Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you drink, don't drive - do the Watermelon Crawl.

This weekend, I:
Took a 9am spin class.
Watched silly boys play baseball in the park.
Last minute decided to work and helped at the U2 tailgate for work.
Went to my first Farmer's Market of the summer!
Got coffee with my favorite friend.
Found myself in my old Wash Park stomping grounds, and visited my favorite grocery!
Painted my nails BRIGHTTTT pink.
Happy Hour hopped with my work besties.
Collectively wore a fedora, maxi dress, romper and cadet hat.  4 of my most favorite things in life, BTW.
Fell back in love with Fig Newtons.  My grandma always had them at her house growing up, and I'm on this no-sugar, candy, dessert kick, so they are the perfect substitute!
Steamed an artichoke or two.
Went to my first BBQ of the summer!
Ate a ton of tomatoes.
Was talked into buying ridiculousness QVC sh!t at Sam's Club.  After she told me I looked good in green, I just couldn't say no.  And if you remember from here, I'm not above paying for compliments.
Text with my mid-west BFF's all. weekend. long.
Somehow got hooked on Storibook Weddings.  Don't ask.
While cleaning up from the tailgate for above said U2 concert, heard The Frey at Invesco open up for U2. (One of my fa-fa-favorite bands!  I was beyond thrilled.)
Fell asleep watching WAG.
Lived, laughed and loved.

This weekend, I did not:
Do laundry.
Deny silly chick flicks on tv.
Sleep in.
Go to church.
Resist buying a Sam's Club box of jalapeno poppers for Ryan.
Get the song Watermelon Crawl out of my head.

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