Wednesday, April 3, 2013

seventeen year love.

At any given moment asking me what day it is, is extremely similar to asking someone who is color blind what color my shirt is.  Umm....Monday?...errr....a blue shirt?  Recapping a trip that happened over 2, close to 3 months ago might be a little difficult; but the good news is that I am obsessed with details, and that fact that all the memories are with my beautiful Am are working with us on a successful blog post.

When I moved from Denver to Snowy, I remember Mary saying "We don't need to worry about our friendship and feeling out of touch with each other, because we both have really good track records with long distance." So, so, SO much truth in that statement!  Mary has Karley, and I have Amie.  Amie and I haven't lived in the same city for 10 years, or the same state for closer to 8 years, yet I've never felt closer to her.  I've mentioned before about how she is my shoulder when I need a good cry, my cheerleader when I need a pick me up, and the fastest way to laughter when I just need to laugh.  A week with her in a new state, and a new part of the country I was used to seemed too good to be true.

So, what did Amie and I do on my week long vacation to New Hampshire?

We visited wine bars.
We stayed up giggling, crying, and swapping stories in bed until 2am.
We slept in.
We drank our breakfasts (my first time trying Shakeology!).
We gave and received countless Brodie Bear smooches.
We attended going away parties.
We fell down stairs (more me than Am).
We tried testing our core strength at 1am freshly home from the bars.
We ate chips and salsa (the best chips and salsa I've EVER had, and I'm not just saying that because I was 3 beers deep), and drank margaritas.
We laughed over past boyfriends, and marveled over current boyfriends.
We cooked breakfasts.
We ate out for breakfasts.
We got our nails done (always a staple when Amie and I get together.)
We tried countless different curling iron techniques.
We laughed ourselves silly until the tears running down our faces were the only words spoken.
We went to the ocean.
We ate fresh sea food.
We sat in a cold hot tub (still butt sore about this one).
We drank wine and took a painting class while shooting death glares at the o.b.n.i.x.i.o.u.s. farting east coast family behind us (yes you read that right).
We shopped.
We drank coffee.
We drank fresh juice.
We learned more about each other on a much deeper level.
We worked out.
We celebrated her golden birthday.
We spent hours on the website picking out our most favorites.
We drank wine.
We giggled at Andrew dust-bustering the house at 11pm on a Saturday.
We tried new beers, and got in an intense conversation with our bartender about sour beers.
We talked about our biggest fears.
Our biggest insecurities.
We took a day trip to Maine and I was able to merge together two separate friend groups successfully.
We oogled over puppies.
We oogled over beautiful old victorian homes.
Oogled over the beauty of the ocean.
We Instagrammed the exact same photo within seconds of each other.
We lay in bed in two separate rooms texting each other.
We got lost.
We got a liiiiile confused on our directions; Southwest vs North (still makes me pee with laughter, Am).
We ate at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.
We cooked!
We went through her belongings and I was sent home with several new treasures (Put this hat on!....AWWWWWWW!  Look at this purse!!!....AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!)
We ate fish tacos.
We braved a winter storm together.
We watched Bridesmaids while I was spoiled enough to have her dye my hair and tweeze my eyebrows (another staple when we are together.  my eyebrows never look as good as when Amie gets her hands on them).
We overused the phrase YOLO!
We ate birthday cake x2.
We drank champagne at 2pm.
We played Song Pop.
We count out the years we've been friends; seventeen.

Pictures to accompany this post to follow.  

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