Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summercamp, party of 4?

Your table is ready.

Confused by the blog title? I was too years and years ago when my ex and two friends heard that at Speak Easy in Moorhead, MN while waiting for a table. We slowly looked around and apprehensively approached the podium to claim our table. Beth Summercamp. Close enough. I got called Beth Garfield a few weeks back. Let's split the difference, shall we?

Dinner has been cooked and consumed. The Fray joined me while watching and listening the rain fall. Now? I have a big, BIG night planned. Sneak peak:

Forks loves Bethanny as much as I do. The red wine is out of the frame, but you bet your booty its there.

Cheers friends!
Sincerely, Beth SummerGarfieldcamp.

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