Friday, May 8, 2015

Rollin' with my homies // pt. 2

I was a little bummed to spend Easter alone this year as it has always been my most favorite holiday.  Hunter was on a 2 week work trip to Arizona and most of the people I know in Steamboat were out of town!  After morning mass, I putzed around the house and ultimately ended up organizing my craft supplies.  This might not sound especially fun to most but my craft supplies had been in dire need or organizing ever since I moved out of my Cap Hill apartment almost 3 years ago!  I'd been itchy to sort through it all and was pleasantly surprised at how many supplies I had that I'd completely forgotten about!  I also had so much fun putting together Easter baskets earlier in the week for our niece and nephew and included some homemade bunny puppets!  

We thoroughly enjoyed our day Grand Junction trip that I talked about a little here so I won't bore you with it again.

One Saturday morning a few weeks ago, my girlfriend Audrey and I went to Beer and Yoga at Storm Peak Brewery!  They have been hosting this event for several months now but I was always working on the weekends and could never make it.  They move around some tables and barstools inside the brewery to fit everyone + our yoga mats. A local instructor taught the class and it was so enjoyable not to mention a unique venue for a yoga class!  Afterwards, you get a beer to enjoy with your fellow yogis.  That evening, we celebrated our beautiful friend Krisin's birthday!  These two women are incredibly dear friends of mine here in the Boat.  When we get together, there is always a bottle of champagne popped, a crazy amount of laughs and a decent amount of emotional tears.  We can and have talked for hours on end about struggles, celebrations and fears.  These two are so valuable to me!  That evening, we went to Splatz, which is a local wine + painting class.  I have been to too many enjoyable { and drunk heehee! } classes at Canvas and Cocktails in Denver and my expectations were set quite high.  The company was perfection while the scene left a little to be desired.  Lets leave it at that. ; >

Our nephew Charlie turned 5 the end of April!  Hunter was out of town for work but I went up to Wyoming with Hunter's dad for the celebrations.  I remember when we were living in Washington and feeling so broken and sad that we were missing out of the kiddos birthdays, so it meant so much to me to get to do a day trip up to Wyoming and hang out with the family.  The kiddos kisses and hugs are more valuable than therapy for me!  It was a great weekend.  We quickly stopped off at a new { to me! } brewery, Coal Creek Tap, before the party { yes, before.  Did I mention there were 14 five year olds at the party?!  We needed to prepare. } and I was beyond impressed with the decor, selection of brews and the beer itself!  I am really paranoid about putting photos of other people's children on my blog and on the internet, but trust me when I say these two wiggle worms are as cute as they get!  

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