Friday, August 29, 2014

five minute friday//foodie linkz

Thought it might not be riveting to you all, I do love posting a few of my favorite links each Friday.  It keeps me aware when I am scrolling through the dozens of blog posts I read each week and truthfully holds me accountable and to not let 3+ weeks go by without me posting on this space.  However, they have been feeling a little stale to me lately, so I'm going to try adding a little Five Minute Friday blurb where I write with no edits for 5 minutes straight. 

Hunter and I took off for a birthday celebration last Friday after work.  I need to get some photos and memories from our trip up on the blog.  It was a weekend of love, adventure and bliss that we haven't experienced in a while.  The 4 days we were gone felt like they were pulled straight from our adventurous 7 months in Bremerton last summer.  Even though this weekend is a long weekend with Labor Day, we decided against a quick trip to WY and are choosing to stay close to home and spend time with a dear friend who is only in Steamboat for a few short weeks.  Plus, I'm gearing up to start a part time job, so I would like to get our apartment and meal prep in order a bit more!  We've been doing Bountiful Baskets for a few months now, and it has completely restyled our grocery shopping.  I've been trying new recipes that use more of what we have on hand versus going out to buy a new huge ingredient list.  Cooking can get so expensive but I'm working to be a thrifty chef at the same time.  A tasty thrifty chef!  andplusalso, I've been using the magic of actual recipe cards more and more which makes me sound like one of those young bucks who is discovering a how cool funky and vintage a typewriter can be.  It seems kind of strange to me we are already entering September, but at the same time it feels just right.  Over the weekend, Hunter and I talked a lot about how adventurous our summer was last year and how different our summer has been this year.  Though we did more camping, backpacking and spent far more nights in a tent last year, this summer has been adventurous in a new way.  We've logged so very many hours on our mountain bikes which is a post and a half in and of itself.  We've spent more time enjoying creek side happy hours, had great BBQ's with nearby friends and just all in all had a really lovely summer.  

And now, a few { mostly food related } linkz to start off the weekend.
//this grilled sesame ginger cabbage.  cabbage has been my jam lately.  talk about thrifty cooking; i feel like a head of cabbage can be stretched to nearly a dozen salads + stir fries.  i need to try this salad/stir fry out sooner than later.

//this african peanut stew.  anyone who knows me knows asian food is my go-to-favorite-gimmie-more cuisine.  anyone who really knows me { aka has eaten too much thai/asian/Vietnamese food with me } knows that i like my meals flavorful and i like them saucy.  lindsey and i have had many a conversation over soupy curry vs thick curry.  i'm team soupy.  when i read the final sentence of this post about serving it over jasmine rice, i knew immediately it was the perfect recipe to try for a soupy gal like myself.

//this round up of back to school allergy free snacks is just the motivation i need to tackle homemade granola bars.

//this spicy sweet potato avocado toastadas sounds { and looks } like summer time dinner bliss.

//this inspiring post about keeping your closet to a minimum { say what?! a minimum!?? }  since moving to steamboat i've convinced myself that i haven't had enough clothes { i donated 80% of my wardrobe before moving to bremerton and about 18% of that remaining 20% is in storage }.  I've been hungry for deals and online shopping, but i just adore the spin of keeping our closet to a few pieces rather than a ton of pieces.  novel concept, eh?!  

aaaand a quick photo from a coffee shop in crested butte last weekend that stole my heart { and stomach } with their techniques, homemade bread and all around eye candy.

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