Thursday, June 20, 2013

{a short!} Currently.

::WORKING ON:: Staying centered, present and thankful! Err'day.
::THINKING ABOUT:: Living the life I could have only dreamed about 5 years ago...1 year ago...heck, even 3 months ago.
::ANTICIPATING:: A day date in Seattle tomorrow before Ry and Linds land! And of course, Ryan and Lindsey landing!
::LISTENING TO:: Rockin' Robin from Hunter's Pandora right now. TWEET! TWEET LA DEET!
:: EATING:: A healthy and wonderful combination of fruits and veggies - all local and organic!
::THANKFUL FOR:: Too many things. The ability to pick up on a Tuesday for a 3 day vacation to the ocean - vacation from vacation we call it. Thankful for the friends and family willing to take the time/investment to come see us in this stage of our lives. The ridiculous and abundant laughter that is constantly flowing from our condo. The ocean. Friends and family a phone call/text away to listen to so many little details of life out here. Ability to go run for 2 miles straight with no breaks, no knee pain but slow and constant growth from my knee injury months ago. New friendships in all shapes, colors, ages and sizes being formed from the incredible Farmer's Markets I've been volunteering at 2x/week.
::PLANNING FOR:: What nail polish color to use next, what time to leave for the market, where to watch the game tonight, camping spots for Ry and Linds, and what's next for Beff and Uncie Huntie.

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