Tuesday, July 8, 2014

See ya later, tourists!

We all know I'm wild about small town living, but what I am not necessarily wild about is small resort town living the week of a holiday.

*2 parts cluster, 1 part f!ck. 

Our first reaction was to get the flock out of dodge for the 4th of July weekend until we realized that he had a dozen+ friends coming into town, and I had 2 super duper uper special friends coming into town. We decided to split the difference of getting out of dodge, and fighting the crowds in dodge and ended up on a 24hr backpacking trip 
{ first of the season - yahoooooo!!! }!  

When we were living in Bremerton and would head out for a 1-3 hour drive to arrive at our backpacking trailhead location, Hunter would always say to me "I can not wait to take you backpacking in Steamboat and show you how many options there are within miles of Steamboat!"  It's not that I didn't believe him, I was just totally floored how right he was { don't tell him I said that }.  I worked until 5p Thursday and we were all packed up and on the road by 5:13p.  We drove for maybe 15 minutes before arriving at our trailhead, and just like that we were backpacking!  Our hike in was about 3 miles, and the trail would weave in and out of seeing downtown Steamboat, to seeing nothing but hills and trees for miles and miles.  Before we knew it and a mere hour and some change later, we had set up camp with an absolutely incredible view.  Ahhhh.....

We had an unbelievable sunset on Thursday night.  Think oranges, purples, reds, yellows fading out to light blues.  We watched it all on the tippie top of a rock bluff while we each enjoyed an IPA that happened to sneak into our backpacks.  
It.  Was.  Glorious.  

We also were able to sleep in the tent with the "windows"/screen unzipped for the first maybe 6'ish hours of sleep until it started to sprinkle.  
It.  Was. Glorious.

The next day we slept in { doesn't it always seem that while camping you wake up either at 5am or 10am?! }, had breakfast, Hunt went for a little stroll around camp while I relaxed in the hammock with a book.  
It.  Was.  Glorious.  

We then packed up lunch/snacks and headed out on what ended up being about a 5 mile day hike.  We saw dozens and dozens of butterflies on the hike, which I was totally not expecting!  Butterflies like backpacking, too I suppose.  We were about 3 miles in to our hike when Hunter happened to look across the field and says "Hey, I've been here before.  There are waterfalls back in those trees!  Let's check it out."  I'll be honest to say I was hesitant that we would find a waterfall, but { yet again } he was right!  We climbed up to the waterfall and hunkered down for some lunch, washed off a bit and simply soaked up and enjoyed the scenery. 
It.  Was. Glorious.

After our hike back to camp, it was hot hot hot and the bugs were annoying annoying annoying, so we decided to head back a little earlier than planned.  I'm incredibly thankful we did because about 10 minutes after we made it back to the truck a pretty crazy thunder/lightening/rain storm rolled in!

It was such an amazing 24hr getaway from reality, tourists and traffic.  I'm so excited to do it again 
{ and again and again and again! }.

*I totally stole this from a Someecard, but let's pretend I was crafty enough to think of it myself.

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