Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pause? Nah - fast forward!

One would think....well at least I thought, that once we got settled into our condo we would take some time to kind of hit pause and settle into a quiet and calm routine of sorts.  Alas, in typical Hunter and Beth fashion, we've hit the pavement running.  We've explored the area to the max, taking every option of ferry/water taxi to new little towns that we have at our disposal.  We've made a weekend trip a few towns over to Olympia to see some wonderful family friends who welcomed us into their beautiful home with open arms.  It was a night full of laughs, some tears, lots of walking + an art walk, dinning on incredible grub but mostly hearing dozens, yet never enough, stories of Hunter's parents from high school to present day.  We packed up a few days ago for a weekend of camping and busted out the tent for the first time since our 14'er back in September!  We had simply the best time of exploring new parks { some amazing, some seriously over populated and annoying } and getting back into our camping groove thang.  It was a good little teaser for all the camping and backpacking trips we have in mind over the next few weeks/months!  Speaking of, this afternoon we will leave yet again for a 2 night, 3 day backpacking trip { enter squeals of excitement here! }.  This one is going to be really amaze, I can already tell.

I guess in a way, the non-stop-adventure-hit-the-pavement-running-any-and-all-days-off-spent-outdoors is our way.  And that I'm perfectly ok with.  

Oh andplusalso, we got a juicer and I like it midly.  I guess I like it ok.  I think I guess maybe it can stay.  I suppose I kinda like her { name: Lucy Juicy! } and use her sparingly { daily, if not a few times a day }.

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