Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the sweet season :: broken down v.3

making :: something green and liquid'y for breakfast errr'day.  
cooking :: all of the pinnted vegan pinterest meals.  seriously.  all of 'em.  post on this coming soon!
drinking :: organic african sunset red tea by the minute.
reading :: i finished 2 books within a week!  goldfinch + brand new human being.  i'd far more recommend the former over the latter.
wanting :: a few more hours of daylight in the evenings, a gaggle of girlfriends, an abundance of homemade food, a bottle (or 6) of wine, and a dinner table facing the sunset.  oh how deeply my soul needs this.  i miss my denver girls.
looking :: and looking for cute messy, wavy, twisty bridesmaid hair styles for amie's wedding in june!(!!!)
wasting :: too much pulp from our daily juices.  i really, really (reallyreallyreally) wish we had a garden i could save all the pulp for compost!
sewing :: together bits and pieces of my past into my present.
wishing :: it was saturday evening already so we could play some dang bingo at the dang vfw!  am i right, cynthia?!
enjoying :: the overcast and rainy afternoons and evenings here in the boat.  cold, rainy evenings are my love language. 
waiting :: for a free weekend with my boifriend so we can dust off our camping gear and get back in the dirt!  outlook not so good.  dang work schedules.
liking :: cold roasted sweet potatoes with a generous portion of sriracha for snacks.
playing :: with my natural curls versus flat ironed/wand curls day after day.
wondering :: what adventures this summer will hold.  we kinda, really, totally and completely blew adventure expectations out of the water last year, so i'll be excited to see how we do this summer! hashtaggetmeinthatcampervanasap.
loving :: the 5 minutes spent walking to get coffee a few times each week a a couple of my coworkers/frans.  sometimes it's 4 times a week, sometimes just once.  i thrive on the few minutes of fresh air + silly conversation regardless of the frequency of it!
hoping :: the weekend of may 16th get here sooner rather than later.  hashtaggethererightmeowmary!
marveling :: at evenings spent with windows open and listening to the creek roaring a stones throw away.  our nights here are filled with such peace and quiet it's unbelievable.
smelling :: the piping hot coffee in front of me.  i've really stuck to my 1 cup a day since my last vegan cleanse and i'm awfully grateful for that singular cup!
wearing :: a smile.  because really, why not? hashtagcorny hashtagtrue
following :: along with a few of my very favorite blogs! { . }
noticing :: the burst of energy i feel after my morning greens.  i've been making a point to only have a smoothie/juice and mayyyybe a few pieces of fruit up until lunch time and it's amazing not only how light i've been feeling but truly the amount of energy i feel after finishing my morning green smoothie!
thinking :: about a conversation i had with a girlfriend over the weekend.  she was out to dinner with some friends, one of which happened to be a vegetarian.  my girlfriend and her fiancee got an aggressive earful about vegetarian vs eating meat and the way her views were expressed were so harsh and so aggressive.  i've been thinking a lot about my choices vs your choices vs the mailman's choices and how they all work for us individually.  how i could never fathom laying into someone and chewing them out for ordering something different than me at the dinner table.  my choices work for me while your choices work for you.  pretty simple concept.
feeling :: an overwhelming amount of contentment, safety and bliss surrounding my days, weeks and months as of late.
bookmarking :: bread recipe after bread recipe.  i've been slacking on baking bread since we've moved back from wa and i need to pick this up sooner than later!  back in bremerton, i would make a batch of bread if not every week then every other.  it's time to get back to it!
opening :: crazy sexy diet to read and reread.  whenever i'm feeling in a slump of motivation or have a gut ache from one too many chicken wings, i turn to kris carr to clean up my daily meals and get back on track.
giggling :: at the record in the steamboat pilot and today.  constant entertainment.  hashtagilovesmalltowns
needing :: to quit faking hashtags in blog posts.  hashtagsorryi'mnotsory

sweet season post volume one and two


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