Friday, August 1, 2014

link a dink.

//this video of pets interrupting yoga.  i had the biggest smile on my face the entire duration of the video, but at about 2:22 I was straight up laughing out loud.  oh my goodness.

//this heirloom tomato bruschetta from a house in the hills.  yes.  in all variations of the word...yes.

//this post on time spent consuming vs creating.  great read!

//this three-ingredient salsa.  nothing says summer to me more than fresh salsa from freshly picked { from garden or farmers market! } ingredients.

//this slow cooker black bean soup.  every black bean soup i've ever had has kind of just been mehhhhh, but i could see how making it from dried beans vs canned beans and adding my own seasonings might make all the difference!

//this little round up of seattle favorites.  we all know i love me some seattle and seeing these little snippets makes my heart happy.

//this article on things you learn when you are in a good relationship.  i think #3 is my most favorite!

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