Tuesday, December 15, 2015

no friends on a powder day.

There is a saying here in Steamboat and I can only assume any ski town:

No friends on a powder day.

Or more simply put:  
Every man for themselves.
Hell no, I won't wait for you.  
I'm sorry, what was your name again?

It cracks me up how passionate people are about about snow here in Steamboat.  We have a group text going with about 10 people where we text about week night/weekend plans, Broncos game meeting spots and what time people are meeting for skiing etc.  This morning, the first text I saw when waking up was: No friends on a powder day. Basically telling everyone Heck yes we got 12 inches of snow and hell yes I'm going skiing solo on my own time, at my own pace and you can't hold me back!

I remember living in North Dakota and we would get monster snow storms and the town would hardly even blink.  Work never was called off, schools never got a snow day.  Then after moving to Denver...whenever we would get anything more than 3" people would freakkkkk outttttt.  I would always show up at work to an empty office because people were "snowed in".  Internally I would be going mad thinking - "I got here!  Why can't you?!"  I know I was just used to living in ND where I once had to physically hold my drivers side door closed while driving and navigating through 12" of snow on my way to work because the lock on my door was so frozen I couldn't get it closed.  Ha!  That's a pretty extreme example, I know.  All this to say that I'm thrilled to be living in a town that welcomes snow and thrives off huge snow storms again.

I had an acupuncture appointment this morning and there was a little Sorel Boots party at the front door.  Made me giggle!

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