Friday, August 15, 2014


//this bathroom tour of natural living products!  drea can do no wrong in my eyes so it was awesome to get an insider peek into her daily all natural routine!  hashtagwannabehippie

//these gouda grits + brown butter shrimp.  i don't like shrimp.  like really don't like shrimp.  but if I'm going to eat shrimp, it's going to be with grits and brown butter.

//these carrot apple muffins.  like my pinterest board states: I don't bake.  but if i baked, i would go outside my comfort zone and bake these muffins!

//this post about what vegans bring backpacking had me seconds away from quitting my job and packing up my life in a backpack.  you think i'm kidding.

//these watermelon st germain cocktails are what summer evenings are made of.


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  1. I totally just stalked that bathroom girl and she's in freaking Burlington VT today! What a small ass world.