Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hamburger de Bison du Colorado

Guess what I learned while walking to get coffee this morning?  The Irish Snug (1 and 1/2  block from my house) has $8 bottomless mimosas.

Guess what I learned while waking home from getting coffee this morning?  Kinga's Lounge (1 and 3/4th block from my house) has $7 bottomless mimosas. {Note: Kinga's Lounge is a Polish restaurant.  As in the sausage, not nail.  I won't even tell you how long I was confused over that. }

Decisions, decisions.

Jaime, Ash, Sara and I have been taking turns picking brunch restaurants to enjoy over the weekends.  Some of my favorites have been Root Down (which since dining there, I've become semi-obsessed with steak and eggs.), Olivea (I can't even get into the awkward conversation Ashley had with our server over hot chocolate.  I sweat just thinking about it.) and Bistro Vendome (My mouth just started watering. Anyone who has been in my presence in the past 3 weeks has, against their will, had to listen to me obsess over their Hamburger de Bison du Colorado.  It has a fancy name, but it really just means Love Between Two Buns.  Don't.  Get.  Me.  Started.)  I feel that Irish Snug or Kinga's has to be our next brunch destination...but which to choose?!  I do have to admit that The Irish Snug's sign displaying the $8 was done a little better than Kinga's sign, so the inner Graphic Designer in me is leaning heavily towards Snug's....

I do need to quickly talk about the last time I enjoyed bottomless mimosas.  It was a Sunday morning (Palm Sunday to be exact) and Mary and I were headed to the Rockies game.  We had a last minute decision to grab some grub at ChopHouse which is appx 12 steps from my parking garage downtown at work, and appx 120 steps from Coors Field, so it really seemed like a perfect idea.  We sat at the bar, both ordered a mimosa and our brunch (Yes, I did get steak and eggs, though I'm not totally sure why because nothing can compare to Root Down's steak and eggs). As we were waiting for our food to come, the bartender brings us a second mimosa.  Right away we thought it was innocent flirting on his behalf, but then he brings us a third.  Then a fourth.  Then it hits us: Shit, we ordered bottomless mimosas.  Then know what happened?  We watched the first pitch of the Rockies game.........from the TV at the bar.

That just happened.  We did eventually make our way to the game, and also made it home 100% safe, I might add.  Sitting in front of the idiots behind us at the game was enough to sober anyone up.  Here is Mary's cute version of our lovely Sunday.  And yes, this was the day she was rapping with my cat.

I told you I was obsessed with that damn burger.  So much so that I dedicated my blog title to it.  What's it to'ya?

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