Tuesday, November 11, 2014

check it, fall!

I'm really feeling the fall season this year.  I want all the things cuddly, warm, knit/crochet, homemade...er'thing.  Give to me all the fall things.  So!  Here is my 2014 Fall To-Do List to follow up my 2013 Fall To-Do List!

make some spicy, pumpkiny, deliciously fall dessert.
I had this on my list last year, but totally failed at following through.  I don't like baking and don't necessarily like eating anything super sweet { so whyyyy set this as a goal, Beth?! } but I want to try something new by baking something new.  Here is a spicy, pumpkiny deliciously fall desert that I'm eyeing right now.

host a christmas girls craft night!
I had a faaaabulous group of women in Denver who would get together once every few weeks for a craft night  - we had so much { drunken } creative fun!  I've started planting the seed with a few girlfriends in Steamboat and we have a craft in mind...now all we have to do is put the plan in motion!

cook with cranberries!
I've never cooked with cranberries { secret: I've never liked cranberries but in all fairness haven't actually had them in a while.  So!  Why not see if I do or don't like them as an adult? } that weren't dried or canned, and I think it's high time I've tried.  I'm thinking of starting out easy by making this brussel sprout + cranberry dish because I love brussel sprouts that much.

make this persimmons salad!
We've received persimmons in our Bountiful Basket the past 2 baskets and guess what.  We don't like persimmons!  { this is a horrible theme }  Butttttt - my vegan soul sister Lindsay sent me this recipe that she made for her Thanksgiving last year and it was a huge hit at the party!  We actually have everything needed for the recipe at home so really what is there to loose?  Weird fact: I had a dream about this dish last night so it has to be a { weird } sign of some sort.

throw a friendsgiving!
Holidays to me are all about traditions - and I really want to start a new Friendsgiving tradition in Steamboat.  It's been rather difficult making any weekend plans with a part time weekend job - but this is important to me and we'll find a way to make it work!

make pho { again }!
I have been dreaming of homemade pho since Hunter and I made it a few weeks back.  I want/neeeeeeed to make a huge batch of the broth to freeze for those chilly fall/winter evenings { or really, morning + afternoons, too }.  Nomz.

stovetop simmered fall spices on the stovetop!
I was candle shopping this afternoon and about dropped dead in the store at how expensive they've gotten { #frugal #inflatedsteamboatprices } when I realized I could simmer some of my spices + fruits on the stovetop and achieve the exact same end result!  After a quick Pinterest search, I've learned that it's called Stovetop Potpourri, which isn't my fave.  I'm sticking with Stovetop Simmered Fall Spices.

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