Thursday, July 17, 2014

the sweet season :: broken down v.4

making :: lake powell plans, denver plans, amos lee plans, birthday plans, camping plans.  
cooking :: roasted sweet potatoes + roasted tofu to be eaten cold with a { large } side of sriracha for lunches!
drinking :: lemon + mint + cucumber infused water 
reading :: done with joy luck book club starting the snow queen with a side of this is where i leave you
wanting :: a generous salad, cup of decaf coffee and flask of bailey's to get through this thursday + friday.
looking :: at a sky full of stars.  it wasn't until my dad visited us here in steamboat from ca and stopped dead in his tracks while walking home one night after noticing the sky littered in stars do i now notice and smile up at them every single night.
wasting :: away the cool summer evenings with a breeze and new book.  
sewing :: i may potentially help fix and sew a friend's dress.  i need my mary's help!
wishing :: my parents a happy anniversary.  they celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago!  watching those celebrations and milestones in their lives come and go mean so much more to me as an adult as it did growing up.  i love their love.
enjoying :: dabbling in design again after taking 7 months off.
waiting :: for the weekend and time spent with rou!
liking :: the signs of summer that have been surrounding us lately.  sun-kissed cheeks, the slight smell of sunscreen that follows you everywhere, reading in the grass by the river in the backyard, salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner, falling asleep with the windows open and the breeze drifting in.  ahhh....sweet summer.
playing :: softball each wednesday night.
wondering :: why i thought i would grow my friendships with friends from work over playing softball.  have you seen me throw a ball lately?  correction: have you seen me attempt to throw a ball lately?! 
loving :: biking to work.  such a refreshing way to start the morning and a determined way to end the work day.
hoping :: the kraut i have fermenting is worth the wait and the testing of my cooking patience.
marveling :: at the concept of applying yourself and seeing yourself and your life grow.  novel concept, eh?  
smelling :: burt's bees chap-stick
wearing :: a skirt that i purchased in college about 9 years ago.  i was in a rush on my lunch break and needed a few outfits for some upcoming weddings.  i quickly bought two skirts only to discover once i brought them home that they are maternity skirts.  my sister and i laughed for what felt like ages over it.  i feel closer to her when i wear this skirt.  i love this skirt.
noticing :: my hair color is fading after coloring it last month for the first time in 1.6 years!
knowing :: the few hours i commit each week to my women's mountain bike clinics are paying off!
thinking :: ahead to my weekend in denver and i'm gitty with glee at seeing so, so, so many of my favorites.
feeling :: so many happy and nalsalgic emotions as i start writing blog posts for amie's wedding.  
bookmarking :: so, so many quick pickled recipes and tutorials.  i need to get over myself and just do it already!  pickle me.
opening :: a can of whoop ass. <----------- clearly i couldn't think an answer for this one.  but really, who doesn't open a can of whoop ass every morning?!
giggling :: at some humorous texts bouncing back between myself and a very dear 9 month pregnant girlfriend back in denver.  old friends are the best medicine.
needing :: to post this blog post already, i've been dinking around with it for 3 days now!

sweet season post volume one and two and three

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