Friday, December 6, 2013

Life List.

Things I've been doing lately that haven't included blogging:

Forgot to blog.
Spent the week with my family in California.
Visited wineries.
Drank wine.
Laughed my arse off.
Tasted wine.
Helped my mom make an epic Thanksgiving meal.
Proceeded to eat leftovers for days after the holiday.
Realized I drank so much wine and indulged on so much food not just over the Thanksgiving holiday but since we've been back from Washington and decided to do my all vegan, no caffeine, no refined sugar and no alcohol cleanse until Christmas.
Contemplated if doing a cleanse during the holiday season is the most ingenius or stoopid thing I've done in a while.
Obsessed over reading the Divergent Series.
Ob. Sess. Ed.
Speaking of obsessive things; Cuties.  Hashtag Can't Stop Won't Stop.
Ignored each and every "Gift Guide" blog post that's popped up on my feed.
Averaged 9+ glasses of tea per day.
Basically glued my tacky Christmas slippers to my feet.
Watched as Hunter cringes seeing my tacky Christmas slippers are BACK IN ACTION.
Enjoyed Carrie Underwood's Sound of Music on NBC.
Promised to start blogging more regularly.


  1. I'd say those things are definitely better than blogging!! :) I hope you had the best time visiting your family!!! Wish we could have gotten together but it was a crazy weekend! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far!! PS - I must start reading the Divergent series!!!


    1. You are so cute. I know I wish we could have gotten together, too but you are right it was such a crazy weekend! I guess I'll just HAVE to make a trip out East! ; ) And remember us on your drive back if you go through CO/WY! Hugs, love!