Monday, February 25, 2013

Today, my most favorite nurse slash brewmaster turns 31. If I write out one more post swooning over how much I love Hunter, I'm certain I'll loose all of my readers. So instead, allow me to tell you a few things about my main squeeze ::

:: He always, always puts up with my random and admittedly obnoxious song singing. Be it on a car ride or using a bottle of Siracha as a microphone...he just sits there looking content as can be and let's me do my thing until thankfully, the song is over.

:: Speaking of Siracha, he eats as much, if not more spicy food than I do. That's a pretty big statement, as anyone who knows me knows I love my jalapeƱos, pepperchinis and Red Hot.

:: Most nights, he snores 3 times before waking himself up then falls back to sleep again. I don't know why I find that so adorable.

:: The man knows how to spoon. Enough said.

:: He is ever so patient with my shortcomings. Encouraging, patient and understanding which is incredibly inspiring.

:: He makes a drill look sooooo good. I finally understand the hyped up fascination with men and tool belts, because good gravy does he make doing actual physical labor look fine.

:: He has the most beautiful adventurous spirit of anyone I've ever met. I'm currently laying on a sofa in a cabin lit only by a lamp and fireplace in Red Lodge MT as I type this...this is where his adventurous spirit took is this week. I love how much he loves a road trip, day trip or times spent outdoors.

:: He understands that I have a small handful of girlfriends whom I would take a bullet for, and never ever scolds me when I'm spending too much time texting photos of flowers to Jaime, or laughing hysterically at the banter back and forth with Mary, or whispering on the phone in the bathroom with Amie at 11pm.

:: Same goes both ways. He is still BFF's with his BFF's from elementary school, and though sometimes their inside joke telling gets a little...meh, it speaks volumes for how he doesn't take a friendship or any person for granted.

:: He always lets Charlie share his bowl of cereal in the mornings which is oh-so messy and not very germ friendly, but he lets him do it anyhow. You watch the the two of them in their pajamas with bed head sharing a bowl of cereal at 7am and let me know where your swoon level lies. Shooting over 10? Thought so.

:: He would rather read, play cards or go for a walk rather than lay around watch TV any day of the week.

:: He always lets me cry when I'm overwhelmed, sad, mad, melancholy, scared, frustrated or downright confused without making me feel like a crazy person.

:: When we are finished eating, he always folds his cloth napkin back up. The man was raised well.

:: Speaking of which, his everlasting love for his mom and dad can bring a tear to my eye. The love of a son for his parents isn't something that can be put into words.

:: He eats my cooking. My crazy tofu ricotta, black bean burgers turned falafel and cashew cheese cooking.

Have you heard enough?! Ok maybe this was more barfy than another I love my boyfriend post, but deal wit it.

Happy birthday, my goose! Thanks for being so damn handsome, silly, sexy and inspiring all at the very same time. I ruff you.

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  1. You are too cute... and so is Hunter. I hope you both had a wonderful day celebrating his birthday together.

    - Jaime


  3. Aww! This is darling :) Seems like you picked a good one!!