Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy YouHappyTube Friday!

I think I've talked before how my friend Jimmy sends music videos every Friday for Hot Hit Friday.  My lovely friend Tim has tacked onto that and also sends out a Weekend Warm Up video.  Between these two videos they sent, plus one Mary shared with me this morning, and my girlfriend Daily Grace, my YouTube tank is very full!

Hot Hit Friday:
Weekend Warm Up:

Mary's Magical Video:

Daily Grace Love:

Playing over, over and over again in the background is my favorite band right now, Gin Wigmore.
Here's my favorite of hers!  Well...for today anyway.

Enjoy!!!  Any fun weekend plans, Hakuna Matata friends?  I'm going to try and sell my current bike tomorrow, and immediately turn around to buy one I've been crushing on for a few weeks now.  I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with "Bruiser bike bith ba bakset."

Maybe by the time you figure that out, I'll have and pictures to share.

Happy Weekending!

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