Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why today doesn't suck:

When I cut open my avacado this morning, it was perfectly green with no blemishes.

There was just enough grounds to make one small pot of coffee.

I was able to enjoy a lengthy+ blissful steam shower.

I got cleared to start running again at my PT appt!

Even better...I GOT CLEARED TO SKI AGAIN AT MY PT APPT!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Bamboo Market had my most favorite
red cabbage/almond/rasin/red pepper/green onion/ginger
slaw in stock.

this photo doesn't properly highlight the river gliding through in front of the hill, or the sun reflecting off the water
 and sending little sparkles into the air.  or the steam drifting off the rock the teeny tiny waterfall is trickling
down from.  it's all there, you just have to trust. ; >

There is a window spot available at the Steamboat Library for me to camp out at for a few hours.
And when I say window spot, I really mean literally THE cream of the crop window spot.


  1. Are you eating of the floor of the house again?

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about. aka :: Busteddddd.