Friday, April 25, 2014

small towns are my jam :: volume 2

We've lived in The Boat going on 5 months now and more often than not it seems the small town perks double by the day.  You can read my first Small Town Jamin' post from a few months ago here, but I've acquired a few more to share.

//Setting aside a minute and twenty seconds for a stop at the DMV instead of one hour and twenty minutes (and going through 3 bottles of hand sanitizer and a bottle of ibuprofen to kill the headache acquired in said hour and twenty minutes)

//The ability to rest easy when driving up next to a white Jeep without having a mild heart attack that you just pulled up mack dab next to your ex-boyfriend.  (dat man isn't cool enough for Steamboat livin' anyhow)

//Filling up on gas, going in to pay (because of course you don't have to pay before you pump gas like all those high flutin' cities) to find out you forgot to grab your wallet from home and have the gas station attendant say "Oh it's no big deal.  Just come on back to pay for it tomorrow."

//3 minute bike ride to the grocery store.  (I had this same commute time when riding my bike to the grocery in Denver, but I truly adore riding my bike to the store anywhere I live, so it needs to be listed.)

//Enjoying an evening watching your friends perform for Steamboat Dance Theatre, but also having the performance be at your boyfriend's high school so you can sneak in a tour and see his cute middle school mug framed around the school before the performance starts.  (and of course they leave 80% of the doors unlocked because who locks their doors in a small town?!)

//(Though the ski season is now over,) the luxury of waking up on a Saturday or Sunday with the ski itch and being up ON the mountain within 30 minutes of waking up.  Take that I-70 traffic!  (This really is only possible because we live in a small ski town, but it's a small town perk nonetheless.)

This photo has nothing to do with the post, but it makes my heart burst in a million pieces!  While watching our nephew Charlie overnight a few weeks ago we were winding down watching a movie.  I get up to use the restroom, come back and both of these boys are chomping on carrot sticks.  I asked Hunter just what had happened and he said Charlie wanted a snack, walked over to our fridge and came back with two carrots for them to snack on.  So darn cute!

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