Friday, July 18, 2014

Fancy Friday Favorites!

//this sneak peek into Karley and Robby's 3rd Anniversary celebrations!  Watching people I love fall in love with mountain biking is so much fun.

//this honey mustard roasted cabbage.  I want this like 10 minutes ago.

//this small taste of a San Juan vacation.  Though short, the snippit brought back so many memories of our week long travel adventure to the San Juan islands last year.

//these homemade syrups!  I'm not one for sweetened coffee in the mornings but I could totally see making a batch of decaf coffee and sipping on one of these iced coffees in the afternoon.

//this dinner dish idea!  Sub the tuna for avocado and it sounds like a deeeelicious dinner idea. #getinmahbelly

I'm taking a page out of Anna + Tracy's book with a Friday round up of some favorite fancy links from the week!

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  1. i need to send you some pure maply syrup for your coffee! :)