Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"You two could have fun trapped in a shoebox."

Two weeks ago I hosted a raging party.  An invite only, bitchin' Pity Party.  Number of Attendees: 1.  I happened to be chit chattin' with Mary whilst planning/attending said Pity Party and she said just the most perfect thing which was: "I'm free on Sunday!!!"  There are currently 150+ miles between Mary and I and even knowing this didn't prevent her from pulling me from the Party.  In months past we'd flirted around with the idea of meeting in Silverthorne for a day of shopping + dinning and given our free weekend schedules and an urgent need for getting the flock out of that Party, we finally made that dream come true!  At first we were just going to meet on Sunday for brunch until the brilliant idea struck us to check out Hotwire for a cheap hotel room and make a slumber party out of it!

It was the best spontaneous trip I'd taken in ages.  I don't have too many photos because we were too busy drinking mimosas and watching thrilling News Coverage MTV Catfish marathons but those 24 hours were everything my heart needed and more.  We shopped, we ate, we visited a brewery, found a local brunch cafe, played Phase 10 it's in your best interest not to ask who won said Phase 10 game we drank wine in the hot tub and accidentally fell asleep with it in bed while watching Chopped, drank iced coffee, ate at Chipotle per my request/demand and just all in all had a great, hilarious, memorable and perfectly perfect trip.  

Mary is coming to Steamboat this weekend and our to-do list is pretty labor intensive identical to the list above with some additional picnicing, biking, hot springs soaking and general showing off Steamboat!  I'm just giddy.

Before I had left for Silverthorne I was chatting with Hunter about what we had planned...which was really nothing.  His response?  "You two could have fun trapped in a shoebox." Touche, Hunter.  Touche.


  1. aHHHH! I can't wait! Mario needs a little tune up tonight before he's fit for public!

  2. This is such a fun post! You girls could have fun in a shoebox which is one of the many reasons I love both of you!