have to suffice until I find those!

2011 - Kinda took a year off.  We were puns, but no one took photos of us because we were that disappointing.
you can barely see my sign that reads "go ceilings!"  Yeah.  I was a ceiling fan.

2012 - Awkward Family Photos!

Oh Comcast Halloweens I will miss you, and not miss you so much all at the same time.

Have a great Halloween fun friends!

Happy Halloween!...

...from our { awkward } Production Family to yours!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Best of both worlds.

Yes, yes I know.  Yet another blog post dragging out, obsessing over talking about the upcoming move and life changes.  I've done it before where I obsess and post nonstop about one subject, and chances are I'll do it again.  What can I say...I'm a sentimental, over-thinking fool.


I actually hate that phrase, but it's so fitting so deal wit it.

I had to go into work a little on Sunday which worked out because I could sneak out early on Friday  for Hunter and I to head up to Snowy.  We had great weather in Denver and all during the drive up to about 15 miles from the ski area until we drove through the biggest patch of fog, and on the other side of the fog wall was windy, overcast and snowy.  And guess what??  I loved it.  Loved it!  It felt like we were in a winter wonderland.  I am a sucker for snow days, blankets and watching the snow fall so I really couldn't have been happier. Once we got up to the ski area, and we had the entireeeeeeeee place to ourselves.  We did what any sane person would do; load up a box with beer, chips and salsa find our way to the bar and sit, talking about the upcoming months, enjoying having a quiet lodge to ourselves, and just generally relaxing.  After Hunter's dad made it up to Snowy, that commenced more beer drinking, planning and eventual migration over to the apartment where dinner was made and the men worked to put together some machines.  The entire weekend was a blur of cooking, laughing, picking out paint colors, reading books, "paying dadoo's" { playing tractors }, drinking Hunter's home brew  the men doing manly duties such as installing a door and finishing building a wall, while I worked on a craft project and caught up with Becky, Hunter's sister in law.  The wind and snow continued the entire weekend, and we countered it by eating hot chili and layering up as much as possible.  Even though we were only there for a few nights, it was such a little sneak peek into what our lives will look like once we move up there for the ski season.  I'm sure I've said it before, but these men pour all their talent, effort and heart into this place and I couldn't be more proud to watch it flourish, and our visions become a reality.  I had to leave early Sunday morning to get back for work, and I was in such denial about saying bye to the little munchkins, and even the big munchkins.  Even though it was tough to leave, I was really excited to get home and say hi to my roomie for a few minutes before heading over to our company tailgate before the Broncos game.  I had the best time setting up with Jaime, eating and drinking with all the 700+ people there, randomly running into 2 different groups of friends that I hadn't seen in years, enjoying goofing off with my other coworkers that were there, eating up all the positive Bronco energy at the game.  Going to Jaime's after the tailgate and ordering in delicious chinese food, while drinking wine and watching the game....but really just chatting and catching up while the game was playing in the background.  The entire day was magical.

Yesterday, I had the best of both worlds.  I had my future life of snow, work, babies and relaxation, and I had my current life of friends, food, plan after plan and memories.  I absolutely can not wait to watch the two merge and evolve into my new normal.  Our weekend to Snowy completely solidified that we made the right decision to move up to Snowy.  I am beyond thrilled for more Charlie post nap cuddle sessions, helping the vision the new look of the bar, cooking for 6 + 2 mini's and watching the snow fall from the cozy living room sofa.  Until then, I'm relishing in my friend date nights, working 9-5, 5 days a week and packed and planned work nights.

After rereading this it sounds like a fake chipper plug for life at a ski area, so I'll end it with saying how overwhelmed I am at how many warm clothes I need to buy, internally struggling with adjusting to living somewhere with absolutely no cell phone reception and though that little Charlie boy is cute as all get out, his screaming and running has no limits.  Think 11:30pm and 6:00am.

That concludes this over thought post about a weekend away.

Friday, October 26, 2012

I want to remember this.

Sneaking out of work 15 minutes early to beat traffic.  Heading to a friend's house and driving on auto pilot.  Walking into a beautiful home of love and warmth.  Spending the evening laughing and catching up with girlfriends.  Drinking, eating and giggling.  Whispering to your best friend "Hey.........think Ryan would want to meet up with us for a drink in 30???"  Sneaking out of the party and again, driving on auto pilot to a favorite sushi bar.  Getting out of your car, and picking up with the same conversation you left off with 20 minutes ago with said best friend.  Snagging three seats in a row at the bar.  Drinking martini's, laughing at past memories and planning future ones.  Having heart to heart conversations as the bar is closing around you and barely even noticing.  Enjoying long goodbyes, and even longer hugs. Jumping into a warm car, and taking the long way home.  Driving down streets that used to be mine, bars that were my favorite hangouts.  Smiling at the hundreds of memories flooding back with each street.  Recognizing that was my life back then, and it was a damn good life.  Watching the snow drift from the sky, catching shimmers of light.  Anticipating getting home and being as quiet as possible as to not wake the licking, jumping, loving beast Wiley and my sleepy roomie.  Tiptoeing from room to room avoiding the creaky boards.  Laying down in bed and recognizing this is my life now, and it is a damn good life.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That time I went from blogging everyday to maybe 2 times a week.


Somehow my blogging funny bone has gone missing.  Or even my blogging drive.  Can't explain why, and really I don't have to.  BAM.

in the last two weeks I've been busy enjoying:
not making plans on weekend mornings and actually cooking breakfasts at home.
hanging out with my roomie, watching our favorite tv shows and painting our nails.
cooking for my most beaut friend, mary.
running, running and more running.
sneaking in as many nights with my hunka hunka burning love as possible.
celebrating haime's birthday!
spending an entire weekend with my pops.
crying uncontrollably for 45 minutes after dropping off my pops at the airport.
laughing at the look on the homeless man's on the corner as he is watching me cry uncontrollably alone in my car.
picking back up my crochet obsession with a goal of finishing my current project by december 14th!
eating the most dreamy avocados my dad brought me from ca.
moseying in and out of antique stores finding awesome STEALS for snowy!
texting at fire fast speeds with my east coast lover, cmie.
dreaming big for the months ahead.
wearing my favorite boots for days on end.
trying to get back into the scary movie trend.
reflecting on the past 5 years nearly daily.
drinking hot tea!
crunching as many leaves as possible.
perfecting the ingredients to the most dreamy salad.
not feeling guilty for not posting daily.
wishing my momma a long distance happy birthday.

There you have it.  See you again soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I don't particularly love Katy Perry, or this song...but I do LOVE this video.

Thank you, Mary for sending it!

Friday, October 19, 2012

...part of yourrrrr worldddd.

I love that this video came across my email the on the Friday before getting to spend the entire weekend with my dad!  This video is so darling, and it reminds me of when my dad would sit through my sister and I playing with and putting about 15 too many clips in his hair.  And ALWAYS making us pancakes or waffles on Sunday mornings.

I am so excited to see my papa I could tinkle.  When I ask him what he wants to do all weekend he replies with "Play cards, go to Bacon Hill and have FUN!"  Which means we'll be eating at Stubens, drinking, playing cards and being merry all.  weekend. long.  And I couldn't be more excited

Happy weekending!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today I'm thankful for freshly brewed and strong coffee right when I stepped foot into work.  Heading out to 16th Street Mall for a lunch with 3 of my favorite coworkers { TGIPuesday! }, running out for a meeting at a local pub with my boss, then a stop for coffee on our walk back to the office.  Meeting a good friend at Riverfront Park for a beautiful and scenic run after work.

All of these things I would have ordinary taken for granted and never thought twice about, but knowing in a few short months time they will a simple memory makes them that much more special to me today.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Today will be a good day, because this morning I was at my friend Deb's computer when she pulled up this email I had sent out THREE years ago TO THE DAY.  It was filled with a plethora of fun, slightly intoxicated photos from a birthday/housewarming party at Jaime and Ryan's house.  Looking through them all gave me the biggest warm fuzzies remembering how much fun we had then 3 years ago, and how we still continue to have that amount of fun now 3 years later.

Cheers to amazing friends!

And my most favorite of the group....

...wait for it......


Thursday, October 11, 2012


::WORKING ON:: My emotions.  It has been very difficult lately staying mentally present in a couple different aspects of life.  It's become a struggle to remain present at work, knowing it's so short term now.  I'm striving to stay present in my friendships and relationships outside of work knowing that in a few months, life will look vastly different than it does now.  So staying present, and remembering to smile throughout it all it is!  : >

::THINKING ABOUT:: Paint samples, antique stores and Etsy, oh my!  I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to spruce up the lobby, lodge and cafeteria up at Snowy { the ski area }.  It has been all consuming and I really couldn't be more excited about it.  Hunter and I decided we want to purchase as many things as possible from Etsy and support smaller, local businesses rather than places like Hobby Lobby and/or larger stores.  To say I'm "THINKING ABOUT" it is maybe an understatement.  It probably should read "OBSESSING OVER".  Haha!

::ANTICIPATING:: A night out with my girls on Friday!  It's the lovely and talented Jaime of South on Broadway's birthday today { HAPPY BIRFDAY HAIME! }, and Ashley, Sara and I are taking her out for drinks and nibbles to our most favorite Root Down to celebrate on Friday.  We are LONG overdue for a night of giggles, making memories, photo snapping and generally making a scene anywhere we go.  When the 4 of us get together, there is not a chance for a sour mood or crabby pants to sneak in. I know it will be so good for the soul in countless ways!

::LISTENING TO:: All things Daily Grace.  As I type this, I'm listening to/snorting while watching to her be a wingwoman, and I will admit to frequenting her YouTube channel a few times a day for a quick pick me up!

::EATING:: I have discovered my most favorite fruit just this past berries!  I have never in all my life even known these things existed, and I was in for the biggest most pleasant surprise when Hunter told me they came in his latest Door to Door Organics box.  They taste exactly like a kiwi without that pesky skin, and are just the teeniest tiniest widdle cutest things ever!  I'm stopping myself.  So yes, I've been eating kiwi berries lately.  Next question.

::THANKFUL FOR::  This beautiful fall day.  As I was driving to work this morning, I was in complete awe of how vibrant the trees look, how perfectly the leaves lie in piles in front yards and the calm, crisp stillness that comes with this season.  I'm reminded why Fall really is my most favorite season!

::PLANNING FOR::  A week full of running, cross training and weights!  Thanks to my girl Amie, I've been keeping on track with a new running schedule { more on that later! }, and it feels so good to be sticking with it.  It takes a lot of preplanning for when to get in my runs and gym time - but it's far and above worth it!

Well, this couldn't be more true.

One of my favorite blogger's How Sweet it Is linked to this list today, and I couldn't help but fondly think back to when I lived alone and laughed out loud at far too many of these:

32 Embarrassing Things You’ll Do When You Live Alone 

1. Watching terrible TV shows at top volume while you get unreasonably emotionally invested in what is going on. “Say yes to the dress!! SAY YES TO IT, BITCH.”
2. Cooking in your kitchen naked, which seems like an awesome idea until you realize how often you come in contact with scalding hot things during the cooking process.
3. Proceeding to eat whatever you made naked while sitting at your table.
4. Realizing how many meals can be successfully eaten in bed, and not considering the repercussions until you are literally sleeping on a pile of crumbs.
5. Grabbing things with your toes and transferring them to your hands instead of bending down to pick them up.
6. Having brief existential crises over how lazy one person can actually get, because it seems like the toe-grabbing thing must be near the top of that category.
7. Conducting interviews with yourself out loud, giving extremely humblebraggy answers, in preparation for the inevitable moment when you become an enormous celebrity/icon/hero.
8. Eating gross-yet-delicious food combinations that are an affront to civilized society. (If you’re here to judge me about my love of Hot Fries dipped in hummus, you can just leave right now.)
9. Beyond just singing in the shower, conducting full-scale operas while washing up with multiple voices, rich instrumentals, and out-of-nowhere guitar solos.
10. Dancing seductively in front of the mirror at length and marveling about how eminently bangable you are.
11. Standing directly in front of the refrigerator and eating out of it, as plates and cutlery are for people with way too much time on their hands.
12. Crying for basically no other reason than it feels really sweet to cry, or maybe you saw something really moving and emotional and profound, like a Snuggle commercial.
13. Getting drunk by yourself whilst browsing the internet and laughing maniacally at your computer screen.
14. Drunk solo photoboothing!
15. Rearranging things in your apartment because you feel that you could always have things placed in a slightly more sensical order, even though it always winds up looking exactly the same.
16. Allowing your eating schedule to become so backwards as to border on the surreal. “Oh, it’s 2:30 AM, time for breakfast! I don’t want to miss the lunch hour at 10 AM, followed by a snack-dinner that stretches on for two hours in the late afternoon.”
17. Eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting and not even giving a fuck.
18. Realizing the amount of activities that are made infinitely more enjoyable by being performed naked.
19. Starting to lose all sense of propriety with regards to what your neighbors might be able to see through your window.
20. Developing a special, almost spiritual relationship with the various delivery guys.
21. Thinking about how badly you want a pet, because at least having another living thing around to keep you company would somewhat delay the spiral into absolute insanity.
22. Killing plants.
23. Remaining in the same pajamas for such an extended period of time that you think the fabric might actually be adhering permanently to your skin.
24. Becoming extremely good at impromptu plates/bowls/utensils in case of laziness re: washing dishes. Eating cereal out of a tupperware bin with a ladle is more than acceptable now and again.
25. Getting into bouts of cleaning/organizing that seem to put into question your mental health.
26. Having to answer the door when you are in full “hermit” mode and have therefore not seen the business end of a brush or clean shirt in a few days.
27. Listening to music that even a 13-year-old scene girl would be embarrassed to admit to.
28. Choreographing dances to said music that you do repeatedly in front of your mirror until you briefly convince yourself that you could join the Russian Ballet if you put in a little effort.
29. Making a space on your bed all nice and comfy for your laptop and cuddling with it from time to time.
30. Constantly thinking of all the magical things you could do with this space you have all to yourself, including painting an accent wall, none of which you ever do.
31. Air-drying after a shockingly high percentage of showers.
32. Feeling sincerely afraid from time to time that you’ll never be able to live with another person again, because who would ever want to give up the immense liberation of being the creepy half-human, half-animal that you get to be when you live alone?

I will openly admit to relating to so, so many of these { i.e. 1, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 23, 27, 29, & 30 }, deny it, but actually relate to some { 2-4 }, and also relating to some more than I would even want to admit to even myself { 8, 19 & 26 }.  

I remember once being in such a hermit, un-showered and flu stricken mode when my landlord tried calling and was knocking at my door.  MY LANDLORD, who could see my car parked in front, hear my tv on and see the lights on in my apartment, yet I was so disturbed with myself and my filth, that I quietly waked to the bathroom and turned on my shower, to appear I was in the shower when he called/knocked.  Mind you, I didn't actually shower, just sat in the bathroom with the water running.  Awww...Sara is a lucky, lucky lady to get to live with me for a few short months.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If I could, I would:

stay in pajamas all day long, drinking hot tea cuddled in a blanket and work until sundown on freelance.

call my sister and beg her to whip up a batch of her minestrone soup for me.  My #1 all time favorite { I'm talking person and soup }.

clean the house from top to bottom, so it smelled of Windex, and all the yummy candles I'd light during the process.

soak in a hot tub for hours on end.

read 1 of the 9 books I have on my nightstand.

watch a Chopped marathon.

have this cooking away in the oven.

give myself a mani/pedi.

sit in an office chair for 8 hours straight sending emails.

Wait a second.
One of these things is not like the other....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

three hundred and sixty five.

three hundred and sixty five days ago today, i laid eyes on my love for the very first time.  i remember that day like it was yesterday.  i watched "i know what you did last summer" early in the morning while laying in a heap of blankets and pillows while drinking my coffee and eating leftover witches hat's from the night before when i had my closest girlfriends over for a diy halloween lantern night.  i remember getting dressed, excited i could wear my favorite brown jacket for the first time that season.  i remember parking at work for a broncos tailgate, which our company throws before every home broncos game.  i remember texting amie, our matchmaker, all morning and her being so excited we were going to finally meet.  i remember talking to jaime's husband ryan in the corner of the tailgate when i saw hunter walk in.  even before he text "we made it here!", i already knew it was him.  i remember not wanting to walk up to him right away in an attempt to not seem over excited.  i remember the brown north face pullover he was wearing.  i remember how he drank one beer, but mostly water.  i remember taking a picture with him and texting it to amie, and her response of "OMGGGGasldfkjalkeruwoeiru!!!eqwlsdfkjlakkfdjalskdjfa@#@!!!!!!@$#%^^$@$$%jdsf!!!!!!!"
{ which in beth and amie talk means something really, really, good }  i remember being so sad when him and his friend mark had to leave for the broncos game, but i too remember being so excited when he asked if i wanted to hang out after the game.

i also remember being so excited for the three hundred and sixty five days following 10/9/11, when he's asked me to hang out since.

had i known how my life would have changed a year ago today, i would have probably spent more time on my hair, and less time drinking between the tailgate and after the game.  i would have probably ate about 10 breath mints on my drive to the tailgate, and spritzed myself with my good luck perfume.  i would have probably sharpened up on my broncos trivia to try and impress you.  
but i didn't, and the best part about showing up with dirty hair, sunglasses and a vague idea of what the broncos starting line up looked like is that is me, and you have never asked for anything more, or anything less.  you have filled my life with love, adventure, motivation, spontaneity, memories and laughter that even in my wildest daydreams did i never believe could come true.  i strive to be the best version of myself because of you.  and you know what?  if i fail at that 3mi run?  or slip up on my finances?  or eat some chicken wings and blow my diet?  you love me all the same.  

i live for our cuddle sessions.  
i adore how kind you are to every single person you come into contact with. 
i could never get sick of hearing about your camping trips growing up.
i melt when you sing goofy country songs to me on our car rides.
i admire your strength more than i could ever possibly tell you.
i love how much you love snow.
i smile every night when your toes wiggle as you are falling asleep.
your laughter can, has and will continue to turn any of my frowns upside down.

when my mom asked amie if she intended us meeting up to be a set up, she said 
"i knew they'd get along, but i had no idea they would fall in love!"

not only did i fall in love, but i gained a best friend, cooking partner in crime and my #1 main squeeze.
thank you for continuing to sweep me off my feet each and every single time i see you.
thank you for loving me on my worst of whinnypitypartycranky days.
above all thank you for being you.  your wonderfully handsome, smart, strong, sexy and wise you.
i love you.  i love you.  i love you.


Monday, October 8, 2012

What are you having for dinner tonight?!

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekend was packed with perusing in and out of antique stores, knee high socks, beer, lots of laughter, long runs in the brisk fall air, football game after football game and some pretty primo cuddling.  I know mine was.

Tonight, the beer-master { him }, and the beer-master's assistant { me } will be working on a new holiday home brew!  Think ginger, orange peel, star anise and hops.  I can't. wait. to try it!............ in just a few short months.  It's always a challenge to decide on dinner whilst brewing because the kitchen ends up being 99.9999% consumed with beer goodies.  Since we ate out all weekend, I'm challenging myself to making a strictly grilled vegan meal, and here is what I think it'll look like.

A mix between this + this will go down without question, but I'm also thinking maybe some sort of grilled tofu, or possibly grilled portobello mushrooms?  Maybe even a grilled flatbread if I'm feeling really ambitious?

I can't help but drool over what we'll have for dinner at yes, 10am.  It's normal right?  Lie to me, will ya.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I suck at posting on the weekends.


So here is a little diddy to say hi.  How'z the weekend?  Good?  Good!  I'm off to run in the fall chill, then an afternoon of beer, wings and football with my main squeeze.


Friday, October 5, 2012


I hope your Friday has had no pencils out of place, zero upside down Ketchup labels, and most importantly no time left on the microwave.

Cheers to the weekend friends and family!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

five years.

::blockbuster crew!::
This past July marked my fifth year of living in Denver.  Whenever people ask me why I decided to move to Denver, I really have no answer.  I was 21, and was relatively speaking, perfectly happy in North Dakota.  I lived with my sister; my very very veryveryvery best friend.  I had a job which wasn't my most favorite, but my coworkers were rock-stars and kept me coming back day after day.  I was physically { and emotionally } close to my family both in Fargo or a quick 4 hour drive to my hometown.  I had gained an incredible circle of friends from different jobs I'd had in the 4'ish years I lived in Fargo.  Not to say my life there wasn't enough, but it wasn't fulfilling for me.  It wasn't challenging.  I knew which days friends would be at a certain restaurant, because they always went on Tuesdays.  I knew the schedule of all my old Blockbuster friends { and when to go in for free rentals! }.  I knew who was working at my favorite coffee spot based off which cars were parked outside.  Typing this out now actually sounds quite comforting and rather nice...but not to a 21 year old.  And especially not to a 21 year old graphic designer who when she told people in North Dakota what she did for work they responded with " work with computers?"  Needless to say the room for growth in my field at the time was slim to none.

::feb 07::
I had visited my aunt in Denver February of 2007 and she could see it on my face how unhappy and filled with discontent I was.  During my trip she says to me "Come and live in my basement until you find a job and get your feet off the ground.  Craig { her brother, my uncle } did it for me, let me do it for you."  After she opened her door to me, I basically had my mind made up right then and there that I would take her up on it.  That July, I packed up life as I knew it into my Honda Accord and moved to Denver.  If it didn't fit in the car, it didn't come.  The days leading up to July 5th were rough.  Dozens of tears were shed saying goodbye to my friends, hundreds of tears were shed saying goodbye to my family and thousands of tears were shed saying goodbye to my sister. Looking back on the move, it's insane to me to think how quickly I made a life changing decision just like that ::snap!:: when now, I agonize { and admittedly over-analyze } over if I should pick up dinner, or cook in.  I remember the drive from Dickinson, my hometown, to Denver like it was yesterday.  I had my mom with me, and I was absolutely elated that we had room to fit both of my plants into the car when NOONE believed I could.  It's amazing to me that was my biggest worry then.  So, 10 hours later, we get to Denver.  Mom flies out the following week...aaaaaaand there I was.  My aunt would leave for work every morning, so it was just me and her 8 month old golden retriever for 9 hours a day.  We walked.  We talked { judge me for holding conversations with a dog and see what happens }.  I looked for jobs online and would have interviews weekly.  Some productive, other destructive.  Ultimately, and thankfully, I ended up getting a job with the same company, and at the same office that my aunt worked.

I couldn't have seen it then, but I can see it clear as day now....I had NO idea what I was getting into at the time.  "Graphic Designer?  Productive Department?  Sureeeeeeeee....I can do that!"  There was a few months of growing pains to understand my position, and truthfully I still feel those growing pains 5 years later...and though my experience with the company has been far from perfection, it has been productive and truthfully that's all that matters.  I won't dig too deep into the growth I've gained from my job right now, rather save that for a later post.

After 6mo of living with my aunt, I jumped out on my own moving in with a high school girlfriend smack dab downtown Denver.  Looking back on those months I can't help but laugh.  I thought I had all figured out.  I really thought I had the world at my fingertips.  And you know what?  Maybe I did.  But looking back now I see a lot of mistakes and poor judgement.  Though, I also see a lot of laughs, trips, memories and life-long friendships made, and if you ask me the latter of those two really is the most important.  Reflecting on all the different moves, friendships and relationships I've had in Colorado produces the perfect love child of dizziness and happiness for me.  My minutes, days, months and years spent living in Colorado is utterly priceless.

::small collection of my most favorite CO memories::
I vividly remember on that trip to Colorado back in February of 2007, driving to meet the gay group at Benny's { such a foreshadowing of my future life it's not even funny! }.  I remember sitting in the back of Jen's car, driving in the snow/rain down a 1-way street and seeing this ultra chic woman walking down the sidewalk, up the stairs and into her brick apartment building.  Though I can't fathom thinking like this now, I remember thinking "I want to be her.  I want that life."  I longed for that independent lifestyle, living in a historic apartment building, living alone while being surrounded by only people and things I choose.  And you know what?  It wasn't until I was running through the rain and up the stairs to my last apartment on the corner of that very same 1-way street did I remember that memory.  And I remembered it fondly.  In a way it solidified what I had come to Denver to do.  What I had set out to do, which was find myself.

I've lived Colorado, I've breathed Colorado and I've loved Colorado.  And now it's time for me to leave Colorado.

This post is lengthy, per usual - but there was zero way for me to talk about this experience in one or two simple sentences.  We all know that I've lost my job, and we all know that I've fallen head over heels in love.  So what does one do unemployed and in love?  You move.  Doy.    Our plans are a little hazy right now, and will solidify more as the weeks pass and we have a better idea of when exactly I'll be done with work.  Don't hold me to this, but the plan as of now is once I'm done with work, and Hunter is done with his current contract at work we will pack up and help his family out at the ski area for a few months. { his family manages a ski area in southern Wyoming, and we are elated to get to live there for a few months and offer our help and assistance while getting to hang out with his fam dam! }  There are some plans in store for the ski area, but yet again, that I'll save for another day.  After we have our bearings, the plan move and explore around the US for a while!  Hunter is a traveling nurse, which essentially means we pick the state and find a job that is available in his field IN that state, then move to whichever city has the opening.  We have a few cities/states picked out but it really depends on which month we decide to take off.

I'm sure it sounds crazy now, but I do remember driving into Denver, and actually remember exactly where I was when I had the thought of "Five years.  I bet I will be in Denver for five years."  It wasn't a goal, it wasn't a "In 4.5 years I need to start packing my life up to gear up for my next move!", it really was more just a feeling.  I would think of that feeling every now and again...mostly when I would pack up and move from apartment to apartment.  Some moments when I felt I was really close to moving I would laugh and think "Pschhh 5 years?!  Hardly!  What did I know??" and other moments when I felt 100% fulfilled and content in Denver I would think "Pschhh 5 years?!  ONLY 5 years?  What did I know??"  Who knew then, as a little 21 year old moving to big bad Denver, that my feeling would be spot on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things that make you go haha.

My girlfriend Kate  passed along a new website for me today { I Waste So Much Time }, and it was far more entertaining than I could have ever expected.  Here are a few of my favorite, but believe you me that I had to limit myself to posting just 10!

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Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy Monday to all you fancy faces.  My morning has already been stuffed full of puppy kisses, delicious green smoothies, friendly waving construction workers, cheersing my favorites with our coffee/tea mugs in the kitchen and a tan boss who just returned from Mexico.  There was no hiding I had a crap day last Monday { sorry, Jaime! } so I took all the necessary steps I could think of to avoid having another case of the Monday's, and had a mighty fine pep talk with myself this morning { not totally unlike this }.

What did all you peeps do this weekend?  My grandma from North Dakota was in town, so we did plenty of card playing, cooking, wine drinking and a little bit of farmers markets, walks and crossword puzzles in between.

It was beautiful.  Cheers to a fun, memorable and fast week!!!