Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Will paint for food (and wine).

When I agreed to the task of repainting the entire interior of the bed and breakfast, I knew I was signing on to a huge task but I didn't really know.  It wasn't until I mentally set aside 3 days to complete one room + bedroom and it wasn't until a week & a half later that I actually completed painting the room that I realized...oh shit.  This is a huge project.  I'm not complaining because I did quit my job knowing that I would spend a month or so painting before the season really picked up.  But!  I'm allowed to complain when something you thought would take 3 days actually took 10.  

I've met a fantastic group of women here in town and for about 3 months now we've been getting together religiously once a week.  I was bitching talking to them about this all and my sweet friend Lauren offered 3 times to plan girls night at the Mariposa and we'd have a painting night.  I felt so horrible at the thought of making them work that I said no 2 times in a row.  Finally when she offered the third and final time something in me whispered Take the help you dumb-dumb.  

I took the help.  I fed them.  I got them good and wined up.  I gave them paintbrushes and set them free.  We had such a great night!

I am so thankful Lauren was pushy enough to offer up their evening to help a friend in need!

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