Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Rambles.

I thought about writing a Sweet Season post, but didn't look forward to getting halfway through, running out of things to say and abandoning it.  I  also thought about writing a Currently post but, didn't look forward to getting half way through, running out of things to say and abandoning it.  So instead?  I ramble.  Lucky youuuuu!

I'm trying out a new coffee shop in our neighborhood, Tenn Street Coffee.  I've got a piping hot cup of tea next to me and am wondering if the shelfs after shelfs of books are for check out?  Borrow?  Purchase?  Visual stimulation?  All of the above?  We spent the past weekend in Denver enjoying seeing old friends, new brunch places, feeling back at home at big tailgates, and soaking up the deliciously warm fall weather.  We had a 24 hour trip up to Snowy so Hunter could brew some brew and I could wrap up a few projects I had started.  We got back to Denver last night and ran straight to Root Down for a scrumptious dinner with Hunter's dad!  There are a dozen reasons why it's one of my favorite restaurants in Denver, but they point back to so many fun happy hours/dinners/brunches with so many fun friends over so many fun years.  I was thrilled at the chance to share it with two people who had never been there before!  This morning I busted out 3 miles....not the best and not the worst run I had ever had, but the temps were high and that is what kept my spirits up until the end.

I've been thinking a lot about the past, present and future.  Thinking back to so many situations that directed me right here.  Right now.  With Hunter.  Happy as a clam at high tide.  Slightly unemployed, slightly thriving with freelance work.  It's always a trip seeing people you worked with in a big time corporate setting for 5+ years.  I am a firm believer in the phrase "Different strokes for different folks" and while I understand that disciplined 9a-5p setting works for most...lots in fact!  it's just so blazingly clear to me that it just isn't my cup of tea.  I'll take a morning filled with blue skies, enjoying a post run banana on the porch with the pooch, whipping up a few green smoothies + a salad + QT time with that boyfriend of mine and enjoying my own cup of tea on my own terms.

Good lord that was corny.

But true!

I leave on Monday for a week in California and couldn't be more excited.  I truly think my mom takes some sort of hosting holiday crack pill because that woman does not miss a beat when it comes to providing a warm, friendly and delicious holiday week.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also thrilled about early afternoons spent playing cards at the wineries, but I'm equally thrilled to enjoy earlier mornings helping my mom get all the food prepared, tables set and drinks poured.

I'll miss the opening weekend of Snowy Range's ski season as they open the day after Thanksgiving, but I'm just not ready to give up the holiday's with my family yet.  My loud, insane, hilariously beautiful family.

I thought about including some photos I've snapped recently but I'm keeping with the theme of random. NOT including photos in a post is extremely random, so there you have it.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I need a life.

Because I can not stop laughing at this.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Wonderful.

Long drives, overnight shifts, speed dating in the form of catching up with friends, giggles beyond belief with Charlie and Chloe, 100% living out of a suitcase, fulfillment in the form of aggressive hugs and walks down memory lane.  This is what life is made up of right now.

It is beyond entertaining to attempt and explain to friends what our plans for this winter are.  We have a few balls up in the air right now and really have to take our schedules week by week.  Allow me to entertain you a bit with what our schedules have been made up of the past month or so.

Ball in the Air #1
We will be back up at Snowy Range Ski Area to work through the winter.  I'm able to tag team with the Main Marketing Man { unofficial official title } and work hand in hand with him on all things design/marketing.  In addition to helping out with day to day plowing/working in the snow cat/misc jobs,  Hunter has worked so immensely hard to open up a brewery at the Ski Area!  Snowy Range Brewery, or as I like to call it his dirty little mistress, officially opened up mid-season last year.  I don't think any of us, as a matter of fact I KNOW that none of us were prepared for the success and positive response to his brewery.  The first time we put a keg on to sell it was gone in 45 minutes.  The weekend we'd put another one out for sale?  Gone in an hour 15.  You guys, this beer was flying out of the keg.  It was so encouraging seeing people so enthusiastic about the brew, but at the same time it was like OHMOTHEROFPEARLWEARERUNNINGOUTOFBEERTOSELLANDWEARERUNNINGOUTOFITFASSSSST.  Solution?  More than double our brew capabilities.  Simple.  ; )  He's started brewing the beginning of November and the goal really is to get AS much beer in kegs as possible before the ski area opens the day after Thanksgiving.  We have about 7 beer recipes down, and are looking to add a few more this season!

Ball in the Air #2
Hunter accepted a job at a hospital in Denver that will put him {us?} there at least 3 nights a week.  We are still figuring out if it makes most sense for me to come down to Denver with him, or stay up at Snowy/Steamboat while he's working.  We were lucky enough to be warmly welcomed back by Sara, who we lived part time with last winter in Denver, so we are having slumber parties with her the days/nights that we are in Denver.  It's such a blessing because rents in Denver are out-of-control right now and financially and location wise it really is amazing to get to stay with her.  Plus?  Endless entertainment.  She had me almost throwing up with laughter the other night while we were brushing our teeth together.  We were loosely talking finances, and she says to me mid-brush "I'm so sick of not being rich.  If I was rich I'd be like. Here.  Have some chocolate."  Something about the hand gesture she did when announcing people can have the chocolates and the absolute randomness of it was one of the best things that had happened to me in a while.  It reinforces the fact that there really were missing puzzle pieces in my soul when we were in WA.  I'm finding these missing puzzle pieces in afternoon mimosa dates, weekly lunch girly dates, and evening giggle sessions.  Without question I left a very large piece of my heart in Washington, but I'm enjoying piecing together those missing puzzle pieces here in CO/WY.

Ball in the Air #3
Steamboat!  Steamboat is kinda our happy place.  This is where we go to decompress, take all the steam showers, hot tubs, hot springs, juice bars, grilling out time we need.  Before the Denver job came up, we were planning on splitting our time 60/40 to Steamboat/Snowy.  We still want to get here as often as we can slash when our schedules allow.  Because.......well we still like to play around and have fun, and Dreamboat is the place to do just that!

I loved this quote that I saw on Pinterest this morning.  It hit so very close to home because is life perfect right now?  No.  Ideally we'd have our own home.  Ideally we would have a little bit of breathing room between Hunter's shifts/working at Snowy etc.  Ideally we'd have our closest friends AND family a phone call away from an impromptu dinner party.  But is life wonderful?  Man alive.  I not only feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be living this crazy ping-pong life with Hunter, but I feel like we are defining the word wonderful right now.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Instagram Rejects.

I really can't be upset about the 3 hours spent in the car 3-5 time a week when this is what I get to look at.

Anywhere from 3 to 12 to 48 months between seeing these faces together, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

 Heather's husband's hilarious empty-the-liquor-cabinet ways Part 1...

 ...and Part 2!

One last one only b/c I love these girls so very much.  And clearly I have no shame.

Leaves make my heart happy.


My really weird/sad attempt at dressing up as the Evil Witch of Sleeping Beauty for Halloween!

Most people you know splurge on mango juice and cherry tomatoes in the wee hours of a morning accompanied by a hangover, right?

Dreaming big with this hunk!

Hint: I think I'd like the bedroom window to face here.

I mustache you a question.  More like I windmill you a question...

City o City....I can't quit you.

I had to get my eyes dilated on Thursday and had to rock these shades.  Wiley was feeling left out.

I made an epic 45oz juice Friday, and these golden beets stole the show!!!

Taking a picture of Sara taking a picture of me { and a painful 5 year old commercial I'm in }


 Denver kinda rocks Part 1...

 ...and Part 2!

Going on a bear hunt!...aka getting antsy//bored while the adults are looking at the house construction.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Remember that time Hunter and I lived oceanside for 7 months?

I do, too.

a.k.a. I'm really missing Bremerton and my Washington Family this week!

Saturday, November 2, 2013