Wednesday, June 4, 2014

*My body is a wonderland.

Over the past few weeks, I feel that I've accomplished quite a bit as far as physical activity goes.  I won't bore you with my most recent round of knee pain/injuries but about 3 months ago I was in so much pain, couldn't even run a mile.  Heck, I had a hard time walking on the treadmill!  I went back to my trusty PT office here in Steamboat and was matched with a therapist + student therapist who I truly felt understood my injury and pain miles over any therapist/chiropractor had in the past.  Since seeing them, I am so proud of myself with the big and little goals I've reached.  Like...

...biking 20+ miles while volunteering for The United way through work.

...setting out on a mountain bike ride with 9 extremely advanced { and amazing } riders and feeling so proud of myself for my ability to keep up to the best of my ability and while not giving up { dang you hills! }!

...turning around the next day and biking 6 miles through the desert of Utah with Hunt.

...committing to 3 runs/week in preparation for a 10k!  My biggest accomplishment during my training was running 5 miles after work one evening with minimal pain + struggle without stopping!

...completing a 10k last weekend under the time I had set for myself to run it in and again, without stopping the entire 6.2 miles!  

...getting to the gym at least 4 mornings a week before work.  It's the best and most relaxing { yes, relaxing! } way to start my day.  There are no photos to accompany this one because aint' nobody got time for that at 6am.

Some of these might not sound like much, but I am celebrating even the smallest accomplishments. When you struggle to complete one mile of running, you celebrate the heck out of those 6.2 miles when you can!  I'm really excited about keeping this momentum going while growing my mountain bike skills + keep up growing my running mileage a few nights a week! 

*Sorry I'm not sorry for the blog post title.  I've had that line stuck in my head whenever I would think to sit down and write this post.  I just had to let it flow, yo.


  1. I am so proud and inspired by you friend. You make me want to get out there and push myself past any mental or physical boundaries I have set for myself. So so proud!

    - Jaime

    1. That is so sweet of you friend, thank you! I sure do miss our evening jogs and yoga classes. Though we maybe were too busy having fun and stifling laughter to motivate and push each other. Ha! Miss you!

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    1. Oh, gurl. It's werked, twerked and durked! Durked? Let's make it a thing. WHAT?! OKAY!!!

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    1. Aww - thank you love! Takes one to know one. ;) xox!