Monday, October 28, 2013

the sweet season :: broken down v.2

making :: so very many beautiful memories.  corny.  but true.
cooking :: meal after meal with squash!  butternut, spaghetti, acorn.  give me all of the squash. 
drinking :: h 2 the o.  i'm remembering how much water it takes to stay hydrated in these high elevations!
reading :: { very slowwwwly } life after life.  { sorry mary! }
wanting :: to figure out a better way to explain to friends our fall/winter plan.  i usually get really lost, blank and confused stares when i'm finished explaining our ping pong ways.
looking :: forward to my week spent in ca for thanksgiving!  
playing :: with charlie and chloe as much as our crazy schedules allow it.  we kicked aaron and becky out of the house last week to get more one-on-one time with the kids.  there were so many moments throughout the evening that i forgot we were babysitting because we were laughing and playing oh-so-hard.
wasting :: many hours and miles outside walking the dogs.  we're dog-sitting sara's 2 dogs, and it's been fun forcing ourselves to cut out an hour each day to talk them for a walk.
sewing :: still nothing.  but mary just finished one of her best projects yet.  ask her and prepare to be amazed {and entertained!}
wishing :: bww wasn't so damn delicious. 
enjoying :: the nail polish i threw in the cart at dsw a few days ago.  hunter needed new dress shoes, and i needed this blue polish. #winwin
waiting :: to get my to do list done so i can try my hand at pretzel bread bowls!
liking :: how many long distance dear friends i got to see over the weekend.  linds from slc.  missy from fargo.  heather from ft co.  there was a mix of 3 years, 2 years, and 2 weeks since i've seen these ladies, and it was so beautiful watching the friendships pick up exactly where they left off.
wondering :: if the mouse we spotted last night {@#$@#%!!} will resurface or if he/she's gone back to her home in the basement/outside/floorboards.  is it weird that when i picture it as a girl i get less grossed out?
loving :: hold it down by paper bird.  can't stop.  won't stop.

hoping :: to finish a big design project that's been nipping at my heels the past few days.
marveling :: at all the changes in denver.  so very many new buildings are shooting up left and right.
needing :: to dedicate 30 minutes today to finally being 100% unpacked at sara's house.  i could push around boxes for days on end when it was just me, but with 2 people living out of that bedroom it gets cramped.  fast.
smelling :: the fall candles i've scattered around the house!
wearing :: my most favorite grandpa sweater that i got from old navy last year!  
following :: my thoughts back a few weeks to ocean side views and squawking seagulls.  sigh.
noticing :: that it doesn't matter the miles or time that is put between friends, true friendship always prevails.
knowing :: i'll have a good 60 minute coughing fit after running outside.  darn you, 5280!
thinking :: about how damn beautiful this life is.
feeling :: so thankful we got back to co in time to enjoy the last few weeks of fall.  we've spent a few days in steamboat and i really haven't seen a more beautiful fall than i have in steamboat this year.  stunning.
bookmarking :: crafty projects to do with my momma in a few weeks!
opening :: cutie after cutie.  the citrus obsession has hit.
giggling :: with hunter in bed.  i have the biggest crush on that handsome devil.
feeling :: so, so, sososososososo much love.


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