Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last night felt like New Years.

Steamboat hosted the 101st Winter Carnival festivities this weekend.  When I was leaving work on Friday, my boss said "You really should try and make time for a few of the events this weekend.  It will make you so proud to live here."  

Nearly a dozen of Hunter's best friends and their wives, girlfriends and children were in town and it created the perfect love child for an impromptu reunion.  A few of them rented an incredibly amazing condo downtown on the river and hosted quite the soiree.  There had to have been close to 50 people who came and went all night long.  The drinks were flowing, food was abundant, Olympics were being played, fire was roaring and for close to an hour we huddled together on the large balcony in the soft snowfall for a front row view of the night show the city put on.  There was the "lighted man" who skied down a few times with a backpack filled with fireworks, kids skiing down in patterns with flashlights of sorts, men skiing down pulling toboggans that had fireworks going off and at the end was quite the fireworks show with the grand finale of the biggest firework in the United States that shot up a mile high.  It was extra special as we had spent the afternoon at a really beautiful funeral/service for one of Hunter's best friend's grandfather.  Bill was quite present in the community and the family got to go and sign the finale firework as the fireworks show was dedicated to his memory.

Between the fireworks show, the beautiful condo where we spent the evening and seeing friends we hadn't seen in over a year + meeting so many new people it really felt like New Years to me.  New Years, or maybe a groom's dinner before a wedding?  I can't quite put my finger on what it felt like exactly, it but it was such a beautiful celebration of friendship and loved ones who aren't with us anymore.  As the evening ticked on, we left and met up at a bar nearby.  I broke away for a bit to meet some of my work friends who were out and about, and eventually ended up back with Hunt and the gang.  I woke up this morning { with a screaming headache, but also } with so much pride.  Pride to have Hunter at my side.  Pride to get to know so many of the friendships who pieced him to be the man he is now.  Pride in the community for pulling off an incredible weekend.  Pride in myself for moving to yet another brand spankin' new-to-me city and adjusting and creating quite the wonderful support circle.

Oddly enough I didn't take any photos throughout the night which was really quite fitting as I was too in the moment to think about creative the perfect Instagram collage.  Even though I don't have any softly edited and laid out photos to accompany this blog post, I really wanted to write about it.  I know it will be a night I will look back on for years and years and reflect on how much fun this life is.

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