Friday, May 17, 2013


Sometimes there are days where you feel especially down and out. Upset over lack of jobs. Lack of friends within arms reach. Little nuggets growing up miles and miles away, family gatherings being missed. Friends going through excruciatingly painful times, and feeling a phone call or text couldn't convey the love you know you could show face to face.


Sometimes there are days where you get in a really encouraging run. Take a walk in the rain with your biggest crush, stumble across a "Funky Junk" type store and a simple walk through brings back floods of memories of mom + sister from a few years back. Sometimes you find not one but two heads up pennies { !!!!!! } out and about, your green juice shows you much needed love { awww }, you get in a home cooked meal and eat it while watching the rain fall with that same biggest crush { sigh }. Sometimes you get to try out a new yoga studio, and celebrate that successful yoga class with a candlelit hot bath and drift off to sleep with the reflection of the stars, the moon and harbor lights in the ocean directly outside your bedroom window and you realize that life is really, really fucking amazing.

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