Tuesday, September 23, 2014

i made this :: butternut squash + leek risotto

When it comes time to complete my Door to Door Organics order each week, I have one internet window open with my order, and one internet window open with my Pinterest food board.  Cross referencing the two helps me stay organized comparing what I want to make and what we'll be getting in our organic box that week.  When I saw both butternut squash and leeks pop up on Door to Door, I knew this risotto needed to be made sooner than later.

The dish came together in a cinch and the first step of cooking the butternut squash gave it a nice sweet almost caramelized coating.   I also subbed out the rosemary + sage and used some fresh oregano we'd been growing at the house.   The dish came out especially creamy and paired awesome with a little side salad Hunter threw together while I was getting my arm workout in....I mean stirring the risotto.  I give this recipe 5 stars!

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