Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camping makes me so happy.

We've logged one night of camping so far this Spring and Mother Nature tried her damnest to play a trick on us. She gifted us with a massive rain + thunder + wind + lightening storm but we managed to outsmart her with a dinner of chips and salsa in the tent (forgoing our planned dinner of fajitas on the grill) and a very, very early bedtime.  We had plans of mountain biking the next morning, and mid storm Hunter says to me "We'll be able to tell the second we unzip the tent tomorrow morning if we'll be able to bike or not."  And sure enough, this was our view the next morning. on!

We have a few camping adventures planned in the upcoming week and I could just tinkle I'm so excited.  It's time to get dirty ya'll.

::a few snaps from a sliver of our camping/backpacking adventures last summer!::

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  1. Hooray for camping!!! Can't wait to see all your outdoor adventures :)