Thursday, April 4, 2013


I've been using visualization quite a bit lately.  To help me fall asleep at night, on long plane rides, to remind me I won't have to get dressed in the bathroom after a shower for the rest of my life.  It helps remember all the goals Hunter and I have made for ourselves and these upcoming months.  Here is one that's been on repeat the past few days.

Wake up with the sun, and mix up a wonderfully fresh and delicious juice.

Do some calming stretches plus some at home yoga, maybe a run or beautiful hike.

Get back home, clean up, brew a fresh pot of coffee and plunk down in an office for a few hours to design a plethora of freelance design projects, blog posts and keeping in touch with friends across the miles.  Oh and of course my computer room will have half a dozen windows and desktop Mac computers. ;)

Take a break for when Hunter wakes up { i'm basing this off of him working nights again } to sit on a big beautifully cozy couch and catch up over a green smoothie and lunch made right in our home.


He would kill a few hours on his mountain bike.  Maybe I'd join him, maybe I'd work a few hours.  We'd meet up again around dinner time.  Ride our bikes to the nearest grocery.  Come home. Open the windows.  Crank up the soft tunes.  Open a bottle of wine.  Cook.  Dance.  Drink.  Eat the night away together.

Then, repeat.  Most definitely repeat.

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