Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Professional Development.

I can't explain what just happened, so allow my Gchat with Mary to explain.

Mary:    Have you used google hangout yet?
 me:  I haven't!
 Mary:  Debbie says you can wear hats and a mustache.

 me:  Have you?
 Mary:  NO
We should try it.

{ Fast forward to... }

me:    I already can't stop laughing
 Mary:  LOL - ditto
 me:  OMG something is happening
 Mary:  I can't stop laughing
nice nails!
 me:  Laughing.  If someone walked up
I can't predict what I would do
 Mary: My eyes are INFERNO burning
jalepenos in my eyes
with you and a birthday hat and cat face
it's impossible. every time i click over it gets better
 Mary:  i can't even breathe

okay we tested it
now i have to redo my makeup
OMG you talking
Mary:  okay i think we need to quit
because i'm about 2 seconds away from losing it.
and if you take another drink of coffee in that
i'll lose it all
Mary:  thanks for that professional development
that's what i'm calling it

You are welcome, friends.  You.  Are.  Welcome.
As you were.

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