Monday, October 20, 2014

We made it!

Amazingly enough, it really only took about an hour and some change to move from Bob's house to our new house.  I can thank the fact that we only moved about 6 blocks and how over the past 3 years we are constantly donating/purging/downsizing our things so we really didn't have that much to move.  At one point I was so bold to even call us minimalists, but Hunter shot back "Do minimalists have 2 yoga mats???" Touché.  But (!!) minimalists or not, we are in our new house, about 90% unpacked and happier than a pig in shit.  We were crazy enough to host Hunter's dad and our friend Judy over for the Broncos game last night { #PFM! #510 } and found time to cook up a bunch of yummy finger foods for the game.  It was what I called a "low sodium" meal strictly because we realized halfway into cooking that we don't own any salt.  Ha!  Moving problems.  A grocery store trip is seriously in order at some point today.  

Give a ring if you want to come to our cozy cabin on the creek!  I'll keep a beer cold for you.

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