Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sayonara, January.

Who would have ever thunk it when I set the goal of to Live with Intention in January, that I would have essentially taken a month off from blogging?  Not I said the fly.  However, in a way it proves that I actually listened to my January mantra.  There were so many nights after work + on my lunch break I thought maybe I could squeeze a blog post in, but I didn't want to post just for the sake of posting.  I wanted to sit down and intentionally write + think out a post.  And because January was chalk full of intention, adjustments, changes, focus and settling in, I simply didn't post.  I have missed over sharing with all you people, so I will be around more in Feb.

You may thank me later.

January has been filled with sneaky rewards, new friendships, Breaking Bad marathons, alone time, visits from friends way way far away and so many things in between.  It has been so very lovely { albeit terrifying } getting to know my new co-workers. I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Meeting and gathering friends as an adult can be very challenging.  It just isn't as easy as it was 10 years ago.  Heck, even 5 years ago!  It can take an open mind and patience, but it can also simply take just being yourself.  Which is my very favorite.

A wee bit of exciting news - after 24 days of working with the paper { I just realized I never blogged where it is that I got a new job!  I'm working for the local newspaper in Steamboat Springs.  I started out as a graphic designer, buttttt} I was approached for an internal promotion and starting Monday I will now be a Sales/AdRep!  Cue the confetti, champagne and panic attacks.  Hahah tooootally kidding { kinda'ish }.  I truly am so honored to have been selected for this position and while I am very excited to be challenged and start writing this new chapter professionally, I really have so very much to learn.  Working a 8a-5p job hassssss been an adjustment.  Most days, a welcomed adjustment!  Having a routine again after truly flying by the seat of our pants for 12 months straight is pretty satisfying.  Though, I'll be honest, what hasn't been totally satisfying is trying to get back into the routine of getting dressed, in a different outfit, day after day.  Gone are the days of yoga pants and track jackets 6x a week.  It really doesn't help that after I finished work at my last job, I donated 80% of my clothes, put 12% in storage { spread out between 4 different cities.  WTH, Beth?! } and traveled to Washington with the final 8%.  I'm essentially working with a from scratch wardrobe.   It has been fun in the respect that I'm feeling more hip and happenin' than I was before, but annoying in the respect that I have to wear more than a sports bra and stretchy pants.  I'm reminding myself to get creative in the way of coordinating outfits, and forcing myself not to "Mark as Read" all the fashion posts that show up on my BlogLovin.   It sounds so harsh to say, but more often than not fashion posts bore me.  They do.  I know that makes me a horrible woman and a disappointment to our kind, but I find them very boring.  { And I'm certain that my vegan//food//travel posts bore many of you out there, so don't go calling me Kettle or anything, ya hear? :}  Currently I have 4 tabs open for online shopping, and I can pretty much guarantee I'll close all 4 of those w/o purchasing a single gosh darn thing sitting in those carts. But!  After having a Pinterest account for probably close to 2 years, I finally created my first fashion board. (!)  Maybe that will get me into the grove again?  Woof.  As it stands now: Vegan Food Board = 311 Pins.  Style Board = 2 Pins.  Outlook not so good.  BUT I AM TRYING, PEOPLE.

We were so. very. lucky. last week to have our first visitors to Steamboat!  Our dear friends Julia and Justus, whom we met in Bremerton, came to check out our Steamboat/Snowy life.  Good gravy was being around them good for my soul.  Within seconds of seeing them, I was immediately reminded why we hit it off with them so quickly in the first place.  They have such warm, kind with a spicy side of smart ass personalities.  The entire weekend, Julia and I kept sneaking in hugs and saying "I AM SO HAPPY YOU/WE ARE HERE." then proceed to squeal and say girly things about how much we missed each other then immediately look over our shoulder to find our +1's giving us those Ugh you guys are such girlsss looks.  It was beautiful.  I was so humbled at the energy, time, money and planning they put into coming to see us.  And all because Hunter and I took a leap of faith, moved states for a few months, followed with my desire to do more than go to yoga a few times a day and watch the clock to keep up with the ferry schedule happening right outside our very own windows and volunteer at the farmer's market.  { Julia is the manager of the market and thus was my volunteer boss/supervisor. }

Life is beautiful.

I have so many more stories + dozens of photos to share over the next few days/weeks but right now I have to catch some zzz's and save my energy for the Broncos game tomorrow!

It was fun catching up, friends.  I'll be back in a few days and am excited to share my word for February!

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  1. I am literally SO behind in the blog/social media world lately.... hence why I'm commenting on blog posts you wrote pretty much a month late... haha. I haven't even blogged MYSELF since January... so busy!

    ANYWHO! Just wanted to say CONGRATS on the new job and exciting life changes and I hoooope everything is going perfect for you! Hopefully I can get on top of my social media game and I won't be commenting so late on blog posts anymore ;)

    Happy weekend!!!