Thursday, February 7, 2013


I saw this ENGAGED: The Invitation on one of the blogs I read, and cracked UP thinking back to Jaime and my, well technically Jaime and Ryan's wedding, but Jaime and my wedding invite designing days.  After watching that one, there is a chance I clicked through and watched all 11 videos from their YouTube channel.  Not all of them are as funny as The Invitation, but as juvenile as it might shape me up to be, I laughed even harder at Klepper and Grey: Poop Brunch.  { Favorite part :: 1:40 for some disgusting reason. }  Between you and me { and the entire interweb }, I laughed.........and wept a little at ENGAGED: The Couch when I realized how ridiculous her commentary over the couch was, and how even more ridiculous it was that I could relate to over-analyzing, obsessing and blowing things out of proportion along the likes of The Couch to Hunter.  Sawwryyyyy Hunter.  

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  1. I just saw your email and watched the YouTube video and then saw this post. Just like you I watched all their videos and they are great. We had a hell of a time with our invitations and it is nice to go back and think about all the late nights, bottles of wine, emails and craziness that went into those damn things. Yet, they are some of the best memories surrounding our engagement.