Monday, December 16, 2013


Ha!  JUST when you thought you were done reading all those annoying lovely Thanksgiving recap posts, you wised up and clicked this post.  I like to keep you on your toes.  Keep things fresh.  Keep things original.  And if telling you all about my Thanksgiving vacation 9 days away (!!!!) from Christmas isn't fresh and original while standing on our toes, than I don't know what is.

Great use of grammar there, Beth.

So.  Without further adieu, Thanksgiving 2013!

This happened.

And a little of this happened.

And this happened to happen (!!!!!!!) { The right + middle photo almost got me kicked out of Lion King by some snotty usher.  The same snotty usher also cock blocked me from getting a bottle of water at intermission, so naturally I felt it was my duty to piss her off, too. } { beteedub; HOW cute are my parents?! }  { beteedub2; don't let the coffee fool you.  They weren't to keep us alert during a late evening show.  They were to sober us up after a 3.5 hour happy hour prior to the late evening show }

Some of this happened.

A lot of this happened.

And naturally on Black Friday morning, this happened. { we all have our own ways of celebrating Black Friday.  Let's keep judgement to ourselves, yes? }

trottrottrot Then trot trot this happened trot!

Let's not forget these happenings that happened!

Ahhhh happenings are so happenin'.

Ugh I'm annoying myself.

Stay tuned for my California Christmas Recap scheduled around Valentines Day 2014!

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