Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Visitors :: Bob's Visit!

June kicked off the month of visitors for us here in Bremmer.  Sadly, our first guest has already come and gone - wahh!  We got to hang out with Bob { Hunter's dad } from Wednesday-Sunday and had a really lovely and enjoyable time.  It was incredibly comforting to have him here.  I thought a dozen times over in the days we got to hang out with him, that it really made what we are doing so much more real.  Having a familiar face around, one we lived with for 3 months, to marvel at the beautiful and easily accessible open water.  To comment on the dozens of eagles we saw while he was here, and the stunning green forest where we went camping { a direct quote from our camping trip "I really hate to repeat myself, but it really is so damn beautiful here."  It made me feel so much better about the repeating adjective that keeps popping up in my blog posts as of late : }.  To take in the weather and city the same way we took it all in a short month and a half ago.  To point out things that have gotten so regular to us lately, and remind us that where we live really is freaking incredible.  He said a few times "This is where you guys need to be right now.  You are doing it right.  It's so vastly different that where you were in CO or WY, and this is an adventure of a lifetime."  While he was here we rented a condo on the beach in Long Beach, WA.  Took our time picking the perfect camping spot while stopping for wineries and fresh local markets along the way. After exploring a new city; Port Gamble, and making it back to Bremerton we were able to show off some of our favorite spots in the city.  Der Blokken then later Anthony's for dinner.  Walking a quick walk across the bridge to The Boat Shed for brunch, then taking a tour of the Turner Joy a quick stones throw from our condo.  We walked and walked, watched the ferries come in and out.  Sat outside soaking up the sun and taking our time drinking a few beers at Bremerton Bar and Grill.  We spent a lot of time on our patio just admiring the view; I swear Bob could have sat there for hours on end just watching the boats/ferries drift in and out.  We ended our time together with a trip to Toro Lounge for some tapas, and an early bedtime for all.

It really is so very easy to get hung up on such small details while living miles and miles away from close friends and family, but having Bob here was such a fantastic and much needed reminder to embrace where we are, not only location wise but also in life, hold on to it with both hands and enjoy the stories and memories we are making to share for years and years to come.

On Friday {!!!!!!!} our dear, dear friends Ryan and Rou come until Monday!  Hunter and I have a few { actually just one big } tricks up our sleeve to really add some punch and adventure to their time here, but we'll be spending our days camping, kayaking/paddle-boarding, laughing, juicing and many things in between, I'm sure.  Then, the last week in June my parents come for a long weekend!  By then we will be tour guide masters!  We also get to celebrate their anniversary with them which will be extra special!

There are a lot of !!!'s in this post, and I'm quite alright with that.
Cheers, friends!

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