Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some light reading for you on this fine Wednesday.

Good morning to my mommy! I don't know if you know this but she's the bomb-y. When she laughs she makes my heart so happy. Even when she takes a little nappy. I hope she has a GREAT day. So much so That it'll be gay. I love you, momma! Look! I remembered my comma!

Dat beth got game
Gonna get her fame
She do the rap
And she can tap
De words be purty
She don talk dirty
At least not in Lent
Or she will have to repent

Pretty typical morning texts between my mom and I.
Happy Last Year At This Time It Was March Day!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the words of Mr Sheen:

I feel like a successful day of work, finally getting my car street legal, an incredible workout, coming home to my first successful crock pot meal ready and waiting for me deserves the hashtag:


I know this is more Facebook status update worthy, but I'll let you in on a little secret: 90% of the time I like my blog family more than my Facebook family. Oh who am I kidding 100% of the time!

Peace and chicken grease, yo's. And thank you to the bossman for that one.

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Feb Photo A Day:: 22-27!

And the fun continues…

{ day twenty-two } Where You Work.

There are dozens of pictures I could have used for this one. The views of Denver and Coors Field from our balconies, the plastic wine glasses in the cabinet (no one knows where they came from), the giant blue ox, guitars everywhere….but I chose something most simple which one of about 3 walls of caricatures we have of every person who works with us!

{ day twenty-three } Your Shoes.
I can’t not have that song in my head when I see that word.

{ day twenty-four } Inside your Bathroom Cabinet.

All throughout my apt I have little notes, pictures and cards tucked away in my most visited areas of my apartment. In my cabinet? A note my mom left me a few months ago. : >

{ day twenty-five } Green.

From Hunter’s birthday breakfast! Roasted poblano peppers with scrambled eggs, feta cheese and cilantro! Of course loads of hot sauce, but that would have covered up all the green. : )

{ day twenty-six } Night.

The entire evening consisted of playing Draw Something with Amie while she was driving across the country! There were some drawings I was quite literally in hysterics and having laughing seizures over. There may have been a crossed eyed cat involved.

{ day twenty-seven } Something You Ate.

Leftovers from last night: Pancit! I’m obsessed with this recipe and can’t wait to actually cook it for someone to see if they love it as much as I do! Thanks again, Joanna for sharing!

Only a few days to go! Yay/sadness.

Oh and here is a picture of Charlie, Hunter’s newphew, and I from a few weekend back while playing Legos! This kid seriously, is the I luff him. He's too cute not to include.

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Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy Monday Morning!
I can always tell what my weekend was like come Monday Mornings. The days my bed doesn't get made, hair is in a pony and nails are either naked or chipped to heck, I can tell my weekend (though fun!) was jam packed and slightly exhausting.

However. When my bed is made

Hair is down and curled

And nails are freshly polished

I know my weekend ended relaxing, quiet and I actually took some time for myself.

I wish you a sweetly curled, freshly polished...yet unmade bed week! Because not EVERYTHING needs to be perfectly in order. : >

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be happy!

This week has had it’s fair share of really really fun high’s, and really really annoying low’s. Instead of focusing on the annoying low’s, I want to share a few random acts of awesomeness that has turned my frown upside down.

Sitting next to a super sweet couple last night during Ash Wednesday mass. I don’t know why, but their cute smiles and hi’s to me just gave me warm fuzzies.

Laughing, laughing and laughing some more with Mary all morning, noon and night long about absolutely nothing. It’s the world’s perfect distraction to pressing adult issues and the simply best medication.

After said mass, going to pick up some a 6 pack of beer (for Hunter) and a bottle of wine (for me) (it was that kind of a day) and the guy who was checking me out said “Welp. You’ve got some good beer. Some good wine. And your ashes. You are SET.” For some reason, hearing that made me force myself to forget the annoying chain of events that happened 4 hours earlier, and focus on the good I surrounded myself with last night.

Bumping into Jaime in the hallway at like 4:30p yesterday and before she even said something, she gave me the biggest hug, which honestly was exactly what I needed at that exact moment in time.

My coworker Mike giving me his can of Cherry Coke today b/c he gave it up for Lent, but his wife packed him one anyway.

Stopping for coffee on my drive home from Hunter’s this morning and having THE most friendly, awesome and funny barista. When he handed me my coffee there was the most darling smiley face drawn on top of it and he says to me “Today….you get a smile! Be happy!” It makes me want to be more silly and kind to complete strangers, because you never know just how much they need a smiley face drawn on their cup of coffee.

Anything fun and silly that’s made you smile extra hard lately?! I’d love to hear about them!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb Photo A Day:: 15-21!

Here we go – week 3 of the Photo Challenge!

{ day fifteen } Phone.

I love this picture of us – adventure, smiles and memories. Pretty much sums us up!

{ day sixteen } Something New.

A oh-so thoughtful gift card left on my desk simply for helping a coworker out!

{ day seventeen } Time.

Time was CRAWLING by on this particular day! Maybe it was just because I was so ready for it to be 5p and was so excited for my date with my Mawwry!

{ day eighteen } Drink.

My coffee, and Hunter’s Vitamin Water on our drive to Wyoming for the weekend!

{ day nineteen } Something You Hate to Do.

Leave this face after an especially fun weekend together. Wah.

{ day twenty } Handwriting.

My coworker being funny and encouraging me to order a new 2012 calendar! It always makes me smile, and actually encourages me to leave it vs buy a new calendar!

{ day twenty-one } A Favorite Photo of You.

One of my favorite pictures of all time. The 3 people who mean the most to me in this world! I look and smile at it daily.

I’m really enjoying this little challenge! It’s been so fun to plan out where and when I think I’ll snap the photo every day and get excited to share with you guys. I agree with you, Brandy – I hope they have one lined up for March! If not, let’s create our own, shall we?!


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

This quote has helped me through a lot lately and was one I just had to share.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
Audrey Hepburn

I can't wait to share some stories and a few pictures from Hunter and my quick trip to see his parents in WY this weekend!  It is a weekend I will hold so near and dear to my heart always.  Treasured and memorable to say the least.  

I'm off to a hot shower, then falling asleep with said memories close to my heart and a smile on my face.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shady as a lady in a mustache.

How it is that I've found myself in a mustache multiple times since July is beyond me. But holy hell you should have heard me laugh when I realized I have several photos, on several different occasions with the same theme.


And let's not forget the archived mustaches.


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb Photo a Day! Booyeah.

So…there is this little thing called Instagram for iPhones (and rumor has it, soon Droids, too!) and on this there Instagram, there was this little thing called January Photo a Day where they assign a photo challenge to each day. Jaime participated in January Photo a Day, and recapped her sweet pictures on her blog!

When January was starting to wrap up, and the new February Photo a Day was buzzing around Instagram, Mary says to me – and I quote “Oh #$!@, there is a Feb photo challenge, too! God save us all.” I wanted to give the photo challenge a shot, but decided against posting it daily on Instagram (you are welcome, Mary!), so I’m going to use Jaime as my inspiration and just post them all on my blog! I wanted to post the photos one week at a time, but the first week of it ended while I was in ND and I didn’t have time to write out a post about it. So here is February 1-14!

{ day one } Your view today.

View from my office window!

{ day two } Words.

A picture I text to Hunter. :-)

{ day three } Hands.

Working in Illustrator using my shortcut key commands!

{ day four } A stranger.

Ashton Kutcher in Friends with Benefits.

{ day five } 10am.

Looking out the window while on the treadmill at the gym!

{ day six } Dinner.

At Pizza Fusion with my sweet Jaime!

{ day seven } Button.

Part of the decoration on Hunter’s Valentine’s Day gift!

{ day eight } Sun.

The reflection of the sun in my grandmother’s kitchen!

{ day nine } Front Door.

The front door to the church where my cousin got married! It was late at night and I was going there for rehearsal, so my apologies for the dark photo.

{ day ten } Self Portrait.

My mom and I at the wedding dance yuking it up with some mustaches.

{ day eleven } Makes you happy.

Watching my dad shuffle cards!!! Always makes me laugh.

{ day twelve } Inside your closet.

A kitty! What else?

{ day thirteen } Blue.

The sky from my walk downtown over lunch!

{ day fourteen } Heart.

The breakfast I made for Hunter this morning. Awwe.

I’m excited to share with you 15-29! It’s not too late to join, either – I’d love to see some snapshots of your February!

And happy Love Day, everyone! I'll be back with photos and stories from Hunt and my celebration last night as he has to work tonight. xo

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dang you Christmas night. .

Many many posts ago, I talked about that feeling I would get every Christmas night as a child. Filled with sadness and feeling so consumed with the sad feelings of Christmas being over. Reliving every part of the day over in my mind as to not forget any part of that magical day. I am 300% consumed with that feeling right this second. My dad sleeping on a twin bed 4 feet from me. Me, laying on an air matters next to a clunky heater in my grandma's half unfinished basement waiting for my mom to get home from Wine Night with her long distance best friends. My aunt down the hall with the light seeping through under the door. Grandma upstairs. Uncle upstairs. I want to rewind and relive every single second since Wednesday. Every single hug. Smile. Tear. Memory. This weekend has been one of the most magical, filled with memories and built off love weekends I've had in years and I really could not be more blessed.

Now that I have that off my chest, I'm off to fall asleep to my dad snoring while I wait to hear my mom walk down the stairs, all with a giant smile on my face as I remember everything we've been blessed with this weekend.

I don't want to post too many pictures without writing up the appro stories yet, but I do have to share example 1 of 353,492 of how my mom and her siblings tease my Grandmother 24/7. This example is of my mom and her sister who dressed up in grandma's clothes before breakfast, while saying "What?! We dress fancy to eat."

Meanwhile, my Grandma is cursing under her breath and going about her business pretending like nothing is going on.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


{ Please note, my brain is 200% mush right now, so if none of this makes sense...just pretend it does.  Capish? }

I woke up this morning at about 5a, with this song in my head

which is so serendipitous because though I'M not going to the chapel to get married, I am going to the airport to get on a plane, to get to Bismarck to go to Dickinson to watch my COUSIN get married!!

Basically word for word the song.  And basically our bridesmaids dresses are what they are wearing in the video.


I would also like to share with you the third instillment of Momma's Got Game:
{Sent to me on Monday}
In 3 more sleeps
I be seein my pepes
Gon be a wedin'
Up nort we be headin'
Dey makin' dat "red eye"
Common sense go bye-bye
Look out Dickinson
De Kollings is fixin
To show dem wooses
Don't mess with us'es.

I will never forget when I went back for my sweet girlfriend Shaneille's wedding.  I was at work and Neil and I were texting about the Red Eye they were making, and I posed the question to my coworkers:
"Do you guys know what Red Eye is?"
These were my three responses:
"It's a midnight flight."
"It's a movie."
"It's what happens to your eyes in some bad pictures."

No no friends.  THIS is Red Eye.

Hi Shaneille!!!

It's basically flavored Everclear that gets passed around during wedding receptions.  Google "Red Eye; wedding schnapps" and you will get many many a recipes for it.

Yup.  We know how to have fun.

I just KNOW I have a pix of my family taking Red Eye shots at my cousin's wedding this past summer, I just can't find it right this second.  Stay tuned.

ANYHOODLE.  Here I sit at my gate, drinking my coffee, and wishing beyond all wishes I had remembered headphones.

I went to bed a little after 2a, and woke up just a smidge after 5a.  To say I'm tired would be a gross understatement.  Like I told Hunter, I envision a huge crash in my near future.  Let's hope I make it to the plane first.

BUT.  All this last minute running around, errands, packing, crafting, loss of sleep is SURE to be worth it when I get to Dix and am surrounded by all my favorite people in life.  My family!  I can't really start talking about how much this wedding means to me, and further how much it means to be asked to be Beck's Maid of Honor.  I've been just an emotional puddle lately, and I fear they wouldn't let me on the plane if I started my breakdown now.  I really am so blessed to have Beck in my life and by my side as my friend, my cousin, my "I need to text someone about where I put my fruit sticker right this very second" go to person.  She's da bomb.

This picture makes me uncontrollably happy.  She always had to be in the middle.  ; )

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures to date.  The quality stinks, but I literally HEAR all the giggles going on in this picture.  Including the one from my dad who is behind the camera.

I love you, Beck!!!!  See you in a few hourssssssssssssssssssssss.

See the 1st and 2nd instillation of Momma Got Game here and here.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank you card:

Dear Snow,

Though you've probably caused some Coloradian's much disgust and frustrations over the past few days, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you.

Thank you for giving us all here in the 303/720 enough heads up so we could stock up on food and coffee right before your arrival. Thank you for coating the roads juuuuuust enough to make it questionable to drive on, therefore closing work on Friday. I had the greatest day tucked away in my tiny attic apartment, cuddling my cat, drinking coffee for days, enjoying some laid back tunes and getting work done. Be it work work, freelance work, or fun work - I had time for it all. Thank you for allowing me to snuggle up with my boi EXTRA tight to stay warm, and for giving me an excuse to wear my favorite winter har of his all day Saturday. Thank you for not only providing the opportunity for said boi to spend some time helping get a stranger unstuck on his street, but also for the 45 minute snowball fight that took place in their front yard. It was hilarious to watch those two playing around and telling stories of sledding, fort building and snowball throwing dating back to kindergarten. Thank you for putting enough snow surrounding Mary's car so we had the chance to go and get her unstuck. Even if it was for a few minutes, I'll never pass up an opportunity for a quick hug and giggle with my Mary. Thanks for letting Hunt and I think we had enough motivation to go sledding, when really we made a phenomenal dinner and cuddled up to watched a movie. Thank you for letting the temps be slightly cold enough that after my morning workout today, I had no desire to leave my apartment, rather spent hours working on my daunting to-do list. I can't even tell you how much I got accomplished today!

It really always is a joy getting to spend a weekend with you...though I've heard rumors of you coming back again {So soon, Snow?!} in the next 24 hours. Really, that's ok just so long as you don't mess up my flight into ND on Wed. Because if you do....I'll have to whoop some ass.

Fondly yours.

Friday, February 3, 2012

24 inches my butt.

The snow that the entire state of Colorado has been obsessing over for the las 24 hours has finally made it.  Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed in the amount of snow...they were talking hot shot numbers like 22inches or 24inches by Saturday...and I think we got 8 so far.  Granted it will continue snowing all day, so fingers crossed!  Regardless I have a hot date tomorrow that includes a nurse, sled and a hillside.  Jealous?!

How am I spending this day you ask?  Well I actually have a plate full of work that I need to actually work!  But I'll be a much happier Beth doing it from my bed with my kitty by my side than at my desk!
The second I caught wind of working from home, I immediately changed back into my pj's!
My office window today.

I had to laugh out loud when I saw my work inbox today.  All things snow related, a baby announcement and Jon challenging a snowball fight between the "Gays vs Straighties"

No joke, he was curled up in a ball and when he saw me headed his way with my camera he put his paw over his face. 

Judge my breakfast and just see what happens.

Our friend Jimmy sends out Friday Jams each week, and I'm actually digging this week's tune.

Right?!  Last week was Brett Dennen who Mary and I actually saw live a few months back!


I'm not going to give Jimmy too much credit though, because 80% of the other weeks it was


The last one he calls his personal mantra.  Yeah.  Ok Jimmy...

ANYWAY - what is your ideal way to spend a snow day?!