Saturday, December 12, 2015

summer / fall book report

It's been since April since I have blogged a book report, so there are quite a few to document!  I have two notes on my phone of book suggestions.  I bet I add to these lists at least once a week!  Between chatting about books with my girlfriends and my guests at the b+b, I get so many recommendations.  I love it!  Between those two lists and our Olsonfield Book Club, I have enough book suggestions to last me a year.  Also - after writing this point, I realized that I never really explain what the books are about which has never been on purpose but is probably because you can click the link to read a professional  and experienced writer explain the book to you.  I'll just tell you if I liked it or not.  heehee

physical books read

If I Stay + Where She Went // These are both YA books, and I gotta say...I loved them.  Ha!  #youngadultatheart  They were a perfect mix of quick reads + chick flick books.  I enjoyed Where She Went more than I enjoyed If I Stay but both of them really were great.  I ended up watching If I Stay as it's now a movie and I sincerely hope that they come out with a movie for Where She Went, too!

Room // Man oh man.  My friend Laura was telling me how she was finishing this book at lunch one day and that evening Mary sent me the movie trailer for it.  I took it as a sign that it was a must read.  This one was absolutely heartbreaking but yet I could not put it down at the same time.  I was trying to explain to a few friends the general idea of the book and they both said "WHY would you want to read a book like that?!"  I can totally understand where they are coming from but as difficult as it was to read knowing that this is very much a reality for many little kiddos.  It was also good and kind of necessary seeing a different perspective on the lives that are lived out there.

A Man Called Ove // Mary picked this one for our Olsonfield Book Club and I think we both agreed it was one of the most touching books we had read in a while!  It was so beautifully written with the slightest bit of an edge.  Hunter and I were driving to Nebraska when I finished this book and I was sobbing at the ending.  I remember putting the book down after I had finished it and looked out the window crying pretty hard and Hunter just softly says "So.....good book?"  Ha! Yeah.  Great book.

The One & Only // I downloaded this book shortly after my the accident - I needed an easy breezy book that I didn't have to pay too much attention to.  It was an mindless read which was just what I was looking for.  I do love me some Emily Griffin but it was just a little odd.  It was good, just kind of a plot twist of a young woman falling in love with her best friend's dad - you don't typically see that in too many books.  Ha!

Let the Great World Spin // Gah - such a great book.  This storyline has maybe 4-5 really solid plot lines with different characters and as the book evolves you get to see how each character is related and their lives intertwine with one another.  I read this on my Kindle and I highlighted at least a dozen different quotes from my book.  My favorite, and one that I think represents the book really well, is "Literature can remind us that not all life is already written down: there are still so many stories to be told."  

audiobooks listened to

The Happiness Project // This is the first audiobook I've listened to that I wish I had read versus listen to.  The author narrates the book, which unlike the next book on my list, it totally killed the vibe for me.  This book has so many great stories and reminders on how to live an authentic and truly happy life.  However, the author....well....her voice drove me absolutely crazy.  Ha!  I wouldn't mind purchasing this book to reread it and highlight my favorite parts.  I recommended this book to a friend here in Steamboat - she read it on her e-reader and really loved it.  I'll give it a second shot.

A House in the Sky // This might be one of my top 3 favorite books I've read in 2015.  Unlike The Happiness Project, Amanda the author narrates this book as well and absolutely kills it.  This book is filled with intensity, passion, fear, love, friendships, enemies and growth.  I will likely listen to this book a few more times because it really was that good.  I highly recommend this as an audiobook for anyone looking for a great read { or listen! }.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks // Another absolutely phenomenal book.  This book is filled with so much knowledge and history over health issues that are hugely prominent today.  The day that I had finished listening to this audiobook, I immediately started playing it again.  Hunter and I were on a long road trip and I wanted him to listen to it as I think he would really enjoy it as well.  We didn't get too far the 2nd time through { because we started listening to To Kill a Mockingbird } but with him working in the medical field, I really think he would enjoy listening to this book.

To Kill a Mockingbird // Oh, To Kill a Mockingbird!  A classic, obviously.  But one that I hadn't read { or did I ever even read it?!  I can't remember } since elementary school.  I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed reading { listening } to this.  I was absolutely hooked and took it with me on every afternoon run, cleaning shift and as I was falling asleep at night.  10 out of 10 for sure.

Go Set a Watchman // Ugh.  Go Set a Watchman.  Probably the biggest disappointment in book form that I had experienced in a while.  It wasn't terrible, but following up To Kill a Mockingbird - it was tough.  I know there is so much history and background on these two books and I certainly respect Harper Lee for her talent, but it didn't hold a flame to TKAM.  After finishing this book, I posted an update to my Facebook reading: "All right fellow bookworms - I just finished Go Set a Watchmen and want to hear your thoughts. My initial reaction after finishing the book is that Harper Lee happened to catch Scout on a nasty week of PMS. I want to hear what you think!"  Have you read this?  I'm so curious to hear other's opinions on the book.

Brain on Fire // I was so enthralled in this book for a solid 3/4ths of it - but then the plot took a turn and I 100% hit a wall where I couldn't have cared less how the book ended.  I was disappointed but still respected the story and this woman's experience.

Who Do You Love // Jennifer Weiner is another favorite chick flick author of mine.  I was traveling to Minneapolis for a good friend's wedding and needed an easy ready to listen to on the plane, light-rail etc.  It was good!, but took a little longer than normal to gain momentum.  Loved the way it ended and I was really thankful to have this book with my on my Minnesota trip! 

Walk Two Moons // I just downloaded this book on Audible but have yet to start it.  I'll let you know what I think of it once I start it, though!

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