Wednesday, March 4, 2015

eat your fruits and vegetables // drink edition!

I have a l o t on my plate these upcoming 3 weeks so I am making an attempt at small changes in my day-to-day routine.  My hope is I can keep a clear head with a boost of energy and while getting a few additional nutrients in.  I won't be doing any crazy drastic, rather small things like reaching for a few oranges vs a handful of pretzels for a morning snack, making a myself cup of tea versus having a 2nd cup of coffee, blending up a smoothie in the evenings vs having a glass of wine to unwind.  

Two things that have been in heavy rotation during my work day lately have been bottomless cups of green tea and mason jar after mason jar of cayenne pepper + lemon water.  Here are a few reasons why I think you should enjoy these drinks, too!

So far I'm feeling more hydrated than ever and the cayenne pepper has done wonders for curving my morning snack attack.  I also get such a kick out of people wondering WTHeck I have a jar of cayenne pepper at my desk.  Ha!  I originally heard of the cayenne pepper + lemon water drink from my one and only Kris Carr and I go in waves of drinking a few glasses of it daily to forgetting about it for a few months.  I just bought a big ol' bag of organic lemons in an attempt to ride this hydration wave as long as possible!

It should be noted that I realize that I should be citing my sources for where I'm getting these little tidbits from.  Most of them so far have come from WebMD or other various online forums.  Maybe once I have a little more free time during my day I'll link to the sites.  All you research librarians out there please don't hate me!  I'm looking at you, Olson

Also, I loved the quote on my tea bag this morning and wanted to share:

Compassion has no limit.  Kindness has no enemy.

I've been extra cranky/tired these past few days so this came as a nice reminder this morning.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

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  1. I'll look the other way if you give me that wine you're skipping at night ;)