Monday, May 4, 2015

April Book Report

I've been in another of my book worm phases for the past month or so.  Book worm phase = reading whatever I can get my hands on, whenever.  I have been spending a lot of my time painting which lends itself to audio books and the last week+ I've been in the car a lot which provided plenty of reading time.  The evenings I have been at home, I'm finding myself crawling into bed at 8pm { judge if you  must! } to dig into my books.  Here's what I read in March!

All the Light we Cannot See // This was a good book for me, but it wasn't great.  I posted a photo of this book on Instagram when I first started reading it and received a ton of positive feedback on how everyone absolutely loved it.  I think after hearing all of that, I set my expectations too high for the book.  It was a really well written book that really flowed.  A few sections were really long and drug out out for me, though.  I loved the final few chapters and just wished the author had gotten to that spot in the storyline quicker.  I started reading this book on my Kindle but eventually bought it off Audible and listened to the last half of the book.

Girl on the Train // Eh.  I wrote about this book a little in a previous post, but I was pretty disappointed.  The author did do something right, because I was hooked and could not put the book down until the mystery in the book was solved.  But once it was solved, I was disappointed and realized how dark of a book it was.  It made me want to read Chicken Soup for the Soul and get fill my reading moments with uplifting and positive stories rather those of murder and violence.

Me Before You // Man oh man, I loved this book.  I had seen a few bloggers post about it and when I asked my trusted book source Mary on if she's read it { of course she had } and what she thought of it { a simple: "Heartbreaking!  But so good!" } I was sold.  This was another one I listened to on Audible while painting and I was completely hooked.  I would also listen to it at the gym, while I was out for a run, or stick my phone in my bra and listen to it in the car while running errands around town.  She has a variety of other books she's written and I would love to read more of her books.

The Story Hour // This was Audible's Daily Deal one morning and I caved & bought it.  I had about 2 days of painting left on a particular room that I was working on and needed something more than a podcast { that would interrupt my painting to get up and change every 40 minutes }.  It wasn't the storyline I had anticipated, but I did really enjoy this read { or listen! }.  The storyline wasn't necessarily relatable but parts of the book that the women were going through really spoke to me.  I enjoyed this!

At the Bottom of Everything //  I share a Kindle account with Hunter's dad and it works out so well to get a variety of books into my life.  This was one that he had picked out and I started reading it at the beginning of a long weekend on the road.  It took me a few tries to get hooked on the storyline but once I did the book was captivating to me.  I think I highlighted sections in this book more than any I'd ever read.  It was an open, honest and raw story of tragedy, friendship, bonds of family and diversity.  Loved, loved this book.

Cover of Snow // This is another book that Hunter's dad had added to the Kindle account that I started reading without any idea of what the book was about.  It opened with a really dark explanation and visual of a woman waking up and finding her husband had committed suicide overnight { told'ya it was dark }.  The story is all about uncovering secrets of her husband's past she had never known and really finding answers to what caused him to take his own life.  Hunter and I were on a mini-vacation to Moab last week and I finished this book in appx 24 hours.  Yes, literally one day.  It was so good!

I've started Maze Runner, and I'm starting to listen to The Happiness Project on Audible and I'm struggling to finish Rushed on the Kindle.  I would love to hear if you've read anything good lately!  I'm riding out this Book Worm train as long as I possibly can.  Ha!

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  1. Love! Did you read the Husband's Secret or am I imagining that?!