Tuesday, December 8, 2015

the sweet season :: broken down v.6

 making :: i'm going to spend some time today making christmas ornaments to gift this year!

cooking :: quinoa pizza crust pizza - i've made this twice in the past three weeks and i just love the ease of making it and how tasty it is.  i have more quinoa soaking as we speak for dinner tonight!

drinking :: coffee coffee coffee.  we recently bought a new french press and really love it!  wee!

reading :: as the great world spins.  i had read appx 4 books within maybe a 2 week time frame about a month ago and slightly burned myself out.  i just recently picked this book back up again as it's part of our olsonfield book club and i really am enjoying it!

wanting :: oh man - this is a tough one.  wanting so much and so very little at the same time.  wanting to gain strength to power through confusing and painful moments while wanting to remember how sincerely grateful i am for this chapter in our lives.

looking :: forward to january!  we are in the middle of planning two separate trips with a really wonderful group of friends we've established in steamboat and i just know that both of them will be above and beyond fun.

wasting :: energy thinking about cuddashouldawudda.

learning :: my limits!  both mentally and physically.

wishing ::  a hot tub would show up in my bedroom, please and thank you.

enjoying :: the freedom to go soak in the hot springs at 10am.  there has been some adjustment since switching from my 9-5 to managing the b+b, but without question one great big huge bonus has been the flexibility to ski, soak or sleep at 10am on a thursday.  and i think that is pretty darn cool.

waiting :: for the pain to take a backseat before i go downstairs and start making dinner.

liking :: waking up to snowfall day after day.  i already have busted myself reminiscing about summer days spent in the sunshine and the green grass, but there is something truly beautiful and magical about waking up to the softest of snowfall.  

playing :: settlers of catan!  our good friends terese and koye introduced us to this game a few months ago and we are all shamelessly hooked.  it took a few rounds of playing for me to get the hang of a strategy but i've hit my stride!

wondering :: what the next 3, 6 and 12 months are going to look like.  it feels like that's the same answer i give for this one each time i write one of these posts - but i can't help it!  it's true.  i can often be found reflecting and daydreaming.  what can i say?!

loving :: our local thrift store in steamboat!  i have bought so many awesome home decorations at lift-up but recently they've been 
killing it in the christmas decoration department!  i want to take a trip there again today.  i just love it.

hoping :: for good news, positive vibes and progress made.

marveling :: at the bond of friendships near and far.

smelling :: for my birthday, my sweet friend terese gifted me a himalayan candle + lavender, rosewood, patchouli tea lights.  the scent of the tea lights and the glow from the candle is so relaxing for me.  i've been burning it more when i am feeling anxious and on edge lately and it really aids in calming me down.  i've got it burning right next to me right now!

wearing :: a really cozy bright orange sweater.  the same sweater i wore for our hilarious ski pass photos this year.

noticing :: how much i can relate to different aspects of the lively show podcast.  mary ida introduced me to this podcast and even though i've only listened to 2 episodes so far, i'm thoroughly enjoying how relatable they are.

knowing :: that everything is going to be ok.  that's something hunter say to me on the regular now when i find myself getting worked up over half a dozen different things.  it's such a simple phrase but such a powerfully true phrase that i repeat to myself in some of my more trying moments.

thinking :: it feels good to have this space to express the good, the bad and the ugly days.

feeling :: grateful throughout the chaos.

bookmarking :: different ideas to use in my christmas gift wrapping this year!

opening :: a new case of la croix - the obsession has swept the madfield house!

giggling :: at these two videos { one and two }.  i know, i know.  it's justin.  but something about these videos - guys, i'm a belieber.

needing :: r + r.

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