Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crabby? Naw - but it couldn't hurt.

Favorite 5's.
1. My friends.  I know this is vague and covers more than just 5 people - so technically it might be cheating, but truthfully I don't know how I'd survive without my girls.  From opening their home to 6 slightly intoxicated women for Wine Night, to running monotonous errands with me just so I don't decide to have a random breakdown over where I'll put my towels in my new space, to amazing company for amazing brunch and an amazing surprise of picking up the bill.  I just hope I can give back to them as much they have given to me.

2. Old letters, notes and pictures I'm discovering from up to 10 years ago.  They are such a benchmark for me (good and bad) of how far I've come and how times, (haircuts) and people have changed.

3. Goodwill.  They have taken (aka I've dumped) such a huge amount of hand-me-downs for them in the past 72 hours, and there is still quite a bit more to come.

4. The random beer cans, Mikes Hard Lemonade and beer bottles in my fridge.  I can't move just a singular can of Tecate, so someone has to drink it before next Saturday morning, right?!  Right.

5.  Packing tape.  Seriously, what would I, or anyone else moving for that matter do without it?!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

{ Enter clever verb, adjective & noun here. }

Friday night Wine Club + errands and packing for 10 hours + 14 boxes taped up ready for their new home = Beth's brain mush and an incredibly underwhelming blog post.


These photos make me smile way to much not to post.  Anyone need a good packing partner?  Mary comes highly recommended.  Just make sure you have a pile full of donations she can sort though, ice cream to snack on, OnDemand to keep her company and the Wall Street Journal to read (which happened to have an article about GoFar!  Who knew?).

We did pay a visit to The Spot which I will always hold near and dear to my heart.  It has become a staple late night bar for when my parents are in town and held many a Phase 10 tournament for us.  Also the perfect place to walk over to for a good bowl of chili, beer and football game on any given Sunday!  (Whoa - that sounds like the perfect title for a movie.)  Mary and I enjoyed a few salads and some soda water that really helped us power through our packing slows.  (I hope no one believes that is actually what we ordered.)

I'm finding that I am maybe a little more attached to this apartment and neighborhood than I realized because I really can't quit talking, thinking, blogging and dreaming about me closing up shop on 155 S Penn in just a little shy of a week.  So if you are over reading about it, check back in like 8 days.  Please and thank you.

*I really hope everyone picked up on how much sarcasm was packed into Mary's Need List for packing!  She is a rock-star and I seriously couldn't and wouldn't have started the long road of packing everything up without her!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls always make passes at guys with mustaches.

When I started my blog Jan 16th, 2011 - and you would have told me "Hey Beth.  I predict you will blog about coffee mugs two days in a row." I would have laughed in your face.  But let's be honest, if you had a smile mug, mustache mug, and a blog in honor of a Disney movie you would write about it, too.

I first was introduced to this coffee mug pretty much exactly 2 years ago.  Let's take a minute to reflect on the two pictures that sent my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Amie and I into such laughing hysterics in Urban Outfitters we were getting the stink eye.


Here I sit - 2 years later, still holding it up to my face and giggling every time I do.

I strongly encourage you to go out and buy feel good coffee mugs because it really is the most fun way to start the day.  Though I have to be honest, we kind of hit the peak of my collection.  Not that my striped, floral or Solar Bee (Thanks, Dad!) mugs aren't amazing, but I don't know if I can find anything clever to say about them.

Can we also talk for a second how I am wearing/using two things listed on my Excess list ?  Wife beater?  Check!  Pony tail holder?  Check!  See?!  I use them.  Granted I might not walk around wearing 12 tank tops with a hairstyle of 17 pony tails...but I'm using them.

Beth: 1
Excess List: 0

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Do: Smile!

It's true, folks. I have coffee mugs with my Daily To Do list on them! Just be glad I didn't post the mug with the list of: Shave Legs, Buy Cat Food, Get Milk. I tried, but it photograph nearly as well.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The last two days I've woken up with two bizarre songs in my head.  *Exhibit A, Exhibit B.  I just have one question.  Whowhatwherewhenwhy?  My first instinct is to think they were playing in my dreams, and I just woke up at that moment.  However, last time I checked, Blu Cantrell and I weren't bumpin and chillin in my dream, so I kind have to question that theory.  Any suggestions?

On a very similar note I've used to always wonder about waking up hungry.  At what point during our sleep does our stomach just start growling and needing food while we are just laying there for the better part of 6-8 hours?  Well I actually did a test on this while I was in college and figured out for me, it was 4am.  And by 'test in college', I mean waited until the night before to finish (start) a project and pulled an all nighter.

*please note:  Though I am not a loyal Glee fan, I am a loyal friend.  My aunt and all our gays are o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Glee, so when I saw this version I couldn't not post it for the example.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love at first clove.

There are two new recipes I tried today that I can't stop thinking about and can't wait to have again tomorrow:
Yummy new breakfast!  Colorful and good for you?  Pschhh...where do I sign?
Spread it on some toast and you have a delightful and tasty addition to any dinner.  (Or in my case it was the dinner.)  (Please don't judge me.)  (Can you tell I'm single and don't have to kiss anyone goodnight tonight?)

Speaking of goodnight, I'm off to dream beautiful dreams of spinach plants and garlic cloves.  Yet again - please hold your judgement.  ; D

You learn something new everyday.

In this case, I've learned several things today....all about myself.  As I'm gearing up for packing up my 1.5 years here at 155 S Penn., I'm just grazing over what I've got now before I go balls to the wall (I've never understood that phrase) and start packing.  Well, during this process, I'm learning that I have a slight obsession in buying in excess on a certain number of things.  I feel like I find them around every corner I take and curse myself out "Do you REALLY need a dozen white tank tops?  4 brown pillows all different fabrics/textures?"  All are listed below and I have a feeling the list will be updated more and more as I start actually packing.

Photo frames.
Wife beaters (zip it, Mary)
Ponytail holders.
Coffee mugs.
Toys for Forks.
Pink workout tanks.
Wine glasses.  (While my darling Mary was helping me pack she was tasked with the daunting task of boxing up my kitchen.  When she first started, she was swooning over my chalkboard wine glasses , but towards the end, and I quote: "ANOTHER. CHALKBOARD. GLASS?  You could invite every one of your Facebook friends over and give them all a glass of wine at the same time."  Fanks for yewr help, Mary!) 
Recyclable grocery bags.
Nail files.
Lip gloss of all colors, shapes and sizes.  I never wear lip gloss.  What the eff, Beth?

Oy.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who picks a certain (or dozen) thing(s) and buys them over and over again?  And over again?  And again?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

All it takes is one.

I found myself being buried under negative thoughts this morning.  From a messy apartment, to wondering where I will be living in the next 30 days, sick grandparents...blah.  But all it takes is one fancy-free moment to wash all that junk away.  Today it was my mom being silly about reminding me to take my Crabby Pants off, which was then followed by a random, beautifully unexpected fit of giggles leading to laughing tears in Starbucks.  Suddenly all those Negative Nancy thoughts just faded away and I swear the sun started shinning a little brighter.

Hey Mary - Say Africaaaaa...

Hakuna Matata, my sweets!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favorite 5.

I'm always ready to be the shoulder to cry, drink with or help find a distraction when a friend is in need..........though my sympathy doesn't probably always last as long as they would hope.  I've adapted the philosophy of The 5's:  "Give me 5 things you are thankful for." It forces people to push past the negative thoughts, and reminds us all that even when times are tough - there is always something to smile about.  Always.

I need to take my own advice this week, so here are my 5's.

1. I'm thankful for my mom.  No matter my mood, the time or day, she always takes my calls, listens, and coaches me through whatever crisis I'm going through - big or small!  She also has this uncanny way of making me laugh when all I want to do is pout and gives me faith it will all work out someway, somehow.

2.  The Colorado sun giving us a peek at what life will be like in just a few short weeks time.  It helps me to look forward to Rockie's games, patio happy hours and long runs in the park.

3.  My needy cat.  When he's pacing, constantly at my heels and yelling at me...all he really wants is some lovin'.  

4. Unlimited texting.  Because really? How can you have a bad day when all your best friends are literally at your fingertips.

5. Red wine. I'm not sure I need a description here as it pretty much speaks for itself.  ; )

Monday, February 14, 2011


'nuff said.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My wanted it, so my taked it.

If you've ever enjoyed an adult beverage (or 15) with myself and really anyone in my extended family, there is a strong chance you've heard 1 (or 193) rather embarrassing stories about my childhood.  I'm not going to go into "Turn on the hallway!!!" or the reason my entire family has called me Buff for the better part of 20 years.  However, the "My wanted it, so my taked it" story pops in my head when I sit down to write out my Sunday Wish List.
It was the holiday season and I was probably no more than 3 years old.  My mom was finishing up sending out our Holiday cards when I was begging and pleading for the stickers she was using the seal up the envelopes.  She told me once (fine 10) time(s) that once she was done with all the cards, I could have the remainder of the stickers.  Well, being the instant gratification person I was (and still am), I simply could not wait until she was finished to have those stickers.  Next thing my mom knows, she turns the corner to see me with my little (chubby) 3 year old linebacker build, covered head. to. toe. in holiday stickers.  As my mom is fighting back laughter she asks "BETH ANN SUMMERFIELD.  WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE STICKERS?" I reply with a simple "My wanted it, so my taked it."

My Sunday Wish List:
I wish I could snap my fingers and my apartment would be rid of every cute little kitty white hair, kitty litter mess, dust and dirty socks hiding under the sofa.
I wish I could sit and make my Valentine's while enjoying the breeze kicking back my curtains and sending the Spring air through my (what would be) freshly cleaned apartment.
I wish I had remembered to set the timer of when I got back from doing my 2nd load of laundry so I don't have to guesstamate when I need to go back and switch my towels from washer/dryer.
But really?  I wish my mom was here with  me so we could sit and giggle about my life-or-death dire need for those Holiday stickers 20+ years ago.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sun, coffee and Food Network.

I loves me a sunny Saturday Spring morning!  I might be jumping the gun with the "Spring" talk, but if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, right?  Right.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I carpool to work every morning. But anyone who REALLY knows me also knows that when I need to get out the door at 8:30a, I'm typically out by 8:36a and then some. It's okay if I'm the only one effected by my tardiness between the hours of 8-9a, but it's not ok when Kate, my carpool bestie, has to deal with my lateness, too.

This morning I was just about 5 minutes behind schedule and was walking to my car while thinking of how to explain to Kate why I was running late. I wasn't sure she'd accept "I couldn't get my top knot right! It will never happen again." when before I know it, I fall @ss over tea-kettle in the snow. What's funniest is I had my keys in one hand, coffee in the other. Mid-fall some part of me decides to quite literally chuck my keys across the alley, so I end up on my knees with my arms criss-crossed in front of me. Don't worry - coffee still perfectly in tact. After I text Kate explaining I had to lick my wounds before getting in the vehicle (I'm now 15 minutes behind), (Sorry K8) I get behind the wheel and in an attempt to turn left/West on Speer, an ambulance comes from behind forcing me to awkwardly go straight/turning East. After navigating my way through the One Ways, I finally get back on the right track Invesco. At this point, probably a good 23 minutes behind schedule. (I'm really, really sorry K8) I cant help but think it was someone's way of telling me to leave my hair, outfit and shoes the way it was the first time, don't hover around the morning news as much, and leave the house when you are supposed to because 5 minutes late can quickly turn into 23 minutes late in the blink of an eye.

The good news is the mountains looked killer from the 8th Avenue Bridge this morning. Always a silver lining, right?

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect.

Tonight's lesson:  Blogging Photos 101.  It doesn't sound too terribly productive to be the Teacher and Student on this one, but may the best man win.

Mary and I at Canvas and Cocktails this past weekend.  Please forgive the dazed and foggy looks in our eyes.  We were just overly tired from Amos Lee the night before.  I swear it has nothing to do with the 4 mimosas we consumed prior to and during the painting of these canvases. 

Mobile Schmobile

I remember getting my very first cell phone, and accidentally sending a text to my sister sitting next to me on the sofa. I was so blown away and (for whatever reason) slightly insulted at the idea of sending a text vs just calling the darn person.

Yet here I sit, just having done a happy dance at finally getting my BlogSpot application to work for my iPhone.

Let the blogging begin!

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